Allswell Brick Mattress Review: Firm but not hard

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Ben Trapskin

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It’s easy to find a firm mattress. Just go to any local mattress store and ask for their cheapest option. It’s definitely firm, but is it comfortable? Probably not. It may feel OK in the showroom but once you get it home and sleep on it for a night, chances are you will find yourself tossing and turning because there isn’t enough material between you and those springs jabbing you in the ribs. Finding a firm mattress that is actually comfortable is a little more challenging than it seems. The Allswell Brick is anything but a brick. Its a firm mattress with enough foam at the top to keep you comfortable all night long. On top of that, it comes in at a very competitive price.

Overview of the Allswell Brick

You can order the Allswell Brick directly from the Allswell website. Delivery is fast because it is made in the USA. Mine arrived in a week at my doorstep. It will compressed in a box so it’s easy to get it into your bedroom. To setup, you simply take it out of the box and cut open the plastic wrapping and the mattress will spring to life.

allswell brick unboxing

Construction of the Allswell Brick

allswell construction 2

The construction is fairly simple and rightly so. You shouldn’t have a lot of layers in a firm mattress. Here are the details as listed on their website.

Stay asleep with individually-wrapped coils which help minimize motion transfer. Edge support on all 4 sides.
2″ layer of high density foam provides added support.
1″ layer of copper infused memory foam provides optimal freshness and helps move heat away from the body for cooler sleep.
Firmer top layer provides optimal support.

How Much Does the Allswell Brick Cost?

Below are the prices as of this writing. Make sure to check Allswell for the latest prices.

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My Allswell Brick Findings

Here’s what the mattress looked like minutes after opening it. It is fully shaped and ready to sleep on. There wasn’t that much off-gassing either. Since this mattress has springs, it doesn’t take long at all for it to come to shape.

allswell brick out of the box

This mattress is designed for people that like a firm feel and that’s usually stomach and back sleepers. But occasionally, even side sleepers want to sleep on a firm mattress. Below is a picture of me sleeping on my side to show you how much you actually sink into the mattress. As you can see, I am sort of floating on top of it. So, if you are going to sleep on your side with this mattress, make sure your pillow is thick enough to give your head and neck proper support so your body is aligned.

allswell brick side sleeping

Below you can see me on my back. My hips are properly elevated and I have great support. I don’t normally sleep on my back but the complaints I hear from back sleepers is the mattress bows or it is too firm in that they feel sore when they wake up. This mattress has quality foam at the top layer so this shouldn’t be an issue either.

allswell back sleeping

This mattress really shines for stomach sleepers. No matter how hard I try, I usually end up on my stomach at some point during the night. If the matress is too soft, you will feel it in your lower back in the morning. This mattress is firm enough to keep you supported in any position. In fact, I probably need a thinner pillow here.

allswell stomach sleeping

Here’s a picture of my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress. It almost looks like it is floating. There’s very little sink to this mattress so you won’t feel trapped at all and as a bonus, it’s easy to move around on.

allswell brick sink

Here’s a peek at the inside of the mattress. Notice that there are 2 foam layers and the base spring layer. The springs around the perimeter of the mattress are a little firmer to provide adequate edge support so you can sleep right up to the edge.

allswell brick construction

My Allswell Brick Recommendation

The Allswell Brick can be yours for less than $650 in a queen size. That’s far below most of the online competition. And keep in mind, this mattress is made in the USA and has springs and quality foam. It also comes with a 100 night trial along with free shipping and free returns so you aren’t out any money if you don’t like it within the trial period. If you keep it, you are still backed by a 10-year warranty. Yes, you can probably score a cheaper mattress at a big retailer. Those are known in the industry as a teaser mattress that they use to sell you up to more expensive one. But it makes much more sense to go with one that you can actually try out for a few nights in your house to make absolutely sure it’s the right fit. Remember, this is a firm mattress that’s not hard on you or your wallet.

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