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Brooklinen Review | True Sheet Disruptors

Brooklinen Review | True Sheet Disruptors 1

Overview of Brooklinen Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer bedding and home goods company founded in 2014. They offer high-quality and affordable sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, and other bedding accessories. Brooklinen products are designed in-house and are made from high-quality materials sourced from around the world. The company has gained popularity for its simple and stylish designs, … Read more

Third Sheets Review

Third Living Sheets 2

Third Living is a new company that sells sheet sets with beautiful patterns. These are 500 thread count sheets that are made in Israel. Third Living donates a portion of the profits to a charity called 42nd Street which supports mental health among children and adolescents. Third Living also offers an industry leading 75-day trial where you can try them out for 75 days and if you don’t like them, returns are free.

Overview of Third Sheets

Here’s a quick video about the company some of what sets them apart and what to expect when you receive your sheets.


Unboxing Third Living Sheets

The sheets are just part of the Third Living experience. Aside from knowing that you are contributing to a good cause through their charity, you also get some extra goodies with your purchase. Here’s what you will see when opening your box from Third.

Third Living Box

Inside the pouch you get a generous amount of lavender essential oil spray which is perfect for your bedroom to help you relax, fall asleep faster and just make the room smell wonderful.

You also get two bags of their “bedtime tea” and tow sleep masks.

Inside the cardholder is a gift card for $25 off a Leesa mattress. Leesa has partnered with Third Living to offer sheets. So, if the sheets don’t fully solve your sleep issues, maybe it’s time for a new mattress.

third extras

The sheets are packaged in plastic sleeves to keep them clean during transport.

Third Packaging

Third Living Sheets Construction

500 thread count (single ply)

Sateen Weave

Combed Coton (to remove shorter fibers)

Long Staple Cotton

Certified STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex®

How Much Do Third Living Sheets Cost?

As of this writing, you can only purchase the sheets as a set. With a set you get a fitted and flat sheet, two pillowcases and a duvet cover.

Twin/Twin XL: $190
Full / Queen: $230
King: $260
Cal King: $265

My Third Findings

Right out of the packaging these sheets are very smooth to the touch. They are light as well all good signs of quality. Because they are long staple sheets they should hold up well for many washes and have minimal pilling.

Here’s a closeup of some of the stitching.

Third Love Stitching

I really enjoy the patterns that Third Living offers. They are fun but also have some simplicity to keep your bedroom looking classy. I received the dot pattern which you can see on the picture of the duvet cover below.

Third Living Duvet Cover

My Third Sheets Recommendation

If you are looking for some great looking and great feeling sheets, definitely check out third love. These sheets are light and smooth and will look great on your bed.

Learn more about Third 

Idle Sleep Sheets Review


Your bed sheets define the level of plush comfort you get through the night. There is nothing more alluring than stretching on a luxurious sheet for that ultimate rest. However, finding one that gives you that lovely feel without getting sticky or irritating to the skin can be difficult. Especially so when you have a huge range of bed sheets to choose from at your fingertips.

Sateen sheets from Idle are a worthy choice in this department. It will not disappoint you with its quality and its super comfortable experience. They are soft and silky to touch and so lush that you wouldn’t want to get up from your bed. The sheets go through strict and stringent quality checks before being shipped and adhere to the highest quality for an optimal sleep experience. This review about Idle Sateen Sheets will help ease your mind about making this your next addition to bed products.

idle sheets packaging

Key Features

  • 300 thread count
  • 100% organic cotton
  • No synthetic pesticides and are Non-GMO
  • Conform to global organic textile standards
  • Available in six sizes
  • Choice of two colors
  • Easy finance options

Pros and Cons


Plenty of size options

Only two-color options

Suitable for sensitive skin

A bit pricey
100% sustainably sourced organic cotton

In-Depth Review

idle sheets review

Idle Sleep is an excellent brand. It is based out of Colorado and believes in sustainably sourced high-quality products. They have been steadily gaining popularity over the years and have now managed to create a comfortable niche for themselves in the bed products market. You will be hard-pressed to find better value for money bed sheets with any other brand. Their excellent customer service and good finance options make it even more of a joy to shop from them.

Size and Fit

The Idle Sateen Bed Sheets are designed to fit perfectly with the Idle Mattresses. They also fit very comfortably on other mattresses, but the Idle Mattresses are a perfect companion for these amazing bed sheets. The Idle Sateen Bed Sheets come in six different sizes, which make them a perfect fit for any mattress size.

The bed sheets come in a pack of fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases. So you will be sorted with the whole bedding package. The dimensions of these are as follows:


Fitted Sheet Dimension Flat Sheet Dimension Pillowcase Dimension
Twin 76x 39x 15 Inches 98x 66 Inches

31x 21 Inches

Twin XL

80x 39x 15 Inches 98x 66 Inches 31x 21 Inches
Full 75x 54x 15 Inches 96x 87 Inches

31x 21 Inches


80x 60x 15 Inches 102x 92 Inches 31x 21 Inches
King 80x 76x 15 Inches 101x 107 Inches

31x 21 Inches

Cal. King

84x 72x 15 Inches 101 x 107 Inches 31x 21 Inches


idle sheets

Made of 100% organic cotton, the Idle Sateen Sheet is not only soft but also silky with a little sheen on them. The cotton is sustainably and responsibly sourced, and the company adheres to the global organic textile standards. The sheets are made from only the finest long-staple cotton.

Further, the cotton used for manufacturing Idle Sateen Sheets is fair trade certified. This ensures that you only get the best cotton procured under fair trade, and you can be rest assures that it is an eco-friendly and corporately responsible manufacturing process.

Thread Count

The thread count is 300, which is the perfect range for durability, comfort, and softness. Many companies sell their sheets at a premium, touting higher thread count as the reason. But the optimal thread count lies between the 250 to 350 ranges. Anything higher gives inflexibility to the material, and you will find that it becomes harder with each subsequent wash. The Idle Sateen sheets as perfect with their 300-thread count.


These bedsheets from Idle are not only of the highest quality but also give you the optimal comfort in terms of breathability and touch. This is because of the high-quality long-staple cotton it is woven from.

The weave allows the surface to have minute holes for optimal air ventilation. This allows for good body temperature regulation. The sheets do not trap body heat, and you will never have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat or sticky due to excessive perspiration. The smoothness and durability of the sheets last through the lifespan.

This classic cotton weave also allows the sheets to remain weather adaptable. You will find that the Idle Sateen Sheets remain warm during winters and cool during summers. Hence you will be getting the optimal rest all-round the year despite the weather changes.


This might be the only parameter where Idle Sateen Sheets fail. They are only available in two colors. Both are neutral and pastels shades. They are:

  • White
  • Dove Grey

This lack of color options is a bit of a bummer, especially for those like soft dreamy hues of pink and lilac or even those wanting a bold statement color. The lack of patterns is another thing that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The good thing about these two neutral colors is that it will undoubtedly go with any room decor. So you are sure to have a well-blended bed no matter how loud or muted your overall bedroom look is. Another thing is the range of possibilities you have with a neutral and safe bed sheet color. It opens up a whole segment of possibilities with pillow covers, bed throws, and other accessories.

Wash and Care

The silk finish with sheen makes it easy to spot clean any spills. These sateen sheets are also machine washable on low and delicate settings in cold water. Tumble dry is only recommended on low heat, and hand to dry is the preferred option.



Twin & Twin XL


Full & Queen

King & Cal. King


Wrapping Up

The whole point of buying sateen sheets is the soft and silky comfort feel you get from these sheets. Idle Sateen Sheets are the best when it comes to providing you with the silky plush and the softness of 100% organic cotton. The color won’t fade over time, and the sheets only get softer with each wash. That’s a unique quality for bed sheets. All in all, you will not regret adding these sheets to your collection.

10 Grove Sheets Review

10 Grove Sheets Review

10 Grove is a company named after the company’s founder, Rana Argenio’s childhood home in Houston, Texas. Instead of simply bringing sheets to market, she aspires to create a sense of home with an entire collection of bedding using Italian fabrics that are sewn in the USA. This company takes a direct-to-consumer model that limits markups that traditional retailers charge and passes those savings on to you. I received a free set of their Madison collection sheets in a sateen weave for review.

Overview of 10 Grove

10 Grove sheets are available exclusively through their website. Aside from their sateen weave, you can also choose a percale weave as well as other styles including the Mercer, Irving and Hudson. I was given a free set of the Madison style sheets in a sateen weave for review. This style does not have any banding like the other styles.  According to their website, 10 Grove sheets can be returned, within 30 days of delivery. Items must be unwashed, unused, and undamaged–and include the original packaging. Returns will be refunded in the original payment form, minus shipping and handling fees that may have been charged. 

After you place your order, your sheets will arrive in a box like the one below. 1o Grove gets high marks for presentation and these would make an excellent gift as the wrapping is just about done for you and they are a pleasure to unbox.

10 Grove Box

Inside the box, you will find that each piece is packaged in a French envelope which is a nice touch and really gives you a luxury experience right off the bat.

10 grove boxes

You also get a cloth bag which I assume would be used to keep the sheets when not in use. I advise having 2 sets of sheets so that you can use one while you launder the other set. Having a cloth storage bag allows them to breathe. I never store my sheets in plastic containers.

10 Grove Unboxing

Each piece is folded neatly in the envelopes. You can also find the 10 Grove logo on each piece which looks great but it is also useful when trying to match sets. My linen closet fills up quickly so being able to identify these sheets from the rest quickly, makes life just a little easier.

10 grove pillow case

How Much Do 10 Grove Sheets Cost?

Since I received the “A Little Something Extra” set for this review. I listed the prices below. This includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and a pair of pillowcases. Keep in mind this is before any discounts advertised on the site.

[table id=91 /]

10 Grove Sheets Construction

Long staple Egyptian Cotton
Woven in Italy
Cut and sewn in Texas
Level 1 Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified

My 10 Grove Sheets Findings

Right out of the box I noticed that the stitching was extremely well done. These are light and airy sheets. Here’s a photo showing some of the border along  a pillow case.

10 Grove Stitching

Each envelope has a tag like the one below describing its contents.

10 Grove madison

The fitted sheet is over 15 inches deep so it will accommodate just about all mattresses. Anything more than this and you risk the sheet not fitting tightly on the mattress.

10 grove depth

You also get a card showing you how to use the bedding. You would think that’s obvious but 10 Grove places their label in certain places to you know which is the short end of the fitted sheet and where to orient your duvet cover. Making your bed becomes just a little less frustrating.

10 grove setup

10 Grove also offers care instructions. Often people gloss over these and wash bed sheets like their normal laundry. Bad idea. If you use hot water and fabric softeners it can ruin the feel of the sheets so make sure to stick to the recommendations to fully enjoy your bedding. I would suggest washing it on cold for the first few cycles then you can switch to warm but I advise against hot and avoid using bleach. You should also be careful not to over-dry the sheets as this can make them feel scratchy.

10 grove laundry care

Here’s another shot of the 10 Grove label on the flat sheet.

10 grove label

10 Grove added a zipper to the bottom of their duvet cover. I prefer this over a button as it just makes the bottom look neater and it is easier than buttoning and unbuttoning each time you want to wash it.

duvet cover zipper

In case you forget, they also include the wash instructions on the duvet.  You can also see that there is a loop in each corner of the duvet cover to tie your duvet. This is the best method for securing the duvet insert. I have used clips and buttons in the past and they always come loose eventually.

duvet cover loops

My 10 Grove Recommendation

I am really impressed with the presentation of the 10 Grove Sheets. It was fun to unbox each piece and appreciate all the detail. They have done a wonderful job with the look and construction. Getting Egyptian Cotton sheets with Italian sewing at this price point is remarkable. It took about 3 washes for these sheets to break it and soften up to what I wanted but once they did they felt great.

Learn more about 10 Grove

Good & Bed Sheets Review

good bed

Good & Bed is a new line of quality cotton sheets. I was recently given a set of the Bedtime Classics Set for review. The Good & Bed team has over 60 years cumulative experience working with textiles. This company serves as both manufacturer and seller which allows them to create a custom weave that has a unique feel.

Ordering your Good & Bed Sheets

You can order your sheet directly through their website. They should arrive about a week after placing your order. They will then arrive in a box like this.

Good and Bed Box

Upon opening you can see that they even pay attention to detail with the packaging.

good and bed box 2

The sheets are self-packaged meaning that they come in a back made of the same material as the sheets. This can be reused and cuts down on plastic waste.

good and bed self packaging

How Much Do They Cost?

Below are the most recent prices for the bundle by size. The bundles include one fitted sheet, one duvet cover, and two pillowcases

Twin $166
Full $196
Queen $196
King $223

Details of the Good & Bed Sheets

These sheets are made in China then finished in Colombia as seen on the tag below.

good and bed tag

These are the construction details as listed on their website:

293 thread-count in 100% long staple, soft Egyptian cotton for a crisp fresh feel

Single ply and single pick, sateen luxury heritage weave woven in 60 + 80 yarn

Fitted sheets will fit mattresses up to 15 inches deep

My Good & Bed Findings

Upon opening the packaging I was struck at how substantial these sheets felt. They feel just a little heavier than most while still being very smooth to the touch.

good and bed sheets folded

The banding on the sheets is standard, they will accommodate a mattress up to 15 inches but in my experience, I wouldn’t want to go over 12 inches. That said, the vast majority of mattresses being sold online are only 10 inches thick.

good and bed banding

The duvet cover has a zipper at the bottom. This gives it a cleaner look when you put it on your bed as opposed to buttons where the duvet insert can sometimes poke through.

The duvet cover also has ties at the top but not the bottom. I would recommend using a duvet clip at the bottom so that it doesn’t bunch up.

Duvet Cover Zipper

Here’s a closeup of the zipper. There is extra fabric to cover up the zipper when you put it on your bed.

zipper closeup

The stitching on these sheets is well done. Nothing fancy but nice and clean. All you will notice is the clean look and nothing else.

good and bed stitchingGood & Bed also offers a baby alpaca throw. These aren’t cheap. They retail for $259 but they are super soft and look amazing. I was given one to try and it’s currently on our living room chair for chilly evenings.

baby alpaca

My Good & Bed Recommendation

Good & Bed sheets have a very substantial feel. I have been using mine for almost a month now and they wash very well. I expect them to soften up after even more washes. If you want sheets that feel a bit heavier and durable, these are a very good value and will look great on your bed.

Yawnder readers, get 10% off your purchase with coupon code sherpa10 at checkout. Shop Good & Bed.

Snowe Sateen Sheets Review

Snowe Home Sateen Sheets

Snowe has recently introduced sateen weave sheets and they sent me some for free to review. I previously reviewed their percale sheets which are also a great feel. A queen set currently retails for $198 which is a bit on the high end of the price spectrum but they feel and look great. If you’re at all confused about which do go with, percale vs. sateen, check out this cool flow chart they created to help you decide which is best for you.

Sheet Flow Chart

The Snowe Home Story

Snowe Home was founded by Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak. They sought out to bring better design and quality into everyday goods. They partnered directly with some of the best manufacturers to bring quality products and good prices. Not only do they sell bedding but Snow Home also offers tableware, towels, drinkware and more.

Snowe has a very simple design aesthetic which means their products pair with just about anything. The minimalist design brings a welcome calm to any space. Even their candles have a modern and calming look.

snowe candles

Construction of the Snowe Home Sheets

Below are the construction details as listed by Snowe Home

Our Sheet Set:
1 x Fitted Sheet
1 x Flat Sheet
2 x Pillowcase
(Packaged with a luxury sateen envelope for practical storage.)

Available Colors:
Essential White, Ash Grey, Classic Ivory

Fitted Sheet 76″ L x 55″ W x 18″ D
Flat Sheet 102″ L x 81″ W
Pillow Case Standard: 32″ L x 20″ W

Fitted Sheet 80″ L x 60″ W x 18″ D
Flat Sheet 112″ L x 100″ W
Pillow Case Standard: 32″ L x 20″ W

King/Cal King
Fitted Sheet 80″ L x 78″ W x 18″ D
Flat Sheet 112″ L x 118″ W
Pillow Case King: 40″ L x 20″ W

Materials & Production

Made in Portugal
100% Long-Staple Cotton Sateen
400 Thread Count

Care & Use

Machine Wash

– Wash Separately
– Machine Wash Warm (Gentle Cycle)
– Do Not Bleach
– Tumble Dry Low
– Warm Iron Optional

My Snowe Home Sateen Sheets Findings

The first thing you’ll notice with these sheets is that they are packaged well. They arrive at your door in a brown paper package. Inside the package, they are protected in a plastic bag like the one below. They even explain why they needed to use plastic which it a nice touch.

Snowe Sheets Package













You even get a bag to store your sheets when not in use. The bag is the same fabric as the sheets making it breathable and easy to identify.

Snowe Sheets Bag

After unpacking the sheets, you’ll notice how light they are. A 4oo thread count sateen sheet should be light and smooth. If you go over a 400 thread count you will start to weigh down the sheet.

Here’s a closeup of the stitching on the top sheet. The stitching is consistent and precise.

Snowe Sheets Stitching

Here’s a picture of the banding on the fitted sheet. These sheets are listed at 18″ deep so they should accommodate most mattresses.

Snowe Sheets Banding

Finally, here’s a picture of the inside of a pillowcase with the Snowe tag.

Snowe Sheets Tag

Here’s a picture of the front of the top sheet. Notice the subtle white stripe across that gives it a touch of luxury and detail without detracting from the beauty of a white sheet.

snowe sheets stripe

My Snowe Recommendation

Snowe sheets are in a class of their own. There are many sheet companies selling conventional cotton sheets for around $150 but if you spend the extra money on these sheets, you will get a softer feel with better construction. These sateen sheets are smooth right after the first wash and look great on your bed.

Shop Snowe