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Idle Sleep Sheets Review


Your bed sheets define the level of plush comfort you get through the night. There is nothing more alluring than stretching on a luxurious sheet for that ultimate rest. However, finding one that gives you that lovely feel without getting sticky or irritating to the skin can be difficult. Especially so when you have a huge range of bed sheets to choose from at your fingertips.

Sateen sheets from Idle are a worthy choice in this department. It will not disappoint you with its quality and its super comfortable experience. They are soft and silky to touch and so lush that you wouldn’t want to get up from your bed. The sheets go through strict and stringent quality checks before being shipped and adhere to the highest quality for an optimal sleep experience. This review about Idle Sateen Sheets will help ease your mind about making this your next addition to bed products.

idle sheets packaging

Key Features

  • 300 thread count
  • 100% organic cotton
  • No synthetic pesticides and are Non-GMO
  • Conform to global organic textile standards
  • Available in six sizes
  • Choice of two colors
  • Easy finance options

Pros and Cons


Plenty of size options

Only two-color options

Suitable for sensitive skin

A bit pricey
100% sustainably sourced organic cotton

In-Depth Review

idle sheets review

Idle Sleep is an excellent brand. It is based out of Colorado and believes in sustainably sourced high-quality products. They have been steadily gaining popularity over the years and have now managed to create a comfortable niche for themselves in the bed products market. You will be hard-pressed to find better value for money bed sheets with any other brand. Their excellent customer service and good finance options make it even more of a joy to shop from them.

Size and Fit

The Idle Sateen Bed Sheets are designed to fit perfectly with the Idle Mattresses. They also fit very comfortably on other mattresses, but the Idle Mattresses are a perfect companion for these amazing bed sheets. The Idle Sateen Bed Sheets come in six different sizes, which make them a perfect fit for any mattress size.

The bed sheets come in a pack of fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases. So you will be sorted with the whole bedding package. The dimensions of these are as follows:


Fitted Sheet Dimension Flat Sheet Dimension Pillowcase Dimension
Twin 76x 39x 15 Inches 98x 66 Inches

31x 21 Inches

Twin XL

80x 39x 15 Inches 98x 66 Inches 31x 21 Inches
Full 75x 54x 15 Inches 96x 87 Inches

31x 21 Inches


80x 60x 15 Inches 102x 92 Inches 31x 21 Inches
King 80x 76x 15 Inches 101x 107 Inches

31x 21 Inches

Cal. King

84x 72x 15 Inches 101 x 107 Inches 31x 21 Inches


idle sheets

Made of 100% organic cotton, the Idle Sateen Sheet is not only soft but also silky with a little sheen on them. The cotton is sustainably and responsibly sourced, and the company adheres to the global organic textile standards. The sheets are made from only the finest long-staple cotton.

Further, the cotton used for manufacturing Idle Sateen Sheets is fair trade certified. This ensures that you only get the best cotton procured under fair trade, and you can be rest assures that it is an eco-friendly and corporately responsible manufacturing process.

Thread Count

The thread count is 300, which is the perfect range for durability, comfort, and softness. Many companies sell their sheets at a premium, touting higher thread count as the reason. But the optimal thread count lies between the 250 to 350 ranges. Anything higher gives inflexibility to the material, and you will find that it becomes harder with each subsequent wash. The Idle Sateen sheets as perfect with their 300-thread count.


These bedsheets from Idle are not only of the highest quality but also give you the optimal comfort in terms of breathability and touch. This is because of the high-quality long-staple cotton it is woven from.

The weave allows the surface to have minute holes for optimal air ventilation. This allows for good body temperature regulation. The sheets do not trap body heat, and you will never have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat or sticky due to excessive perspiration. The smoothness and durability of the sheets last through the lifespan.

This classic cotton weave also allows the sheets to remain weather adaptable. You will find that the Idle Sateen Sheets remain warm during winters and cool during summers. Hence you will be getting the optimal rest all-round the year despite the weather changes.


This might be the only parameter where Idle Sateen Sheets fail. They are only available in two colors. Both are neutral and pastels shades. They are:

  • White
  • Dove Grey

This lack of color options is a bit of a bummer, especially for those like soft dreamy hues of pink and lilac or even those wanting a bold statement color. The lack of patterns is another thing that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The good thing about these two neutral colors is that it will undoubtedly go with any room decor. So you are sure to have a well-blended bed no matter how loud or muted your overall bedroom look is. Another thing is the range of possibilities you have with a neutral and safe bed sheet color. It opens up a whole segment of possibilities with pillow covers, bed throws, and other accessories.

Wash and Care

The silk finish with sheen makes it easy to spot clean any spills. These sateen sheets are also machine washable on low and delicate settings in cold water. Tumble dry is only recommended on low heat, and hand to dry is the preferred option.



Twin & Twin XL


Full & Queen

King & Cal. King


Wrapping Up

The whole point of buying sateen sheets is the soft and silky comfort feel you get from these sheets. Idle Sateen Sheets are the best when it comes to providing you with the silky plush and the softness of 100% organic cotton. The color won’t fade over time, and the sheets only get softer with each wash. That’s a unique quality for bed sheets. All in all, you will not regret adding these sheets to your collection.

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