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Yawnder Mattress

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Yawnder Mattress

Experience the ultimate in sleep luxury with the Yawnder mattress. This exquisite sleep sanctuary is meticulously handcrafted in our family-owned California factory, blending the finest materials and cutting-edge technology for restorative, rejuvenating rest.

  • Hand-tufted: This hallmark of luxury craftsmanship ensures lasting quality and personalized comfort.
  • Breathable, Tencel fabric: Indulge in its natural softness and unmatched temperature regulation.
  • GOTS-certified wool: Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is made with responsibly sourced, temperature-regulating wool.
  • Supportive, natural latex: Experience pressure-relieving comfort and a weightless, buoyant feel from this eco-conscious material.
  • Individually wrapped, zoned nested coils: Our exclusive, patented technology delivers targeted support and minimizes motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.
  • Motion-absorbing micro-coils: Enjoy unparalleled softness and even deeper, uninterrupted rest.
  • Certipur-US Certified foam: Rest easy knowing your sleep haven is crafted from healthy, safe materials.
  • Made to order: Your Yawnder mattress is freshly crafted just for you, ensuring peak quality.

Since 2015, we’ve dedicated ourselves to reviewing thousands of mattresses. The Yawnder is the culmination of our decade-long experience, designed to deliver the absolute best in quality, comfort, and value.

Yawnder Mattress Construction

Yawnder Mattress Construction

Hand Tufted

Durability and Longevity:

  • Secure Layers: Hand-tufting compresses and secures the internal layers of the mattress (comfort materials, coils, etc.). This prevents them from shifting, bunching, or separating, reducing the chances of sagging and body impressions.
  • Less Reliance on Adhesives: Hand-tufted mattresses often use fewer chemical adhesives, as the tufting itself does the job of holding things together. This can make them inherently more durable.

Superior Comfort:

  • Consistent Feel: Tufting creates a more even and uniform sleep surface, distributing weight and pressure without lumps or inconsistencies.
  • Prevents Shifting: The secure layers provided by hand-tufting mean the comfort materials stay in place, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep without unexpected shifts in firmness.

Increased Support:

  • Targeted Compression: Hand-tufting allows for varying levels of compression in different parts of the mattress, offering customized support where you need it most.
  • Enhanced Coil Performance: Tufting works well with innerspring mattresses, helping coils maintain their shape and provide consistent, long-lasting support.

Aesthetics and Luxury:

  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Hand-tufting is a time-honored technique that adds elegance and a luxurious feel to a mattress.


Tencel Fabric

We chose to use a Tencel cover for our mattresses for several important reasons. That silky softness is a top priority – we want our customers to experience luxurious comfort and a cool-to-the-touch feel. Being committed to natural materials, Tencel’s sustainable production and moisture-wicking abilities were a winning combination. This ensures a refreshing night’s sleep without that stuffy, sweaty feeling. Additionally, Tencel’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties create a healthier sleep environment, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies. For us, Tencel represented the perfect blend of comfort, health, and environmental responsibility.

Supportive Natural Latex

The focus on natural, healthy sleep doesn’t stop there. We pair our Tencel covers with pure, natural latex. This choice offers incredible benefits: buoyant support that relieves pressure points, long-lasting durability, and an eco-friendly material that aligns with our values. For us, Tencel and natural latex work in harmony to deliver the ultimate in comfort, health, and environmental responsibility.


Hand Crafted GOTS-certified Wool

To take things a step further, we carefully source GOTS-certified wool for use in our mattresses. This certification speaks to our dedication to ethical practices, sustainable farming, and the well-being of both animals and the environment. We believe that the best sleep comes from knowing that your mattress is handcrafted with care, using materials that are not only luxurious but also responsibly sourced.

Temperature Regulation:

  • All-Season Comfort: Wool is a remarkable natural insulator. In cool weather, it traps warmth, and in warmer weather, it wicks moisture away from the body, helping to regulate body temperature year-round.

Moisture Management:

  • Breathable & Dry: Wool fibers naturally absorb moisture and release it into the air, preventing a damp sleep environment and ensuring a comfortable, dry sleeping experience.
  • Reduces Humidity: The moisture-wicking properties of wool help reduce humidity around your body, creating a less hospitable environment for dust mites and other allergens.

Natural Resilience and Support

  • Durable and Supportive: Wool fibers are naturally springy and maintain their shape, adding a layer of both support and cushioning to a mattress.
  • Pressure Relief: Wool conforms to the body’s curves, helping to relieve pressure points and promote healthy spinal alignment.

Other Benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic: Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold, making it a good option for those with allergies or sensitivities.
  • Odor-resistant: Wool has natural anti-microbial properties, helping to minimize odors.
  • Flame-resistant: Wool is a naturally flame-resistant material, offering added safety without the need for additional chemical treatments.
  • Eco-friendly: Wool is a renewable and biodegradable material, making it a sustainable choice for bedding and mattresses.


Micro Wrapped Coils

For an extra touch of unparalleled softness and personalized support, we incorporate a layer of motion-absorbing micro-coils. These tiny, individually-wrapped coils gently cradle your body, minimizing motion transfer for undisturbed rest. It’s like adding an extra layer of plush comfort that supports your every move throughout the night.

Individually Wrapped Coils

At the core of our mattresses lies our advanced 9-Series coil system. These individually wrapped coils provide targeted support, conforming to your body’s unique curves and ensuring proper spinal alignment throughout the night. And for an extra touch of unparalleled softness and personalized support, we incorporate a layer of motion-absorbing micro-coils. These tiny, individually-wrapped coils gently cradle your body, minimizing motion transfer for undisturbed rest. 

Tri-Zoned for back support

These individually wrapped coils are strategically calibrated to provide varying levels of firmness in different zones of the mattress. This ensures optimal spinal alignment and targeted support to relieve pressure points in your shoulders, hips, and lower back.



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