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Osaki Pro 3D Tecno

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  • Advanced 3D Massage
  • Smart Computer Body Scanning
  • Ergonomic SL-track
  • 38 Air Cells
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Space Saving Technology
  • 9 Auto Programs & 5 Massage Styles
  • Back & Calf Heating
  • Dual Foot Rollers
  • Auto-Extending Footrest
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Remote Holder
  • Calf Kneading
  • Side Panel Controller


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Osaki is constantly breaking barriers and making waves in the field of massage chair technology, as such the Tecno was born. The Tecno encapsulates all of the latest technology, such as an automatic footrest, computer body scanning, lumbar & calf heating, and a full body air compression. All of this seated on an innovative SL-track host to comprehensive 3D massage rollers. Enjoy true technological innovation with the Osaki Pro Tecno.

2 color option os pro 3d tecno orig 3 3d massage os pro 3d tecno 6802faac 6dbb 4b4b b487 347e99bffe65 orig

The Tecno is outfitted with the most advanced 3D massage on the market, completely customizable for any situation. Choose between five degrees of strength & speed, additionally the cycle through five unique settings of your three dimensional massage.

5 sl track os pro 3d tecno ae75e71c 5eef 49b9 a7d8 92974adcb2a6 orig

Osaki’s engineers have spent years designing the perfect massage track for maximum relaxation. As such, the SL-Track provides just that: a massage that conforms to the natural curvature of the human body, yet still manages to cover all major muscle groups along the spine and hamstrings.

6 air cells os pro 3d tecno fc547c2c 6c7e 4cf8 8385 288a45ea0c87 orig

The Tecno provides an industry-leading air compression massage. This 38 cell massage covers portions of the body that the massage rollers simply cannot reach. Your calming compression massage can be found in 5 distinct regions of the body: the shoulders, arms, waist, calves, and feet.

8 space saving os pro 3d tecno 21093d8b 7c1c 4a81 8861 d2ae1aa8937f orig

Forget all of your stress as your body is gently shifted to a state of weightlessness. The Tecno’s Zero Gravity reclining feature positions the body at such an angle that all of the body’s weight is evenly distributed for a true weightless sensation.

Achieve a full and complete recline without having to compromise. With the Tecno’s space saving recline, the chair slowly shifts forward as it leans backwards, only requiring a minimum of two inches from the nearest wall.

9 auto programs os pro 3d tecno 708c9df8 f666 422a bdba e165a8c0224f orig Recover: This overall massage is fantastic for everyday use, covering all aspects of the body with varying degrees of pressure and power. Deep Tissue: The Deep Tissue massage does exactly what it says, providing a powerful keading massage around the lumbar, calves, and neck. Chinese: This gentler program focuses on the upper back, arms, calves, and feet with mild compression and awareness. Midday Nap: As the chair rocks you back and forth between the zero gravity positions, it also stretches out the legs while providing gentle pressure throughout the body. Thai: The classic Thai massage applies deep pressure across the body while rocking and stretching the limbs. Rejuvenate: Use this massage when your battery is low to get a quick boost of energy, achieve this through a series of slow deliberate kneading and tapping processes. Relax: Relieve excess tension through calming shiatsu techniques applied to the lumbar and glutes. Neck & Shoulder: This program focuses heavily on the upper torso, kneading the neck and shoulders with precision and effectiveness. Strengthen: Strengthen your back and muscles through routine use of this mode. 10 manual massage os pro 3d tecno 99bc1cac 676a 41b3 9505 be50702710c5 orig

Customize your Tecno massage through the use of five individualized massage modes, experiment between Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling modes to find your favorites!

11 heated backroller os pro 3d tecno 8ffe3815 408f 4dc9 b769 174f50538eef orig

Relieve unwanted tension through the Tecno’s lumbar and calf heating modes. Use both at the same time or target your problem area specifically.

12 footrollers os pro 3d tecno 91b9b6d1 7909 414f 8afa c5df0d4799e3 orig

Treat yourself to one of the best foot massagers available. The Tecno’s dual roller setup allows for a dynamic massage experience developed with care and attention to detail.

13 extendable footrest os pro 3d tecno dc489080 f49f 4720 8bdc bc6e4c16424c orig

In line with its name, the Tecno incorporates some of the newest technology on the market for the best experience. One such feature is the automatically extending footrest. Designed to easily and comfortably accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, this footrest can extend up to 8.5 inches.

14 bluetooth os pro 3d tecno 69b2d668 ae48 4692 95d4 8c645f593ba3 orig

Connect your mobile device to the Tecno for personalized surround sound audio. These high fidelity speakers allow for you to play your favorite music, audiobooks, white noise, or even podcasts all without lifting a finger.

15 remote holder os pro 3d tecno fd7d3428 f17c 45f6 9502 903945d4005a orig

The Tecno’s convenient leather remote holder allows the user to easily and quickly store their remote when not in use. Simply slide the remote into the pocket after you’ve selected your preferred massage to enjoy without cumbersome wires or a loose remote rolling around.

16 calf kneading os pro 3d tecno 552e5464 b9ed 414f a7f9 4845116358f9 orig

Release built-up tension in your legs through the Tecno’s deep kneading calf massage. The combination of air compression and advanced kneading technology allows for relaxation to be achieved like never before.

17 side panel os pro 3d tecno 27db2d2a fb82 477a 988c 00cf61b70161 orig

With the Tecno’s convenient side panel controller you can easily access common features without the need to pull out your remote. Activate the heating functions, control your recline, cycle through auto programs, or toggle your chair’s power all from this useful panel.

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