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Nolah Natural 11″

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Crafted with ultra-durable and sustainable Talalay latex, this hypoallergenic mattress is good for you and the environment. It features an organic cotton cover and wool for cooling, two layers of cushioning latex for pressure relief, and individually-wrapped HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ coils for targeted support.


Nolah Natural 2

Introducing the Nolah Latex Hybrid Mattress: An 11-inch Natural Wonder

Discover a masterpiece of sleep engineering with Nolah’s 11-inch natural mattress. It brilliantly fuses the robustness of supportive coils with the elasticity of responsive Talalay latex, promising sleepers an unparalleled experience.

The Distinct Features of the Nolah Natural 11 Mattress:

Eco-Friendly and Hypoallergenic Composition:
Nolah’s mattress takes pride in its commitment to the environment. Crafted with sustainable materials, it not only caters to the sleeper’s comfort but also reduces the environmental footprint. The hypoallergenic properties ensure that even the most sensitive sleepers can rest easy.

Awards and Accolades:
The mattress has garnered impressive recognitions. Notably:

  • Best for Allergies by Men’s Health, 2023
  • Best Organic Mattress for Back Pain by Forbes, 2023
  • Best Latex Mattress by Sleep Foundation, 2023
  • Best Mattress for Allergies by Sleep Doctor, 2023
  • Best Cooling Natural Mattress by Sleepopolis, 2023

Efficient Cooling Mechanism:
One standout feature is its efficient cooling. The temperature-neutral Talalay latex ensures that the mattress remains cool throughout the year. Furthermore, the unique hole-punched latex foam design, in tandem with individually-wrapped coils, augments airflow. Additionally, the breathable organic cotton cover coupled with wool layers adeptly wicks away moisture.

Optimal Pressure Relief:
Nolah’s mattress offers an unrivaled pressure relief system. Its responsive latex layers deftly cushion bones and joints, ensuring that the sleeper doesn’t sink in as with typical memory foam. The mattress boasts Talalay latex that provides 33% better pressure relief compared to synthetic and Dunlop latex. The HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ coils further enhance this by targeting high-pressure areas.

Natural and Certified Materials:
The use of Oeko-Tex® 100, Class 1 certified latex, certified organic cotton, and wool ensures that sleepers experience a natural and eco-friendly rest. The wool also serves as a natural fire barrier, enhancing the safety of the mattress.

Product Specifications:
The mattress is available in multiple dimensions, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King. Each size ensures the meticulous design and features that the Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress promises.

6-Layer Construction:

  • Organic Cotton Cover: Provides a natural, ultra-soft, and breathable protective layer.
  • Breathable and Temperature-Regulating Organic Wool: Offers moisture-wicking properties and is naturally fire retardant.
  • Talalay Latex Comfort and Support Layers: Ensure plush pressure relief and firm support respectively.
  • HDMax™️ Tri-Zone™️ Support Coils: Incorporate individually-wrapped recycled steel coils for enhanced support.
  • Organic Wool and Cotton Foundation Layer: Adds stability and durability.

The mattress boasts certifications like GOTS, Oeko-Tex® 100 Class 1, eco-INSTITUT, and Rainforest Alliance. These affirmations ensure that the product adheres to international health, safety, and environmental standards.

Shipping and Warranty:
Nolah offers free shipping via FedEx, ensuring speedy delivery from the factory to the consumer’s doorstep. The confidence in their product is evident with the inclusion of a lifetime warranty.

Versatile Use:
The Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress is compatible with various bed frames. Whether it’s box springs, platforms, slatted bases, or adjustable bases, this mattress fits perfectly, offering consistent support.

Experience and Feedback:
Those who’ve had the privilege of experiencing the Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress laud its eco-friendly materials, spine-aligning support, and ethical material sourcing. Many users have also found solace from back pain, crediting the mattress’s design and materials.

Good For the Planet:
The Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress exemplifies sustainable luxury. Its primary component, Talalay latex, is derived from renewable sources, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Try It Out:
Potential customers are invited to experience the Nolah Natural 11″ for 120 nights, with free shipping and easy returns.

Payment Plans:
To further ease the purchase, Nolah has partnered with Affirm, providing monthly payment plans with financing as low as 0%.

In conclusion, the Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress isn’t just a product; it’s an experience. With its innovative features, sustainable materials, and acclaimed feedback, it stands out as a beacon of modern sleep technology. Whether you’re an eco-conscious individual or someone seeking the best sleep experience, the Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress promises to deliver.

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