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Helix Plus Elite


What’s The Elite Difference?
At Helix, we’re on a mission to provide a tailored sleep experience for each and every person. The Helix Elite Collection is a celebration of our innovative style, a creation that combines high-end luxury with personalized comfort. Each Helix Elite mattress is carefully handcrafted for a superior sleep experience.
Elite Tallest Mattress On the Internet Icon
The Tallest Mattresses On The Internet

We’re changing the way you think about bed-in-a-box. The Plus Elite mattress combines 5 carefully chosen comfort layers and 2 separate microcoil comfort layers, resulting in a 16 inch mattress that exudes luxury from top to bottom. Each Elite mattress ships in two separate boxes.

Elite Support Icon
Unparalleled Support & Durability
We’ve gone above and beyond the standard support base at the bottom of your mattress and instead layered strategic support layers throughout. We’ve combined a zoned lumbar coil base with high-density foam support layers and full perimeter reinforcement to offer truly superior support.
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An Elevated & Elegant Sleep Experience

We’ve committed ourselves to every detail on the Plus Elite mattress. From a cutting-edge two-part design to our most advanced cooling technology, the Elite mattress is a statement that you’ve treated yourself to the very best we have to offer. 

Helix Elite Certifications
Certified At The Highest Levels

Helix Elite mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified and made with CertiPUR-US foams ensuring they meet emissions safety standards, producing only low VOCs. Each mattress is carefully assembled in our own Arizona facility and shipped directly to your home.

Cover & Pillow Top

Helix Elite Top Cover Individual Render

Cutting-Edge Cooling & Cushioning
This plush, luxurious, quilted foam pillow top features our built-in GlacioTex™ Elite cooling fabric that dissipates heat, ensuring temperature-regulated, pressure relieving comfort all night long. 
Comfort Layer

High-density foam layer

Ultra Dense Helix Dynamic Foam

A premium layer of high-density Helix Dynamic Foam provides a medium-firm feel on the surface of the mattress while supporting plus size sleepers in any sleeping position.

Microcoil Comfort Layer

Elite Render Microcoils Layer

Individually Wrapped Microcoils
Steel microcoils sit between two layers of high density foam to cradle your body and ensure premium comfort, targeted pressure relief, and spinal alignment.
Support Layer

High-density foam layers

Higher Density Helix Responsive Foam

A dense layer of Helix Responsive Foam offers additional support in the body of the mattress, preventing you from sinking too far into the surface of the mattress, while still maintaining a medium-firm feel.

Microcoil Comfort Layer

Elite Render Microcoils Layer

Individually Wrapped Microcoils
This second layer of steel microcoils offers additional durable comfort, with targeted pressure relief at your shoulders and hips. 
Support Layer

High-density foam

Ultra Dense Helix Responsive Foam
A high-density foam layer offering additional support for sleepers of any size. This latex-alternative blend provides responsive support and cradling comfort.
Transition Layer

High-density foam

Ultra Dense Helix Responsive Foam
Arranged just above the support base, this layer of high-grade Helix Responsive Foam ensures the durability and pressure relieving support of our steel coil base. 
Support Base

Individually Wrapped Zoned Coils ji5jbh? a=BAACwmE0

Individually Wrapped Zoned Coils
An 8 inch layer of premium steel coils, built with zoned lumbar support and full perimeter reinforcement. This advanced coil base offers sturdy support for sleepers of any size.
Base Layer

Elite Render Duradense Foam Layer

DuraDense Foam
A final layer of dense foam encloses the bottom surface of the mattress, bolstering the steel coil support base and maintaining its structure and luxury feel. 

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