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Ergo Sportive Adjustable Smart Bed

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ErgoSportive is a smart and adjustable bed that uses advanced smart sensor technology to improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up feeling more refreshed. Access your personalized sleep data and receive customized recovery recommendations through the ErgoSportive App. Share your sleep report with your coach, trainer, physician or loved ones. More than just recovery, ErgoSportive offers unprecedented comfort for your favorite bed-time activities, such as TV-viewing, reading and resting.

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The ErgoSportive smart bed is your partner in rest & recovery.


Health Sensors

Non-contact sensors measure sleep stages and health metrics. No need to wear a sleep tracker.


Smart System

Integrated smart bed and app provides health and sleep metrics, anti-snore and more.


Garmin® Connectable

Connects with Garmin® wearables for enhanced recovery advice.

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Key features


Head & Foot Articulation

Elevate the head or the feet to reduce snoring and relieve joint pain, improving recovery.


Headboard with LED

The integrated dimmable LED light creates the perfect environment to relax, read, or gently awake.


One-Touch Flat Position

Return the bed to the flat position at the touch of a button.


One-Touch Zero-G®

Promote circulation, improve air-flow and relax the back with one-touch Zero-G positioning.



Automatically and gently raises the head of the bed to alleviate the effects of snoring.


Relaxation Mode

Wake or fall asleep to gentle and relaxing vibration. Enjoy two-levels of intensity with programmable timer.


Customizable Presets

Two customizable preset buttons for TV, reading or your favorite position.


USB 3.0 & USB-C Ports

Charge your devices while you recharge your battery with ports under each side of the bed.

ErgoSportive Smart Bed App

Access your night’s rest & plan your recovery.

Learn more about the ErgoSportive App

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Energy efficiency & safety features


Zero Standby Power System

Energy efficient. Consumes less than 1 watt per hour when not in use.


Power Outage Protection

The bed can easily be returned to the flat position if there is a power loss.


Silent Drive Motors

German engineered Okin® motors provides quiet operation to not interfere with sleep.


Gravity Release

Lowers to the flat position using gravity, for a safe and efficient operation.

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