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DreamFit DreamChill Mattress Protector

All DreamFit sheets and mattress protectors are luxury sized to provide a comfortable and conforming fit regardless of the thickness or flexibility of the mattress. As a result, DreamFit sheets and mattress protectors set a new benchmark in the linen industry, with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and relevant differentiation. The patented DreamFlex corner bands insure that the fitted sheet will never pop off the corners of today’s mattresses.

By the way, DreamFit believes in keeping America in business. So, when it is possible and prudent, we construct DreamFit sheets in America.


  • Luxuriously soft and silky protector fabric with three advanced cooling technologies
  • Natural cooling minerals are blended into the cover fibers for long lasting cooling comfort
  • StaDryTM technology in the cover captures, moves and releases moisture for healthy sleep
  • StaKoolTM technology provides enhanced cooling by capturing and releasing excessive body heat
  • StaKoolTM mineral technology accelerates the absorption of additional body heat
  • 100% Waterproof barrier for a dry, comfortable and healthy sleeping environment
  • Breathable for enhanced airflow and comfort
  • Allergen resistant barrier for allergy sufferers
  • 10 Year limited mattress protection warranty

Care Guide:

  • Machine Washing 
    • It is strongly recommended to wash your mattress protector before the first use.
    • Use a mild detergent that does not contain bleach, bleaching agents or fabric softeners.
    • Bleach will damage the protective polypropylene backing on your mattress protector and will void your warranty.
    • Machine wash on a gentle cycle and do not wrap the protector around the agitator.
    • Wash in cold or cool temperature water. Hot water can cause damage to the protective polypropylene backing.
    • When washing your protector, it is important to wash it by itself of with the same type product.  Washing with towels, jeans, items with zippers, metals and other abrasive materials can cause wear on the fabric and will decrease the lifespan of the protector.
    • We recommend washing your mattress protector at least once every two months and more frequently if you have pets or suffer from allergies.
    • If any liquid spills or gets on your mattress protector, immediately remove the productor and wash right away.
  • Machine Drying 
    • Tumble dry at the lowest heat setting.
    • Immediately remove from the dryer and place back on your mattress.

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