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Zotto Sleep!

Zotto Sleep! 4

Can’t go to sleep? Maybe you should try Zotto sleep. I was given a free Zotto Sleep mattress to review.  It’s the latest memory foam mattress in a box and it brings a unique feel to the crowded market. It’s firm but also a bit squishy. If you like sleeping on a mattress instead of in one, this might be the mattress for you.

Zotto started as a Kickstarter campaign and was a very successful one. Below is their Kickstarter video that gives an overview of how the company was started and how their mattress is made:


Unboxing the Zotto Mattress

The Zotto unboxes just like all the other memory foam mattresses. It comes compressed in a box and inflates to form.


Specifications and Construction of the Zotto

The Zotto mattress prices are as follows:

Twin                            $550
Twin XL                       $600
Full                              $750
Queen                         $875
King                            $995
California King            $995

My Zotto Sleep Mattress Review 

Zotto has 4 layers with the top layer being a cooling gel layer.

zotto sleep

Below is a video that illustrates how the layers will react. Notice that the top two layers are significantly slower to recover. This will give you better cradling and pressure relief. The other two layers work together as a base layer and prevent you from sinking in too much.


Because of the soft top layers and the fact that this is an all foam mattress, you will lose bounce and motion transfer.


Below is an illustration of sinkage.

I have been sleeping on the Zotto for about 4 weeks now and it is a great mattress. I would recommend this mattress to people that don’t want to sink in to their mattress but want the benefits of pressure relief. This mattress is soft and so will not `recover as quickly as some mattresses with a latex layer.  It is firmer than the Alexander at a medium firmness and firmer than the YogaBed as well. That said, it would be the perfect mattress for overweight people looking for a quality, durable memory foam mattress that won’t sink in on them.

My Zotto Mattress Recommendation

Zotto offers a unique feel and level of comfort that will appeal to people looking for a memory foam mattress that is soft, supportive and feels substantial. The mattress is thick and does not have the light airy feel like a Leesa but that can be an advantage, especially with heavy sleepers.

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