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Zonkd Mattress Review

Zonkd Mattress 1


The Zonkd mattress is a memory foam and Talalay latex mattress that comes shipped to your door in a box. It departs from the typical 3 layer foam mattress by adding a layer of latex which is springy. This makes the mattress more resilient an easier to switch positions at night. Zonkd was created by mattress industry veterans who sought out to create their idea of an optimal mattress at a very competitive price. The Zonkd comes in a soft medium and firm option and for this review, I tried the medium firmness.

Overview of the Zonkd Mattress

Your Zonkd mattress will arrive in a box to your door. Shipping is fast as the mattress is Made in the USA. Here’s what it looks like out of the box.

zonkd mattress out of the box

Zonkd supplies you with a letter opener to cut through the plastic.

Zonkd Unboxing

Here’s a photo of the mattress just a few minutes after unboxing. The cover has the company name stitched into the top.


You will also find a tag labeling which firmness you have. For this review, I received a medium.

zonkd medium

Here’s a quick video overview of the mattress. What I first noticed about it was how soft yet supportive it is.


Construction of the Zonkd Mattress

zonkd layers

Here are the construction specifications as listed by the company.

  1. Cover
    We put just as much thought into what covers our mattress, as we put into what is on the inside because we wanted something that not only felt good, but looked good. Our mattress cover is a 550 gram double-knit cover for a loftier and softer feel that we’ve treated with antimicrobial properties to keep the mattress fresh year after year. The side border is upholstery grade fabric that will stand the test of time and not break down. With decorative tape and an embroidered logo on top, it is almost too soft and too attractive to cover with bedding.
  2. Conductive Contour LayerTwo inches of Copper Gel-infused memory foam contours to your body while dispersing body heat which keeps the sleeper cool and helps maintain the memory foam’s shape allowing for better spinal support all night long. In addition to its conductive properties, copper is believed to play many important roles in maintaining a healthy body.
  3.  Response LayerTwo inches of high-grade perforated Talalay Latex ensures maximum airflow for buoyancy and breathability. It is hypoallergenic and all natural, so it doesn’t have the negative chemical effects and smell that come from polyurethane foam. The Talalay Latex gives our mattress a springy feel to counteract the sinking feeling associated with traditional memory foam mattresses. This is the layer we alter the density of to create our different firmness levels. With the guidance of a chiropractor, we’ve created a questionnaire to help sleepers decide which firmness level best suits their needs.
  4. Foundation LayerEight inches of a solid base provides stability and durability- night after night.

How much does the Zonkd Cost?

Here are the latest prices of the mattress.

My Zonkd Findings

This mattress gives you a cozy and conforming feel with good support without the need for springs. Here’s a photo illustrating how much sink you can expect with my 14lb. bowling ball.

zonkd mattress sink

The video below illustrates motion transfer on the mattress. You’ll see that there really isn’t any motion transfer but the mattress does have a slight bounce to it due to the middle latex layer.


This is what the inside of the mattress looks like. It has a zippered cover so it was easy to remove.

You can clearly see the distinct layers starting with the copper-infused foam layer on the top followed by the latex layer and finally the base foam.

zonkd layers

The clip below shows how each layer responds. The latex layer in the middle acts like a spring system in that it provides additional support and contouring and some bounce.


My Recommendation

The Zonkd mattress is a really well-made mattress. You will really appreciate the layer of latex. Latex in general costs more than foam but for good reason. It’s a sustainable material that is very resilient. It will help prevent the mattress from breaking down prematurely and provides great support and added breathability.

One complaint I hear from people who sleep on an all foam mattress is that it can be hard to change positions at night. Sort of like climbing out of a divot. With the layer of latex, this becomes much less of an issue. People transitioning from a traditional innerspring mattress will appreciate the subtle bounce the latex layer provide while not taking away from the contouring benefits of the copper-infused top layer of foam.

The medium firm felt great and contoured a little better than most medium-firm mattresses I have tried. It will work for side and back sleepers. Dedicated side sleepers will probably want to go with the soft while dedicated stomach sleepers should likely go with the firm.

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