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Zeeq Pillow Review A Pillow for the Sleep Geek

Zeek Pillow Review

Is your pillow just not smart enought for you? Maybe you should consider the The Zeeq Pillow from Rem-Fit. This smart pillow has it all, an anti snore feature, bluetooth connectivity, speakers to listen to your Netflix shows while your spouse sleeps and a sleep tracker. The Zeeq pillow currently retails for $299 and can be purchased direct through the Rem-Fit website.

Overview of the Zeeq Pillow

Here’s a video overview of the Zeeq Pillow from Rem-Fit


Zeeq Pillow Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of the Zeeq Pillow according to their website.


NO MORE headphones while sleeping!

ZEEQ will help you fall asleep by allowing you to listen to music through the pillow and letting you choose music from your favorite sources. You can set a sleep timer in the app so the music will stop automatically – that way you can focus on sleep. We have even created some new relaxing tracks (some even using binaural beats) to help you fall asleep faster and achieve even more restful sleep.


Snoring is just as bad as you think it is, it leads to poor sleep quality for both the snorer and their partner!

ZEEQ Pillow’s Snore Alarm uses a built in microphone with decibel sensitivity to hear snoring, and responds by gently vibrating the pillow to encourage the user to change positions without waking them up. Your natural sleep movements are recorded and used to wake you up at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle, making groggy mornings a thing of the past. Most importantly, ZEEQ is the most comfortable pillow you will ever own.


ZEEQ links to a smartphone app, so you can see your sleep data, including your Snore Score. If you want to take it a step farther, the app can help you track your diet, exercise and other habits to analyze how these factors effect your sleep, so you can make changes toward more restful slumber.

The Zeeq Pillow Contents

Here’s a picture of the Zeeq pillow in the box:

Zeeq pillow review in box

The pillow itself is a medium loft so it should appeal to all sleeping styles although I don’t think it is ideal for stomach sleepers. You also get extra foam fill to add to the pillow if you want more loft.

Here’s a picture of the fill packaging. It comes vacuum sealed.

Zeek Pillow Filling

Here’s what the pillow fillow looks like inside the pillow.

zeeq pillow inside

You’ll notice that this pillow has both an outer and inner cover so that the fill doesn’t go everywhere when you unzip.

Zeeq Pillow cover

You also get a bonus pillow case for the pillow!

Zeek Pillow Case

You also get chargers that are compatible in other countries. A great bonus not only for the Zeeq pillow but for charging any other devices you may have.

Zeek Chargers

To utilize all the resources inside this pillow you need to download the Zeeq App from either the App Store from Apple or the Android Store. Below is a card that comes with the pillow to show you how to get the app on your phone.

Zeeq App Instructions

Learn more about the Zeeq Pillow.

My Zeeq Pillow Findings and Recommendation

This pillow is made of memory foam with speakers inside. You can’t feel the speakers unless you really push your head into the pillow hard. I like that that you can stream audio into the speakers. I was able to watch TV via the pillow speakers. Despite them being in the pillow, noise will still bleed out but it is much quieter than listening to the native TV speakers.

Once you get the device paired with your smartphone it’s fairly easy to start listening to music through your pillow. I also like the fact that this will track sleep and motion and wake you up if it senses you snoring. Having all these features in a pillow was previously unheard of.

The cover of the pillow is made of a tencel fiber that is cool and breathable. It is slightly on the firmer end of the spectrum as I think thats because the pillow needs to hold the speakers in place and have enought padding so that you don’t feel them either.

I recommend the Zeeq pillow for the sleep geek. It was fun being able to listen to TV through my pillow. You can also stream white noise through you pillow as well. If you travel a lot it’s always nice to have your own pillow and along with this you get your sleep tracker and speakers.

Learn more about the Zeeq Pillow Here.

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  1. I personally didn’t find the pillow all that comfortable. I prefer a shredded foam pillow so didn’t use this one that long. Also the sleep score is a measurement of motion transfer so really it’s trying to detect how much you move at night. The more movement it detects the less you are probably sleeping.


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