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Are you tired of being tired?

I certainly am. I am embarking on a journey to the peak of sleep perfection. Along the way I will be sharing what products have worked for me. Everything from mattresses, supplements, aromatherapy and other alternative medicines along with emerging research and thought provoking discussions on the necessity of quality sleep for optimal performance.

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping yet few people actually take any measures to improve their sleep quality. I have found that often with a few minor adjustments you can dramatically improve your sleep.

Sleep is hot right now. By that I mean there is new technology being developed and new products coming out weekly that will help optimize your sleep. Sleep tracking devices will help you target where you are losing sleep and how to get back on track.

New mattress startups such as Nest Bedding, Leesa, Helix and others are bringing the cost of quality mattresses down to an affordable level.

New fiber technology such as celliant is now available that will actually improve circulation when you sleep on it. Keep an eye out for this in sheets, mattresses and other bedding products.

With all the emerging research on the dangerous and debilitating effects of sleep deprivation, it’s about time we as a society got serious about sleep and took the time to get to sleep!

This site features reviews of the newest sleep products on the market. I have been to industry trade shows and experienced first hand the old boys club that is the traditional mattress industry. I would like to introduce you to alternatives to high prices and mattresses that were made by former insiders who grew tired of the gimmicks and the secrecy.

The mattress industry, a seemingly innocuous domain catering to our basic need for a good night’s sleep, conceals a murky underbelly of deceit and exploitation. Behind the inviting showrooms and promises of comfort lies a complex network of shady practices that have left consumers tossing and turning in frustration. In this exposé, we will delve into the underbelly of the mattress industry, shedding light on the troubling truths that have long been obscured.

The Price Tag Paradox

Behind the glossy advertisements and irresistible discounts lies a paradoxical pricing scheme that bewilders customers. Manufacturers inflate prices artificially, only to offer substantial discounts, leaving consumers to wonder if they are getting a true bargain or being misled. The practice of “price anchoring” is pervasive, where retailers mark up products significantly before applying discounts to create an illusion of savings. This deceptive tactic erodes consumer trust, leaving them questioning the true value of their purchases.

Planned Obsolescence: The Disposable Mattress

Built-in obsolescence, a well-known strategy in other industries, has also found its way into the mattress market. Manufacturers produce mattresses with intentionally shortened lifespans, ensuring repeat business. By employing substandard materials and flimsy construction techniques, they guarantee premature wear and tear. This deliberate obsolescence not only impacts consumers’ wallets but also exacerbates environmental concerns, as discarded mattresses end up in landfills, contributing to the ever-growing waste problem.

Toxic Truths: A Breath of Chemicals

The sleep environment should be a sanctuary of health, but for many consumers, it unwittingly becomes a source of exposure to harmful chemicals. Mattresses are often made with synthetic materials treated with flame retardants and other potentially hazardous chemicals. These substances, known to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), have been linked to respiratory issues, allergies, and even certain cancers. The mattress industry’s lax regulations and inadequate labeling requirements allow these toxins to go unmentioned, leaving consumers in the dark about the dangers lurking beneath the surface.

Ethical Quandaries: Labor Exploitation

Beyond the health and financial implications, the mattress industry is marred by labor exploitation. Reports have surfaced regarding factories where low-wage workers endure grueling conditions, often subjected to long hours, substandard pay, and unsafe working environments. In their quest for cheaper production costs, manufacturers turn a blind eye to the human toll, further tarnishing the industry’s reputation and raising ethical concerns.

Final Thoughts on the Mattress Industry

The mattress industry, once seen as a provider of comfort and rest, has been unmasked, revealing an underbelly characterized by deceit, planned obsolescence, chemical hazards, and labor exploitation. Consumers are left grappling with a fundamental lack of transparency, making it challenging to navigate this treacherous landscape. It is imperative for both regulators and consumers to demand higher standards, enhanced transparency, and more stringent regulations to hold the mattress industry accountable. Only through collective efforts can we ensure that a good night’s sleep is not at the cost of compromised values and well-being.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and if you every have any questions, I make myself available via email at [email protected] to help clarify any confusion or help you make the best choice for your needs.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue.

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