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When Melatonin Works — And When It Doesn’t — To Help You Sleep Better

When Melatonin Works — And When It Doesn't — To Help You Sleep Better

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I use melatonin when I know i need to fall asleep fast or when I’m anxious about something and know that it might impair my sleep. Melatonin works for me all the time, every time. However, there are circumstances where it becomes less effective. In this article from Yahoo, When Melatonin Works — And When It Doesn’t — To Help You Sleep Better there are specific reasons given for why taking a melatonin will not work.

I’ve never had an instance where I took melatonin and didn’t get sleepy within 30 minutes. Melatonin works fast so if it’s not working right away, within an hour, it probably won’t help.

I recommend Source Naturals Melatonin for it’s adequate dosage, efficacy and taste.

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