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Best Organic and Natural Mattresses of 2022

Organic Mattress

Updated July  2022

Organic mattresses and natural mattresses do a world of good for the sleepers and the world. They offer a host of unbeatable features to the user. At the same time, they are eco-friendly. Their materials, manufacturing process, and even the sales and marketing practices are environmentally responsible. Besides, such mattresses are natural. They are made from organic, biodegradable materials that decompose and mix with Mother Nature. Organic materials are equally good for the body. They don’t cause any direct or indirect harm such as rashes, allergies, breathing problems, or air pollution, among others. They are also more hygienic to sleep on.

Organic mattresses embrace the 3R principle of conservation very well. These are: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Of late, upcycling has also been added to the ethos of the 3Rs.

With growing awareness about organic products, it is necessary to gain a proper perspective on the subject.

What Is an Organic Mattress?

The bed is our home within a home, literally. We spend almost eight hours a day on it, which is sometimes more than our wakeful hours. Like our home, our bed should be safe and relaxing, and it should protect us from harm. An organic mattress gives safe and sound sleep.

An organic mattress is made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, or other fibers. It uses natural latex. The production processes of these raw materials should also be organic. They should not use harmful chemicals or pesticides. Their carbon footprint should be minimal. And they should comply with several certifications and standards.

In terms of user benefits, an organic mattress offers excellent body support, pressure release, comfort, and coziness. It regulates temperature and wicks out body and mattress heat. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. Finally, it helps to regulate individual carbon footprint.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Mattresses?

Hypoallergenic – Organic mattresses don’t cause allergies and respiratory problems. This is because they are toxin-free and don’t emit harmful odors or materials in the air.

Chemical-Free – Neither the raw materials nor the final product uses harmful chemicals or carcinogenic substances in their manufacturing processes.

Temperature- Regulation – Materials such as organic cotton and wool, natural latex, vegetable fiber, fabrics, and natural latex possess natural cooling properties. They arrest the mattress heat and wick away body moisture.

Durability – Mattresses made from natural materials are durable.

Biodegradable – Natural and organic materials either decompose, or they can be reused or recycled. This has a long-term impact on sustainability.

Excellent Support, Bounce, And Pressure Release – The natural materials mentioned above provide the body with a comfortable resting surface that relaxes the body and refreshes the mind.

Naturally Flame Resistant – Organic cotton and wool have a natural fire-retardant property. They are excellent replacements for chemical fire-resistors that emit carcinogenic substances.

Infant and Pet-Friendly – Organic materials are highly beneficial for the tender skin and tissues of babies. This applies to pets as well!

What Are the Disadvantages of Organic Mattresses?

There are a few shortcomings of these mattresses:

Non-Washable – As natural materials are mostly water and fluid absorbent; these mattresses cannot be washed. However, and effective solution is a washable cover.

Bacteria-Causing – organic materials have latent life in them. This attracts bacteria and insects such as mice, mildew, and bugs. It should also be remembered that our body deposits sweat, dandruff, and dead skin on the mattress while in sleep. This adds to the problem.

Which Are the Important Certifications For Organic Mattresses?

Since these mattresses have a direct impact on the environment, stringent certifications are applied to them. The more, the merrier. Here are a few certifications that are associated with quality organic mattresses:

  • GreenGuard Certification – It is a third-party certificate for emission.
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – A global endorsement for quality fabrics and textiles.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) – The US Department of Agriculture has recognized GOLS as the standard for organic consumer goods.
  • Non-GMO verified – These materials are not genetically altered.

·       OCS100 Organic Content Standard – This independent standard verifies the full-cycle organic upbringing of materials and products.

·      Formaldehyde Free Verified – This certification is from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment Certification Program.

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – This certification meets rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to protect lands, ecosystems, and
  • Made Safe – It is a certification for materials and products that don’t harm humans.

Which Are the Top Organic Mattresses?

With growing awareness about environmental concerns, the mattress buyer has become more responsible. He actively looks for green and organic choices.

However, there is a maze of information on the subject. Many contradictory claims clutter the consumer’s mind. He is faced with the perennial question, who to believe?

This brief review of the top organic mattress brands is aimed at providing the consumers with unbiased pointers. The review formatted in such a way that the reader can easily form an informed decision.

Before reading the review, readers are advised to take note of these points:

  • This review is neither official nor sponsored. It is an independent and individual effort.
  • It is not intended to provide in-depth information. It deals with the brands at a macro level.
  • Apart from the brands included in this list, there are others in the market. This list is therefore representative.
  • This survey is not a direct or implied brand recommendation.
  • This is a third-party review.
  • This is not a paid review. Recommendations are made based on merit.
  • The order of this review, either ascending or descending, is not merit-based, but random.
  • Considering the importance of certifications in the organic mattress segment, they are listed where relevant information has been available.

Birch Mattress from Helix

birch mattress luxe

Topping our list is the Birch Mattress. It is an organic, all natural mattress with only the best materials at an extremely competitive price point. There are two firmnesses, the original Birch and the Birch Luxe, which has superior pressure relief and is our favorite among the two.

Construction of the Birch mattress

The cover of the Birch hybrid mattress is made using organic cotton that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified. It was designed to be highly breathable with a subtle stretch and soft touch.

Each Birch Mattress uses organic wool and natural rayon fibers as the fire retardant (under the quilted cover) to provide protection.

100% all natural & organic Birch Wool provides unparalleled comfort and temperature regulation. Birch Wool is designed to retain shape with a natural elasticity of each fiber.

Our natural Talalay latex is eco-INSTITUT certified for low-emissions and carefully managed to ensure consistency. This layer cushions your pressure points while giving support.

Hundreds of individual steel coils help to cradle your body and provide support, while also limiting motion transfer. Additionally, the reinforced perimeter coils provide best in class edge support.

A second fire retardant layer made of wool fibers and natural rayon keeps you safe while providing stability and durability to the entire mattress.

Check the latest prices on the Birch Natural and Birch Luxe Natural

Consumer Offerings

25 Year Warranty
100 Night Trial
Free Shipping
Free Returns
0% APR

Shop Birch Living

Avocado Mattres

Avocado Mattress

This is a highly respected mattress. It is the highest rated innerspring mattress as ranked by consumer reports in 2018.

Avocado is an earnestly organic mattress. It is made from eco-friendly materials with the trusted innerspring technology to offer a modern classic. Because of this innovative combination, it can be aptly termed as a green hybrid!

The company claims that it uses natural latex, organic cotton, and JOMA wool. These materials have nil or minimal environmental impact.

As far as the innerspring technology is concerned, Avocado makes a dramatic claim. It says it uses as many as 1,330 support coils in the mattress’s construction. This is indeed a unique innerspring feature.

Avocado’s pricing policy makes it a much sought-after mattress. Common thinking is that innovative organic products are pricey. Avocado breaks this perception and offers true value for money.

Construction of Avocado Organic Mattress

The mattress has a 3-layered structure.

The base layer is made of individually pocketed 16-gauge coils. They are laid out in three different zones. This helps in distributing the coil spring smartly across the mattress’s surface. Due to this, different parts of the body get the required support.

Middle Layer

The pillow-top layer is made of two 2” Dunlop latex layers. The logic behind having two similar sandwiched layers is to provide enhanced comfort and support.

Top Layer

The all-organic cotton cover is hand-tufted with JOMA wool rosettes. The cover is not only sleek looking but equally functional. It provides warmth, insulation, comfort, and better heat exchange.


Avocado mattress is –

  • Green Guard Gold certified.
  • Its materials are eco-INSTITUT certified
  • The New Zealand wool is OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified
  • The organic cotton is GOTS certified


Consumer Offerings

Avocado offers the following consumer benefits:

  • 25 years’ warranty
  • 100 nights’ trial
  • Free shipping or optional in-home delivery
  • 0% APR

Avocado Price Range

Considering the green innovations and the advanced coil technology that Avocado offers, it is quite sensibly priced. At 1300 coils per mattress, the $1399 price of an avocado Queen is just $1 per coil!

  • Twin: $959
  • Twin XL: $999
  • Full: $1199
  • Queen: $1399
  • King: $1699
  • California King: $1699

Shop Avocado


ZenHaven Mattress

zen haven mattress

Coming from the Saatva stable, ZenHaven is positioned in the organic luxury segment. “Sleep the way nature intended” is the mattress’s calling.

Saatva is obsessed with quality and design. ZenHaven reflects this inside-out!

ZenHaven has a few unique selling propositions that help in projecting its above features:

  • Talalay latex. This is far more superior latex than the usual Dunlop Latex. It offers better comfort and support. It also helps in pressure release and contouring. And the best part, it is 100% natural.
  • The mattress is handcrafted.
  • Patented Guardian botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment. It prevents bacterial and microbial infestations and insect attack on the mattress. Mice, mildew, bugs – they keep away from ZenHaven.
  • 100% organic New Zealand wool and topped with luxurious organic cotton. One enjoys a blissful all-natural sleep.

ZenHaven’s Construction

The mattress has an adjustable base platform. This is topped with a firm-to-soft foam layer. The firmer ones occupy the lower half, and the softer ones go in the upper half.

The mattress sits on an adjustable base platform. It has a firm-to-soft layered construction. The firmer foam layers are placed in the lower areas, and the softer ones occupy the upper portion.

Due to this firm-to-soft layering, the user gets high quality peaceful, ‘healthy’ and comfortable sleep.


Zenhaven does not talk about certifications, but it prominently displays the following eco-friendly features:

  • No ozone depleting substances
  • No PBDE flame retardants
  • No Phthalates
  • No formaldehyde
  • No mercury, lead, or other heavy metals
  • No volatile organic compounds

Consumer Offerings

ZenHaven offers the following services:

  • 120 nights’ free home trial
  • Free white glove delivery
  • 20 years’ warranty

ZenHaven price

The mattress’s prices for various sizes are:

  • Twin: $1249
  • Twin XL: $1349
  • Full: $1699
  • Queen: $1899
  • King: $2499
  • Cali King: $2499

Shop Zen Haven


My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress

My Green mattresses are “family-focused.” The mattress range is conceived on the principle of ‘one for each one’ principle. It consists of Pure Echo, Natural escape, and Emily Natural Crib Mattress.

The My Green Story

The evolution of MY Green range has a very personal slant. The owner, Tim Masters had a daughter with eczema and allergies disorders. After years of research, the Masters couple concluded that the use of natural products reduces their daughter’s disorders. They applied the finding to their mattresses, and the My Green range was born.

Being rooted in self-realization, the My Green mattress is committed to the organic and green causes.

The Construction

The Pure Echo is a pocketed innerspring coil mattress. Its structure is:

  • The base layer of individually pocketed coils placed on organic cotton batten These coils are 15.5 gauge in the head and foot regions, 14.5 gauge the center, and 13.5 gauge on the edges.
  • The middle layer is made of 100% natural organic wool.
  • The comfort layer is a 2” thick organic cotton cover.

Importantly, Pure Echo mattresses are available in flappable and one-side variants.

The Natural Escape range is a latex hybrid bed. Its structure is:

  • A support layer same as the Pure Echo base.
  • The second layer is made of natural Dunlop latex foam.
  • On top of it is the soft natural wool layer.

The top layer is made of organic cotton cover.

Natural Escape is available as a one-sided mattress.


My Green is certified by many agencies:

  • GOTS Organic
  • GOLS
  • Oeko-Tex

Firmness Levels

The Pure Echo range displays 7 level firmness on one side, and 5 level on the other side. The Natural Escape shows 5 level of firmness.

Consumer Offerings

My Green is available with the following services:

Free 100 nights’ trial and 10 years’ warranty


Pure Echo one-sided:

  • Twin: $549
  • Twin XL: $679
  • Full: $699
  • Full XL: $779
  • Queen: $779
  • King: $979
  • California King: $999

Pure Echo flappable:

  • Twin: $739
  • Twin XL: $789
  • Full: $859
  • Full XL: $999
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1199
  • California King: $1289

Natural Escape range:

  • Twin: $729
  • Twin XL: $789
  • Full: $999
  • Full XL: $1199
  • Queen: $1199
  • King: $1419
  • California King: $1494

Shop My Green Mattress

Happsy Mattress

Happsy Mattress

Happsy is a direct retailer providing door-step bed-in-a-box delivery. The company’s mission is to empower people with healthy sleep so that they can wake up to happier mornings.

Happsy mattresses are made from all-natural organic materials. These include natural latex, wool, and organic cotton.

Happsy Construction

The mattress has a hybrid design that combines cotton-filled latex foam and coil springs. The total thickness is a stout 10” that gives a solid, high-performance look.

Foundation layer. It is 8” thick pocketed coil compartment. The springs are individually wrapped; hence they enhance bounce and pressure release.

Comfort Layer – It is 2” all-natural latex foam. It provides a pleasant lift and comfort that is typical of quality natural latex. It also keeps the bed cool by providing good airflow.

Top cover. It is a super soft cozy layer made from the knit organic cotton blend. It is quilted with a thin wool batting. The combination produces great wicking and heat control.

Happsy Firmness Level

The mattress measures between 5.5 and 6.5 on the firmness scale.


Happsy is certified by several agencies:

  • GOTS
  • GOLS
  • UL validated formaldehyde-free certification

Additionally, Happsy mattresses have been endorsed by Debra Lynn Dadd, a renowned healthy lifestyle activist.

Giving Back Initiatives

Happsy is one player that earnestly believes in Giving Back causes. The company has a social conscience, and it shows!

  • Member of the 1% For the Planet organization
  • It partners with the Women’s Voices for the Earth organization
  • Member of the American Sustainable Business Council
  • Member of Kids for Saving Earth organization

Consumer Offerings

Happsy offers the following services:

  • 100 nights’ risk-free trial
  • 10 years’ warranty
  • Free shipping and returns

Happsy prices

The mattress costs as below on the company website:

  • Twin: $899
  • Twin XL: $999
  • Full: $1199
  • Queen: $1399
  • King: $1699
  • California King: $1699

Shop Happsy

Nest Bedding Owl Mattress

nest owl mattress

Coming from the Nest Bedding stable, this hybrid brand is a leading player in the organic segment.

Nest Bedding is reputed for high quality, outstanding craftsmanship, and responsible resourcing and manufacturing processes. The Nest Owl mattresses don’t disappoint on any count.

It offers the comfort of latex foam and support of pocketed coils.

The Structure of Nest Owl

Soft Organic Knit Cotton and Joma Wool
Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam | 1.5 lb.
OEKO-TEX® 100% Natural Dunlop Latex | Plush, 19 ILD – Medium, 27 ILD – Luxury Firm, 35 ILD
Certi-PUR Transitional Comfort Foam | 1.5 lb.
Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils (Up to 1032 Coils)
Base Support Foam | 1.5 lb.

The top cover is made of soft organic cotton which is a stretch knit. Hence, it offers a cool and peaceful sleep. The quilted wool amplifies the luxurious comfort.

The synchronized impact of the coil-foam combination produces an extraordinary sleep experience. The dynamics of this structure personalize luxury sleep.

Firmness Levels

The Nest Hybrid Latex mattress is available in plush medium and firm that range from 6 to 7 on a 1-to-10 firmness scale.

Consumer Offerings

Nest Bedding offers the following services on this mattress:

  • 365 nights’ free trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Free Exchanges – This service is exclusive to the company. It means the consumer can exchange the old mattress with the new Nest Hybrid Latex and get a fair price for the old one.
  • Free return
  • 0% APR financing


  • Twin: $1119.20
  • Twin XL: $1319.20
  • Full: $1559.20
  • Queen: $1759.20
  • King: $1999.20
  • Cali King: $1999.20

Shop Nest Bedding

Naturepedic EOS

Naturepedic EOS

The EOS series is in the super-luxury league, with all-foam as its basic character.

The EOS takes to design, aesthetics, performance, and practicality to the next levels of luxurious natural sleep. The company summarizes this by saying that it is “ergonomic organic.”

The EOS also harps on customization as its key feature. The modular structure allows one to juggle or swap different layers. It is also possible to select different configurations for different sleeping partners.

The series is available in three variants:

EOS Classic

With the modular feature of the structure, the Classic EOS can adjust between different firmness – from extra-firm to extra plush.

EOS Trilux

An all-latex avatar, it too can switch between firmness options. Trilux also offers the unique advantage of an add-on latex layer if one wants to graduate to extra-plush!

EOS Pillow Top

It has an additional pillow top compartment and offers three customizable firmness levels.

EOS Structures

The Classic model is 12” in height. It is made of a solid 8” foundation compartment and a 3” comfort layer that is stuffed with a superior feeling of luxury and comfort. It is topped with a 1” top cover which has a stamp of super-soft comfort.

The Trilux has a 10” profile. It has three layers of all-latex foam piled one on top of the other. They are 3” each and make for a luxurious bounce that only an EOS can offer. The latex layers are topped with a luxury top layer.

EOS Pillow Top construction is tall and stout. Standing at 15” height, it displays a solid, dependable character that is soft and firm at the same time. It has an 8” base support layer, a 3” middle layer, a 3” pillow top layer, and a 1” comfort top.


The legacy EOS series has several certifications that make it one of the most responsible mattresses in the market today.

  • GOLS
  • Non-GMO verified
  • OCS100 Organic Content Standard tracks entire lifecycles of materials for their organic upbringing.
  • Formaldehyde Free Verified
  • Forest Stewardship Council standard

Consumer Offerings

The company offers:

  • 90 days’ sleep trial
  • 20 years’ warranty
  • $99 shipping

EOS Prices

The EOS Classic prices range from $1,799.00 to $3,599.00.

EOS Trilus costs between $2,099.00 – $4,199.00

EOS Pillow Top is priced between $2,099.00 and $4,199.00

Shop Naturepedic


As the world progresses by leaps and bounds, there are growing concerns over the deepening carbon footprint. Go Green, the 3Rs, Back to Nature, and other movements emphasize the importance of striking a balance between development and its environmental cost.

We sleep for one-third of our day and our life. Hence, we should be mindful of reducing our sleep time carbon footprint, along with that of our active hours.

If we can do this in style, comfort, and luxury, nothing like it. The entire thought behind organic mattresses is perhaps encased in this line.





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