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Thread Experiment Sheets Review

thread experiment

The Thread Experiment is a bedding company that specializes in sheet sets with masculine patterns. Think mustaches and boat anchors. This is an under served niche as men typically don’t dote over bed sheets. That probably explains the proliferation of flowery patterns found throughout the Potter Barns and West Elms of the world.


These sheets are available direct through their website and come in a variety of unique patterns. I purchased the Anchors sheet set designed by David Hart. These retail for $128 for a queen set and will arrive at your door about a week or less after ordering. As you can see below, the packaging is underwhelming which is too bad because the pattern is awesome.

sheet bag

One positive about the packaging is that because it is so minimalist, there is less waste. Once you get it out of the packaging, the sheets are contained in self packaging:

self packaging


Here are the construction details as listed on their website:

  • 100% cotton percale
  • Luxurious, long-staple cotton
  • Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet (15″ pocket) and two pillowcases for Full, Queen, King and California King.
  • Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet (15″ pocket) and one pillowcase for Twin and Twin XL.
  • Machine washable
  • Imported


These sheets are thin, crisp and smooth. The percale weave gives it a sort of feel like a freshly pressed dress shirt. They will sleep cool and are easy to dry. I appreciate that they did not inflate their thread counts through pick insertions. A 300 thread count sheet is in my opinion one of the best constructions. It makes the sheet breathable, light and are less likely to get pilling in the sheets from unnecessary pick insertions.

Here’s a picture of the sheets out of the packaging. You’ll notice that the stitching is clean and not overly fancy, it doesn’t detract from the pattern.

sheets anchors

Here’s another photo of the inside of the sheets:

thread experiment inside

The fitted sheet has a 15 inch pocket. This should be more than adequate for most mattresses although some of the pillow top mattresses are going to require a 17 inch pocket. The vast majority of the online mattress brands I review will work with this sheet. In fact Thread Experiment sheets are ideal for many of the boxed, all foam mattresses because they are usually only 10-12 inches deep.

thread experiment pocket


After washing these sheets I didn’t notice much shrinkage. I bought a twin size set and they are now used on my son’s mattress. They look great on his bed and he has no complaints. These sheets are made in China which is apparently one of the largest cotton. According to Wikipedia, China accounts for more than 20% of the worlds cotton production.

If you are looking for a light, crisp sheets with a smooth, cool feel, these sheets are definitely worth trying. Given that these sheets are made with conventional cotton, I think they are a little pricey however to their credit, they offer unique designs you can’t find anywhere else. It would be nice to start seeing some innovative patterns introduced to organic cottons sheets.

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2 thoughts on “Thread Experiment Sheets Review”

  1. I am a fanatic about sheets and just for reference in case needed – percale is the HIGH end sheet, won’t ever pill and sleeps cool. I like a 400 count. Sateen is a cheap sheet and has been a market favorite because of the profit that can be made on it. It will always pill, ages quickly and is not what hotels use in reality – because of wear and tear. It sleeps hot – because of the tight weave. They are an industry fraud and a total waste of high spending. Europeans, who generally go for quality and long wear instead of advertising, lean strongly to percale and their high end, high thread count sheets are often from India.
    Interesting note – the softness in a percale sheet comes from trips to the dryer, not the washing machine. With new sheets I tend to do two short washes and standard dryer time. Using fabric softener on any sheet is a great way to ruin them and will often make them sleep hot forever. Word is you should never use fabric softener on cotton sheets and towels – it causes a slimy film to be dried into the fibers. If never is too harsh a word, it can be used sparingly from time to time, but only after eight washes that are fabric softener free, and that includes the little fabric softener sheets. Fabric softener actually causes your towels to become less absorbent.

  2. I bought the Navy Blue /White King size version of houndstooth pattern along with the Blackwatch comforter and shams from the Thread Experiment website. No problems with the Comforter and shams. I prefer percale sheets and their site extols the virtues of percale and when I searched the site they only had two patterns of percale, polka dot or chevron. Ok, so I went with the matte sateen hoping it would be as somewhere in between percale and sateen as they described. Out of the package you’ll notice that these sheets are printed only on one side, the backside is really gray-scale color, you would never know that it was Navy on the other side. So either flip it over to see the color on a turn down or live with the gray-scale showing. The finish is slightly coarse to the touch and these sheets are hot to sleep on and under, which is of course sateen…. I did wash and dry the sheets first, per their instructions, also this eliminates the chance for any return, per their website instructions, so that’s on me. Overall a huge disappointment. I submitted a similar review on their website, but they “approve” all reviews before posting. I’ll be interested to see if they do post.


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