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The Top 5 Innerspring Mattresses of 2021

Best Inner Spring Mattresses

Old is gold. The innerspring mattress is proof. It has stood the test of time despite the entry of newer technologies and a host of innovations in the mattress market. The mattress has been around since the 1930s, and it is still going strong. Even today, two-thirds of the mattresses bought are innerspring.  Its earlier avatar, the box spring mattress was invented in the late nineteenth century but gave way to the innerspring after ruling the market for almost four decades. The new market entrants have also become popular over time. However, they have not been able to erode the innerspring market share.

Affordability and the tried-and-trusted factor account for the sustained popularity of the innerspring mattresses. This is backed by its suitability for a wide range of sleepers. The innerspring is ideal for stomach sleepers, individuals with back pain, and the high-BMI persons. They are good for persons who over-heat in sleep. This is because they are cooler in nature than the memory foam and latex mattresses.

What Is the Structure of An Innerspring Mattress?

An innerspring mattress is made of three layers:

The Foundation Layer

It is usually made of wool or other cushiony materials. Its basic functions are to provide support and a soft shock-absorbing foundation for the coil structure on its top.

The Coil Compartment

The coil compartment houses the grid of coils. They are usually aligned vertically as well as horizontally. The coil count and thickness vary from brand to brand. Usually, the coils are covered with titanium or steel coating. It gives them extra strength and bounce factor. They also offer better body contouring and pressure relief. These coils are known as Marshall Coils.

The coil compartment is bound with a perimeter coil along the border. It keeps the coils together and retains the shape and firmness. The edge of the grid is reinforced with additional springs or foam material. This prevents the sleeper from falling off the bed.

The Top Layer

This is the comfort layer. Usually, it is made of foam, latex or fiber. It offers the mattress its comfort and cushiony feel.  Sometimes, an intermediate layer separates it from the coil compartment. It prevents the upholstery from getting deformed or sinking due to the pressure of the springs. This layer is made from a tough but padded material that possesses an insulating property.

Does the Coil Count Matter?

Yes and no.

Yes, because the number of springs is directly proportionate to the mattress’s strength, springiness, contour support, and comfort factors. As a general rule, denser coil grids produce better mattress quality.

However, this notion has changed over time. Innovations have made it possible to achieve better results with fewer coils, or even vice versa. Recent developments in the innerspring structure are:

  • Lesser coils with thicker gauge
  • Thinner coil gauge but denser structure
  • Optimum coil count with better coil quality

So, it all depends on the type of coil.

A few points to ponder on the coil count debate:

  • Research has confirmed that most of us sleep on our sides. Now, the side does not have the same profile as the back or front of the body. It is more contoured. Side-sleeping also produces most stress on the pressure points such as the neck, shoulders, and hips. Moreover, the spine is also differently aligned to the bed than in a flat sleeping position. And finally, side-sleeping puts lesser weight on the mattress. Hence, lesser coils with a thicker gauge work better with a majority of sleepers.
  • As for the coil gauge, number 14 which is 1.63 mm thick is considered ideal for modern designs. It is important to note that the lesser the gauge, the thicker the coil thickness. A 12-gauge wire is thicker than a 14-gauge one.
  • Coil count is optimized at 400 or less. Mattresses with increased coil count tend to be uncomfortably
  • Mattress structures which opt for lesser coil count and thicker coils may be good to sleep on in a store. However, they can sag sooner than the other types of coils.

Ultimately, customization is the best policy. Buy a mattress that is best for your type of body and sleeping habit. Do consult the sales staff before taking a final decision.

What Are the Types of Coils Used in Innerspring Mattress?

Manufacturers make fancy claims with marketing jargon. However, it is important to note that basically, there are only four types of coil used in innerspring mattresses. Often times, competing brands use their coil from the same supplier!

Open Coil or Bonnell Coil

This type of coils was used in the buggy seats of during the 19th century. They are still the most common coils used in innerspring mattresses. Bonnell coils are hourglass shaped. They are joined with the neighboring coils by small wire spirals known as helical. Despite their sustained popularity, open coils are being slowly edged out by technologically superior options. Their main drawback is that they lose bounce soon. The mattress sinks from the center or gets deformed at the edges. Also, the springs become creaky and noisy over time.

Offset Coil

This is the next generation of the Bonnell coil. It has a square top as opposed to the circular one of open coils. The coil shape is more cylindrical than the hourglass Bonnell. Although the most expensive coils, Offsets are preferred by discerning manufacturers for their durability.

Pocket Coil

These are also known as independent or Marshal coils.

Pocket coils are springs encased in individual fabric pockets. They are not naked as the other types of coils. This pocket or wrapping gives far superior contouring, weight distribution, and motion constraining properties to the bed. As a result, the mattress hugs the sleeper more closely. There is lesser sinking. And one partner does not get disturbed due to frequent movements of the other.

Pocket coils make good beds for those who move a lot during sleep, and overweight people.

Continuous Coil

As the name suggests, entire rows of coils are made from a continuous wire. They are attached to each other with helicals. Grids made of continuous coils have a lattice layout rather than the conventional rows. The continuous construction helps one coil to share the weight with the neighboring one. In this way, the weight is distributed evenly across the mattress surface. As a result, mattresses don’t deform easily.

Which Are the Top 5 Innerspring Mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses sell the most in the market. The onset of the online era has given a totally new dimension to sales lifecycles. Brands have now shifted from brick-and-mortar outlets to an online sale. Many have adopted the online-offline combined model. The online segment has become more aggressive in its marketing efforts. The reason is simple; the smaller stores have to compete with the giants like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and a host of other major players. From coupons and vouchers to 0% APR, there is an ever-widening range of benefits offered to the shoppers.

This augurs well for the consumers. However, with a significant increase in brands, there can be a saturation of information and choices. This may lead to loss of focus and distraction from the core requirements. In many cases, marketers with lesser regard for good practices dole out extraordinary schemes. While they attract eyeballs, they may be misleading or plainly dishonest.

The shopper’s confusion and indecisiveness are increased by an interesting market trend. Even the reputed brands are offering so many variants and features. So one is unable to decide which ‘best brand’ to buy!

The market landscape is indeed cluttered, especially the online marketplace.

In due consideration of the market dilemma, a compilation of the top 5 brands is given below. This is to help the consumers make a choice that best suits their needs. However, it is not the final word. Readers may please note:

  • This is not an official compilation prepared or sponsored by an official agency.
  • There are quality bands available in the market, other than those mentioned in this list. Readers are advised to consider this as a representative list.
  • This top-5 list is in no way meant to be a direct or indirect recommendation for the brands included in the list.
  • This list is not a paid effort. The sole aim is to provide the readers with an unbiased and just review of some of the leading brands in the market.
  • This list does not follow an ascending or descending order of merit.
  • It is not possible to include all the features of the brands here. The main and important ones are included in the reviews.


WinkbedInnerspring is the oldest mattress category. Each brand has included innovations as value additions. Winkbeds stands out in the crowd on four counts:

  • Revolutionary coil zone design; it has a unique coil-on-coil mechanism. It means that Winkbeds have two coil compartments – the first, in the foundation layer and the second in the middle layer.
  • A 2-tier comfort zone at the top which makes the mattress outstanding in terms of comfort, contouring, and bounce.
  • Specialty polyfoams that enhances the mattress quality and performance,

The Winkbeds Mattress Structure

It consists of three layers:

The foundation layer. As mentioned above, Winkbed’s unique foundation layer doubles up as the first coil zone. It has a soft foam base to act as a shock absorber. Moreover, it has a 7.5” high grid of pocketed coils. These are coil casings with a foam-wrap that boost the edge support. Hence, it is a foundation layer and also the first coil zone.

The middle layer. It is a 2.5” grid of micro coils that are encased in specialty foam. They increase the springiness and give the mattress extra support.

The comfort layer. This top layer is made of two different foams. The first is a 1.5” gel-infused polyfoam, and the second, a 1.5” polyfoam with the quality and feel of natural latex. The combination of the two top layers produces a luxurious and comfortable feeling that is distinct of Winkbeds innerspring beds.

Winkbeds Firmness Levels

The brand offers three firmness levels:

  • Soft – measuring 4.5 on the firmness scale
  • Luxury – 6.5 on this scale
  • Firm – 7.5 on this scale

Apart from this, Winkbeds also offers the Winkebeds Plus firmness variant. It is meant for persons with 300+ lbs weight. This special category replaces the micro coil layer with a latex layer. This gives the required extra support for overweight people. The firmness level of Winkbeds Plus is 6.5.

Warranty, Free Trial, And More

WInkbeds offers 120 nights’ “Sweet Sleep Guarantee.” It is important to note that the company uses the term ‘guarantee’ in place of the usual ‘warranty.’ This implies brand confidence. To top this, the company also offers a lifetime warranty. Other consumer offerings include free delivery, free returns, and free pick-up if the consumer wants to return the mattress.

Price of Winkbed Innerspring Mattress

Winkbeds Innerspring Queen mattress is priced $849 for twin XL, $1299 for Queen, and $1499 for King. The slightly pricey mattresses are value for money, considering the features and the double coil and top layers.

Read the full Winkbeds Mattress review or Shop Winkbeds

Brentwood Home Oceano

Brentwood Home OceanoThis luxury innerspring mattress comes from the thoroughbred Brentwood stable. The company has been manufacturing fine mattresses for over 30 years. Brentwood has an inborn liking for innerspring mattresses. Through in-house innovation and technological adoptation, it has constantly updated its spring mattresses. The Oceano is Brentwood’s yet another breakthrough in spring hybrids. It is an important update in spring-foam combination. It offers the pressure relieving goodness of spring technology with the next-level luxurious comfort of gel memory foam.

Although a hybrid, the Oceano gives the sleep quality of a thoroughbred.

The structure of the Oceano mattress

This structure is designed to deliver high performance. Rather than relying on the standard 3-layer design, the company has produced a thoughtful 5-layer construction. Its focus is on maximizing comfort and optimizing the springy bounce, so that the sleeper does not sink too deep or feel that the mattress is too hard to sleep on.

The structure incorporates two alternating layers of foam and coils, apart from the base and comfort layers.

The base layer

This mattress is significantly heavier than its peers. Against an average innerspring mattress weight of around 65 lbs., the Oceano weighs 113 lbs. Hence, a sturdy base is very important. This extra dense foam layer provides not only strength, but also stability to the bulk above it.

The first coil layer

This 8” layer is made of over 1000 individually wrapped coils in a typical Queen size Oceano mattress. These coils have varying firmness, depending on where they are placed. Its surface is divided into five zones. Three of them are in the main body of the mattress. They provide support to the head, shoulders, and legs. The remaining two zones are on the edges. They enhance the edge support.

The first foam layer

It is a 2” Airlux foam layer. It acts as an effective intermediate layer for the two coil layers placed beneath and above it. The foam is firm enough not to let the mattress sag over time. Yet, it is soft enough to be responsive to the body weight of the sleeper. The clever layer design makes Oceano an ideal mattress for heavy sleepers.

The second coil layer

This layer is made of 2.5” individually wrapped microcoils. They provide more responsive support than the bigger coils. They also inhibit motion transfer more effectively.

The second foam layer

This 2” gel memory foam layer improves the comfort and contouring factors. Being cooler than other foams, it also provides a cozier sleep.

The comfort layer

The .5” quilt layer is made of finest quality New Zealand wool. It acts an excellent heat regulating agent. Hence, it keeps the mattress cool during the hot months and warm in winters. The New Zealand wool gives exceptional comfort.

The smart structure design of Oceano unfolds the true essence of hybrid mattresses. it complements the bounce of the springs with the comfort of the foams.

The salient features of Oceano

Apart from the ground-breaking 5-layer structure design, the Oceano mattress has the following salient features:

  • All the materials are non-toxic
  • No flame-retardant chemicals
  • Mattress certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Outstanding air circulation
  • Moisture wicking on the quilt surface
  • Ideal for all surfaces – box, flat platform, adjustable beds, or slated base

Consumer offerings

The Oceano story does not end with superior design and performance. The company matches them with outstanding consumer offerings:

  • 120 nights’ free trial
  • Free shipping accompanied by free return – if ever a customer is dissatisfied
  • 25 years’ warranty
  • 0% APR

Oceano price

One would think that with all the luxury and style of Oceano, it must cost a fortune. However, the mattress is humbly priced. Its discounted prices are the final pleasant surprise!

  • Twin – $845
  • Twin XL – $1015
  • Queen – $1270
  • King – $1695
  • California King – $1695
  • Split King – $1865

Read the full Oceano Mattress review or Shop Brentwood Home


Dreamcloud MattressThe Dreamcloud mattress is truly an exceptional hybrid. Apart from the spring-foam cross, it also offers another mixing – affordable luxury and amazing sleep quality.

There is more, but first, the legendary Dreamcloud mattress structure.

The Dreamcloud mattress structure

The mattress is made of not three or 5, but eight layers. Starting from the base, these are:

Hi-density foam base

The extra dense foam material has a strong body and a soft heart. It offers excellent support and strength to the mattress. On the other hand, its soft core ensures that motion transfer is minimized.

Pocketed coil zone

This rests above the base foam. It is made of pocketed microcoils. The coils are spread across five different zones. They offer varying strength and firmness as required by the body area. The superior compression generated by the composite system provides whole-body support.  This layer also helps in reducing motion transfer.

Memory foam layer

This foam is of finest quality available in the market. It is very dense and very soft at the same time. As a result, the entire body gets even support.

Second memory foam layer

The plush, high density foam supplements the action of the memory foam layer beneath it.

Latex layer

Then comes the latex foam layer. It is premium quality natural latex. Being hypoallergenic, it will keep mattress allergies out of the bed. The combination of cushioning and springiness provides a hugging contouring for the entire body.

Quilted memory foam layer

One more memory foam layer! But it is not just foam, it is quilted foam. This pampering softness gets all the more endearing as the sleeper gently drifts into peaceful sleep.

Gel-infused memory foam layer

The foam enhances body contouring. The gel acts as a cooling agent. And it also supports the body in a soft manner. The feeling is akin to being cradled in luxurious softness.

Tufted cashmere Euro-top

Finally, a hand-tufted top cover that gives a super-premium sleeping experience. It is spoiling, really! The cashmere provides remarkable breathability and dreamy softness.

The unique 8-layer construction leaves little or no room for any performance gap. The material, design, and craftsmanship are of ultimate quality. With a Dreamcloud in one’s bedroom, they will not miss the exclusivity of a 7-star luxury resort.

Dreamcloud firmness level

The mattress offers luxury firmness. It measures 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

Exclusive consumer offerings

A quality product is half of any marketing success story. The other half is customer service and offerings. Dreamcloud completes the circle with these industry-leading offerings:

  • White-glove in-home delivery and installation
  • Ever-long warranty. The company offers a benchmarking warranty that covers the entire ownership lifespan. It is valid for as long as one owns the mattress.
  • 365-nights’ trial
  • A 1-year trial period! The company logic behind this exceptional offering is simple. One should experience the Dreamcloud for one full seasons-cycle before buying it!
  • Free shipping
  • It is rare that a customer would be dissatisfied with the Dreamcloud mattress after the 1-year trial. However, in that eventuality, the company offers two services. No-questions-asked refund and free pick-up of the mattress.

Dreamcloud prices

The following is the mattress’s price range:

  • Full: $999
  • Queen: $1,199
  • King: $1,299
  • California King: $1,299

Doesn’t seem like one has to break a bank to own a Dreamcloud!

The Dreamcloud bottom line: Luxury can be strong and soft at the same time. And the price need not burn a hole in one’s pocket. Read the full Dreamcloud Mattress review or Shop Dreamcloud

Alexander Signature Hybrid

Alexander HybridThe mattress comes from one of the trusted players – Nest Bedding. It is a luxury hybrid in the next-generation category. The mattress incorporates several technological advances in its folds.

The Alexander hybrid comes with a unique feature of copper-infused memory foam. It has several standalone benefits for the user. The mattress’s other distinguisher is its Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric. This is a hallmark of cool and comfortable sleep quality.

The Alexander hybrid mattress construction

The mattress has a 4-layer structure as below:

The base layer

It is a 8” foundation layer made of pocketed coils.

Smart foam layer

This is a 1” layer made of smartflow foam. It is a 3 lbs. foam that provides balanced support and comfort.

This layer is made of 3”, 2.5 lbs.  Energex foam. Copper is universally associated with cooling and pain relieving properties. This specialty foam firstly makes the mattress cooler with better heat exchange. Secondly, it also provides relief in joint pain and aches, and back pain.

Quilted top layer

This layer is made from 1”, 4 lbs. soft foam. It is covered with a soft stretch fabric that is cool in nature. The fabric is pre-quilted with the foam.

Firmness levels

Alexander hybrid is available in three firmness levels:

Luxury firm: 2.5 on the firmness scale

Medium: 5.5 to 6 on the firmness scale

Plush: 7 to 7.5 on this scale

Bed firmness is a major factor that impacts the sleep quality. It also affects body joints and spine health in the long term. The above three firmness levels give the users the benefit of customization.

Unique consumer offerings

Alexander hybrid offers the following:

  • 100 nights’ free in-home trial. This means that the consumer can have the mattress delivered at their home for trial.
  • Lifetime warranty. This is a feather in the offerings cap of Alexander hybrid. No every manufacturer offers this after-sales service.
  • Free shipping.
  • Free exchanges.
  • Free return. In case the user is not satisfied with the mattress after trial, they can return it without any obligations attached.
  • 0% APR financing.

Apart from these offerings, Nest Bedding gives Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This is an industry-first policy.


Alexander hybrid mattress is available at below prices:

  • Twin: $949
  • Twin XL: $1149
  • Full: $1349
  • Queen: $1599
  • King: $1799
  • California King: $1799

Read the full Alexander Hybrid review or Shop Nest Bedding


Avocado MattressThe mattress has the unique distinction to be the highest rated innerspring mattress by consumer reports in 2018.

The mattress market is flush with many interesting innovations. Different players are trying to differentiate their products through imaginative designs, material combinations, and advanced technologies.

The Avocado mattress is one such innovation. It combines eco-friendly materials with the age-old innerspring technology. The result is a different kind of hybrid – Green hybrid! The company claims that it uses natural latex, organic cotton, and JOMA wool. these material have nil or minimal environmental impact.

Avocado’s other outstanding claim is that it uses as many as 1,330 support coils in the mattress’s construction. This density is unusual in the mattress market. More importantly, the mattress’s structural design maximizes the coil impact.

Last but nonetheless least, the price. Common thinking is that innovative products are pricey. However, Avocado is priced sensibly to offer value for money. At around $1399 for a mattress consisting of 1330 coils, it’s just $1 per coil!

Avocado mattress is Green Guard Gold certified.

Construction of Avocado mattress

The bed three layers:

The base layer is made of individually pocketed coils. They are 16 gauge springs laid out in three different zones. The division helps in offering different support levels to different parts of the body.

Middle layer

This is a pillow-top layer. It is made of two 2” Dunlop latex layers. The two layers provide enhanced comfort and support.

Top layer

It is an organic cotton cover covered with hand-tufted JOMA wool rosettes. The sophisticated looking cover is also very functional. It offers warmth, insulation, comfort, and better heat exchange.

Consumer offerings

Avocado offers the following concumer benefits:

  • 25 years’ warranty
  • 100 nights’ trial
  • Free shipping or optional in-home delivery
  • 0% APR

Avocado price range

This is as below:

  • Twin: $959
  • Twin XL: $999
  • Full: $1199
  • Queen: $1399
  • King: $1699
  • California King: $1699

Read the full Avocado Mattress Review or Shop Avocado


The innerspring mattress has survived for almost eight decades. The mattress market is a jungle. As the saying goes, it is survival of the fittest. The innerspring mattresses have proved their fitness on the strength of their springs. To coin a catch-phrase, some springs die hard.

What has caused these mattresses to sustain for so long? It is the originality of the idea. The nature of a spring is to recoil under pressure and to bounce when the pressure is released. Putting this simple principle to creative use, the German genius Heinrich Westphal invented the innerspring mattress in 1871. The idea and its application are so brilliant that they have not lost their sheen even today.

This review’s aim is to provide an unbiased and informative resource to consumers. In an over-informed marketplace, this concise review will perhaps help in filtering the noise and providing a voice.
















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