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Target Sheets Controversy

Target Sheets Controversy 1

Have you bought Egyptian cotton sheets from Target recently? If so, you may be due a refund. Target recently announced that they are breaking ties with Welspun, one of the world’s largest cotton manufacturers. According to reports, this affects the 500 thread count Fieldcrest label from Target. I went to target on August 27 to see if any of the product was still available and found that there is still some of the product on the shelves at my local target as of August 27, 2016. The news originally broke from Bloomberg on August 19.

This news is sending ripples throughout the bedding and retail industries. Don’t be surprised if other major retails either abandon Welspun or at the minimum do their own quality checks on sheets.

To get a Target sheet refund go to the contact form on their website or click here. On the dropdown menu there is an option to select, “Egyptian Cotton Sheets”

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Refund

Target is doing the right thing by offering refunds and being proactive about this issue. They are also searching for a new supplier that can offer legitimate egyptian cotton sheets.

In my opinion, there are many other brands in the marketplace that are selling misrepresented products. Egyptian cotton is synonymous with high quality and luxury. Over the past decade, there has been a price war going on in the Egyptian cotton space where brands are racing to the bottom on pricing. I believe this has created pressure to cut corners which leads to delivering a inauthentic product.

So, if you are looking for authentic Egyptian cotton sheets, where should you turn? My advice is to look to companies that know their supply chain and are transparent about it. Ask to see their certifications. A bedding company with nothing to hide should be proud of their certifications and even go a step further to have their product tested by independent labs such as Bureau Veritas where thread counts, picks and staple length can be verified.

In order for brands to survive and thrive, they must have integrity. It takes years to build trust among consumers but only one bad incident to lose it.

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