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Tango Mattress Review

Tango Mattress Review

The Tango Mattress is a two sided mattress where one side is soft and the other is firm giving the customer the option to choose the firmness they prefer. There is a significant difference in firmness between the two sides as well. Tango uses two cooling technologies within the mattress, the combination of phase change material in the cover and cooling gel in the surface layer will help pull heat away from the body keeping you comfortable throughout the night. The mattress is easy to flip for a different firmness and very enticing if you are unsure if a soft or firm mattress is right for you. This also would make an excellent mattress for a guest room where guests may have different firmness preferences.

Overview of the Tango Mattress

The Tango mattress retails for $949 and comes with a 120 night free trial. According to Tango’s website, their team has worked on some of the largest and most successful mattress brands and brings that experience to the Tango mattress. Having tried both sides of the Tango, I think that they are spot on with firmness levels for the soft people and the firm people. It’s rare to find that people like a mattress too extreme on a particular end of the spectrum.

The mattress comes shipped in a box like the one below and should arrive about 5 days after placing your order.

Tango Mattress Box

Upon unboxing you’ll find a special suprise, a pair of Tango branded sox.

Tango Sox

Below is a video of me with the Tango mattress. In this video I am on the soft side.


Tango Mattress Construction

Tango Mattress Construction

The Tango mattress is build differently than most online mattresses in that there is a support core in the center of the matress. From there you get a transition layer of varying density on both sides with a comfort layer with one side firmer and the other softer. The picture above shows the soft side on top.

As far as I can tell the mattress has gel memory foam for cooling.

My Tango Mattress Findings

The Tango mattress has a unique feel on each side. I personally prefer the softer side but the firm side still offers good pressure relief as it is an all foam mattress.

To start, let’s take a look at how much sink you will get with each side of the mattress. Here’s a picture of my 16lb. bowling ball on the soft side.

Tango Mattress Soft Side

Below is a photo of sinkage on the firm side of the Tango.

Tango Mattress Firm Side

These pictures really don’t do justice to the feel as with more weight you will find a much more considerable difference between the two sides.

Here’s a video illustrating how each layer reacts. Again the top layer is the soft side.


There is little to no motion tansfer on this matress as well. The video below shows me dropping a bowling ball on the soft side of the Tango mattress.



In terms of heat retention, you can expect it to sleep like a typical online foam mattress. Tango does have a few cooling technologies to help you sleep cooler. The cover is infused with Phase Change Material and both sides have cooling gel memory foam at the surface, both of these materials work  together to pull heat away from the body. I think feel and comfort trumps sleeping hot as there are other ways to address that.

Here’s a video illustrating heat retention on the Tango mattress.


My Tango Mattress Recommendation

There are other two sided mattress options online but the Tango so far is the most convenient in terms of switching sides. You just flip the mattress over. I also found that the Tango is a bit better than other two sided mattresses in terms of pressure relief. Tango is a great option for  anyone who is uncertain which comfort they prefer as it has two great options in one.  it is also perfect for a guest bedroom as if gives your  guest the option to sleep on a soft or firm mattress with a simple flip.

Tango gives you a 120 night trial so you have plenty of time to test each side, chances are you will really like one of them as Tango’s team is made up of sleep experts who have a lot of experience in the industry and  understand what customers want in a mattress.


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  1. How would you rate this mattress 1-10 with 10 being highest

    Anything comparable to like Bear? Nectar? etc…Looking for firm and that SHERPA30 incentive makes it a great price under $800 vs. other mattresses it seems.


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