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Sweet Dreams with DreamScience

Sweet Dreams with DreamScience 4

Brainwave-Oriented Sleep Companion

Made by Oregon Scientific


WS683(1)If your bedroom is exposed to street and other noises that keep you awake, or if you find that sounds like falling rain lulls you to sleep, then the DreamScience Sleep Companion may be the perfect sleep aide for you. The DreamScience Sleep Companion will cocoon you in an envelope of 20 different sleep inducing soundscapes.

According to the manufacturer, Oregon Scientific, “the DreamScience Sleep Companion envelops you in a calming buffer of soundscapes programmed and clinically proven to help you gently fall asleep, stay asleep, and reach deeper, more restful levels of sleep. The technologies utilized by DreamScience let you reset your sleep routine, helping to reduce stress, restore energy and improve your focus”.

Manufacturer Feature List:

  • Produces 20 different clinically proven soundscapes designed by Dr. Lee Bartel at the University of Toronto
  • Soundscapes are designed to complement and entrain the brains natural delta, alpha and beta brain waves for a quicker and deeper sleep experience
  • Patented Sleep Enhancement Technology that lulls you to sleep by gradually slowing the rhythm of playback
  • Selectable wake up soundscapes to gently wake you from your sleep
  • Option to turn on six selectable mood backlights
  • Option to enable a sleep timer for 30, 60 or 90 minute in addition to continuous playback
  • Digital clock
  • Includes line-in port and 3.5mm audio cable to use the DreamScience speaker for other audio devices such as your favorite music app on your phone
  • Powered by an included AC adapter or 4-AA batteries (not included)

Package Contents:

DreamSience Package Contents
DreamScience Package Contents
  • DreamScience Sleep Companion
  • USB power adapter plug
  • USB power cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable (for external music device such as a smartphone)
  • CR2032 “button” style battery (to retain system settings in the event of a power failure to unit)
  • Instruction booklet


Our Findings:

The DreamScience Sleep Companion is easy to setup. The selection of soundscapes include rain, ocean surf, whales, waterfall, forest sounds and basic white noise among others. The speaker provides rich, soothing but not over powering soundscape levels.

We found all the soundscapes soothing and warm. We did not use the mood lights while sleeping as we prefer total dark, but some may prefer the mood light to be on to act as a soothing night light.

We preferred the “rain”, “revitalize” and “meditate” soundscapes. The family cats liked the “bird” sounds for obvious reasons. That said, we found all of them relaxing except perhaps “thunder” although even that one is not harsh but more of a distant rumble. Thinking about “thunder”, it may be of use as a gentle way to acclimate a pet who has a fear of thunderstorms. Given the range of soundscapes, everyone should be able to find one or more to be soothing and restful.

Because the DreamScience Sleep Companion is small and battery powered, it is also ideal for travel. It helps mask out noisy hotel hallways and busy street traffic giving you restful sleep before that important business meeting.

Do you meditate or do yoga? The soundscapes can also calm you into that perfect meditative state. An extra bonus!

We also plugged a smartphone into the AUX port using the provided 3.5mm standard audio cable and used it to play music. Once plugged in, the volume controls on your smartphone can be used to adjust your selected music’s sound level from very soft to very loud. While not intended to be a high performance audio speaker it does give a good music listening experience.

To sum up, the DreamScience Sleep Companion functions as your:

  • Clock
  • Wake up alarm
  • Music speaker
  • Mood light / night light
  • And most importantly, a sleep inducing and calming soundscape player

Video Review:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMCDoSL7I6Q?rel=0]


You can order the DreamScience Sleep Companion at Amazon for $74.89 Amazon Buy Button

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