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Sunrisingbed 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Sunrisingbed 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress 2

The Sunrisingbed 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is available for purchase on Amazon and is priced attractively at $399.49 for a queen. They use plant based memory foam on the top layer which gives it a little bit of a unique feel. I found the top layer to have a firm feel but will still offer some conforming. This mattress is sold exclusively on Amazon and should be something to consider if you are looking for an entry level memory foam mattress.


Below is an overview of the main features of the mattress. As you can see, it also comes with 2 free memory foam pillows that are wrapped inside along with the mattress. I believe this mattress is made in China. It took a while for it to fully come to shape and I think that is in large part due it coming from overseas and being compressed longer than a mattress made in the USA. However, after a full day, it fully came to shape.



Here are the specifications of the Sunrise Bed as listed on Amazon:

Product Description


1. Green Tea Memory Foam sends off slight aroma for further relaxation. The mattress has dual waved layers of foam that offers extra breathability to reduce heat. Chlorophyll abstracted from natural green tea is foamed with memory foam. The green tea aroma improves the air quality to relax your nerves for an easier sleep.

2. Natural green tea extract and charcoal bring feel of freshness. The removable Pillingless fibers quilted cover is biogreen and healthy.

3. Memory mattress constructions & materials :3″Green Tea Infused Memory Foam, 2″Comfort Foam, 2″ Air-flow High-density Foam*2, 3″High-density Base Support Foam

4. Memory foam is pliable and accommodates to the pressure points of shoulders and waist to evenly distribute pressure, which gently supports and cushions you in any sleeping position, no matter you’re a stomach sleeper or side sleeper.

5. CertiPUR-US certified for durability: fire-proof inside cover with non-toxic smelless aqueous adhesive glueing layers. The manufacturing process eliminates unsafe additive agent and allows for fewer chemicals, totally removing bad odor and toxins.

This mattress is rolled and shipped in a box right to your door.

After unpacking and in a few minutes, the mattress gradually gains 98% of its volume. Then the mattress will be fully expanded in two days. However, it’s OK to sleep on the mattress with the process unfinished, which doesn’t affect its actual dimension.

3. The mattress is single-sided and can’t be flipped for use. Nor can it go with an adjustable base.

It can be used on a metal bed frame and spring box or just on the ground as an alternative for futon.

Dimensions (height*width*length, unit: inch) – Slight variances doesn’t matter.

Twin: 12″ * 37.5″ *73″

Full: 12″ * 52.5″ *73″

Queen: 12″ * 59.5″ *79″

King: 12″ * 75.5″ *79″

 This mattress had an interesting feel. The top layer feels firm at first then you start to sink in. Below is a video showing how each layer will react.

Here’s another video which illustrates heat dissipation using my infrared camera.

This mattress absorbs motion very well. That’s because it has a very dense top layer. Below is a video of me dropping a bowling ball on the top of the mattress.


This mattress is great for people that like a somewhat firmer feel and would rather sleep on the mattress rather than in it. I found the top foam layer to provide adequate pressure relief. One of the drawbacks of this mattress is that there was considerably more off gassing than some of the other mattresses I slept on. It took about 3 days for the mattress to off gas. I recommend opening the mattress in a separate room to breathe and come to shape before bringing it in your bedroom. Given the price point, it is definitely a mattress that should be considered for someone looking for an affordable memory foam mattress.

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