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Sleepy’s Launches New Roll Packed Mattress in a Box

One of the largest and oldest mattress companies in the US, Sleepy’s first came into existence in 1931. Led by Louis Acker and his son Harry, Sleepy’s first store was opened 86 years ago in New York City. The business was registered as a mattress company in 1957 under the name Bedding Discount Center. In 1975, the name was changed to Sleepy’s. Harry Acker’s son David took over as president of Sleepy’s in 2001. Sleepy’s was recognized as the ‘fastest growing furniture retailer’ by a trade publication in 2009, and was the 11th largest mattress company as of 2014. With over 1000 showrooms and a broad customer base across the country, Sleepy’s is one of the leading mattress companies in the US. In 2015, Sleepy’s was acquired by Mattress Firm, and all its products rebranded. Sleepy’s still functions as an online retailer, and their mattresses remain as popular now as they were eight decades ago. One of the most respected brands in mattresses, Sleepy’s have always ensured customer satisfaction with their unique, top-quality products.   Sleepy’s new mattresses To keep up with the bed in a box phenomenon, Sleepy’s has come up with three new mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are a rage now, and it was high time Sleepy’s jumped on the bandwagon too. Regardless of your size, weight, or preference, the new Sleepy’s mattresses have been designed to suit a variety of people with choices as unique as the brand itself. Let’s take a look at the mattresses.   Sleepy’s Essential 8” Memory Foam Mattress If you have always stayed away from 8” mattresses because they lack proper support and comfort, Sleepy’s is here to change your mind. Sleepy’s Essential 8” Memory Foam Mattress may be thinner compared to its 10” and 12” counterparts, but packs quite a punch. This no-frills basic mattress is made of two layers—the support layer and the comfort layer. The 4-inch foundation layer made of high density poly urethane is designed to provide better support to both back and side sleepers, no matter what their weight. The top layer constructed from 4-inch memory foam is velvety-plush and molds to your body to provide a restful, comfortable sleep. The mattress is rated by the company as medium on the firmness scale—i.e.: neither too soft nor too firm. The ventilated woven cover ensures breathability and helps you sleep cool without sweat or discomfort. The top layer provides some responsiveness and bounce, and prevents sinkage and motion transfer to a great extent. Suitable for adjustable base beds, Sleepy’s Essential 8” Memory Foam Mattress comes with a 60-day return and refund policy, so you can always swap your mattress for a different one if you are not happy with it. The mattress comes in five sizes, and retails from $320.   Sleepy’s Limited 10” Mattress For those who prefer 10-inch mattresses that are soft, comfortable, and yet firm enough to provide some support, Sleepy’s Limited 10” Mattress is the ideal choice. It figures between its 8” and 12” cousins, and provides ultimate softness and comfort with its three layers— two comfort layers and the core support layer. Like most Sleepy’s mattresses, the core layer is made of 5.5-inch high density poly urethane with memory foam construction to provide comfortable support. The two comfort layers are designed to lend a plush feel to the mattress. The 3-inch super soft polyurethane layer provides a luxurious comfort to the sleeper, while the 1.5-inch memory foam layer provides additional support. The mattress comes with fire retardant fabric covers for added protection. The mattress is rated as plush on the firmness scale, so it might not be suitable for those who prefer a firmer feel. Sleepers on the heavier side could experience some sinkage and motion transfer, but others should have no problems with this plush mattress. It offers exceptional breathability and cooling, and conforms to your body to provide the maximum comfort. The mattress is shipped in a pack and roll box, and is available in five sizes—from twin to cal king. If you are looking for a plush memory foam mattress on a budget, Sleepy’s Limited 10” Mattress is a great choice, since it retails from $299.   Sleepy’s Cool Plush 12” Memory Foam Mattress Looking for a mattress that keeps you cool without breaking the bank? Sleepy’s Cool Plush 12” Memory Foam Mattress should be your pick. While luxury cooling mattresses cost you an arm and leg, Sleepy’s provides the same quality and comfort at a fraction of the price. This 12-inch mattress offers unmatched support to all kinds of sleepers, thanks to its two-layer construction. The 3-inch memory foam layer provides exceptional support by molding to the sleeper’s body. The gel-infused cooling technology ensures maximum breathability for those who sleep hot, and eliminates sweat and discomfort. No matter what the sleeper’s weight or position of sleeping, this layer ensures a peaceful rest every night. Then there’s the 9-inch support layer made from high density poly urethane that makes the mattress sturdy and durable for years to come. This ventilated mattress is rated as plush on the firmness scale, but its thickness ensures superior support and comfort for all kinds of sleepers. Low motion transfer and sinkage, and some level of responsiveness and bounce aid in a luxurious sleep. Sleepy’s Cool Plush 12” Memory Foam Mattress is available in all sizes, ships worldwide for free, and retails from $820. The 60-day return and refund policy is applicable on all of the above mattresses, and items above $599 qualify for free national shipping.   Despite the rise of luxury mattresses, Sleepy’s ensures the same quality and features at a much affordable price. One of the oldest and most reputed mattress companies in the US, Sleepy’s mattresses come with a manufacturer warranty of up to 25 years. The company also has thirteen other mattress brands, some of the most popular ones being Beautyrest, Dream Bed, and Snuggle Home. For high-end mattresses at an affordable price, look no further than Sleepy’s that offers luxurious rest without breaking the bank.    

4 thoughts on “Sleepy’s Launches New Roll Packed Mattress in a Box”

  1. I liked that you explained the features to these different mattresses. The one that I’m sleeping on is really old, so I need to replace it. It seems like a memory foam mattress would be nice to have since it’s supposed to conform to my body. I hope that will help with my back problems.

  2. FYI, Mattress Firm is having a big sale right now both online and in the store (as they’re clearing out their 2017 mattresses and getting all their new models in), and they have a bucketload of memory foams at dropped prices. I tested out some Tulos, Dreambeds, iComforts, and the Sleepy’s Cool that they had, and I liked the Sleepy’s more than any of those other brands. A lot of Mattress Firm’s memory foam beds feel really hard to me — not like memory foam at all — but the Sleepy’s did feel plush. I have no idea how it’d hold up, though, or change over time, or really anything else.

  3. If you thought sleepys was too firm than the nectar will seem like a rock, take it from me, I still have the nectar in my bedroom, I went to try out the sleepys cool 12″ plush and it was way softer, perfect for me.

  4. I’m a stomach sleeper whose cheap BJ’s memory foam now has a gulley in it. I’m 170lbs and often have back pain. My wife is a back sleeper, who despite being petite, enjoys a very firm mattress. We agreed firm was probably best for us. While at MattressFirm, we tried the Tulo Comfort in firm which in our opinion was closer to medium. On the way out, we spotted the Sleepy’s Cool Gel and tried it. Despite being listed as plush/medium, the Cool felt medium/firm, perhaps due to the amount of support the gel provided. 2″ thicker than the Tulo with the benefit of cooling technology and with discounts, same price as Tulo. Caveat? No matter what the mattress is described as, there’s no getting around subjectivity and individual results. For that and other reasons, brick and mortar mattress shops won’t be going away any time soon.


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