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Sleepy Kneez Pillow Review

Sleepy Kneez Pillow Review 3

Side sleepers sometimes have issues with sore knees when they sleep. This is because their knees often lay on top of each other without any padding. A common solution to this is using a pillow in between your legs as a cushion. However, pillows are often too big and too thick which leads to a different kind of discomfort.

A new invention called Sleepy Kneez is the solution many side sleepers have been looking for. The video below give a great overview of the pillow and how it can benefit side sleepers.



You can order the Sleepy Kneez pillow direct from the company website.  for $34.95 plus shipping. Your product should arrive fairly quickly, usually in about a week after placing your order. If you want even better pressure relief, there’s a memory foam version of the Sleepy Kneez pillow which costs $69.99. They even offer a gel pack for sale for $9.99 which is made to fit in the Sleepy Kneez pillow pocket. It can be frozen to help treat knee injuries.

It comes in a package like you see below:

sleepy kneez


I don’t often sleep on my side as I’m more of a stomach sleeper. However when if I take a short nap in the afternoon, I try to sleep on my side. This prevents me from getting too cozy and reluctant to get out of bed. I tried this pillow during a nap and found it easy to put on. It has a velcro strap that you wrap around your leg. I found it to be comfortable over my jeans and expect it would be just as comfortable over pajamas. I think wearing on my bare leg would take some getting used to.

Here’s a photo that shows the velcro strap. Notice that the pillow isn’t all that big which is the main selling point. The goal is to not notice it while you’re sleeping. Also, because it’s attached to your knee, you don’t need to move it with you when you change positions. This is a problem if you use a regular pillow.

sleepy kneez pillow

If this pillow works, you can expect to wear it every night which means it should be washed regularly along with all your other bed linens. You can remove the pillow from the cover and wash it. Below are the care instructions that come with it.



Sleepy Kneez provides just the right amount of comfort for your aching knees. It helps with spinal alignment and because it is much smaller than a pillow, makes it easier to move around at night. You can also pack it easily for travel so you can enjoy it on the road.

Another item of note is that Sleepy Kneez has also been recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

After reviewing hundreds of sleep products, I have come to find that if you have a particular discomfort while sleeping, chances are someone has invented a solution already. The problem has been knowing that it even exists. I hope many uncomfortable side sleepers out there find comfort in Sleepy Kneez. As I age, I notice that it’s always minor discomforts that keep me up at night.

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