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Dreamcatcher and Nap Star Sleep Mask Review

Dreamcatcher and Nap Star Sleep Mask Review 3

If you’re a frequent flyer or road tripper, you will find that a simple sleep mask just wont do. You often need noise blocking in addition to light blocking. Enter the Dreamcatcher and Nap Star. A patented sleep system that blocks noise and light that also has embedded padding to help you sleep just about anywhere.

The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher is the more heavy duty of the two sleep systems. It is a bit wider than the Nap Star and just plain bigger which equals more padding and more coverage of your head and face. I would recommend this for people serious about blocking as much ambient stimulation as possible. The Dreamcatcher also contains a hidden pocket where you can put your credit card and other valuables, sort of like a second money belt.

They also come with a pack of earplugs to maximize noise reduction. I found that they didn’t block as much sound as I would have liked but adding the earplugs was a great addition. Wrapping the mask over your ears also helps to keep the earplugs in secure so they don’t fall out when changing positions.

I enjoyed the sensation of these products. You get a nice sense of security while wearing them sort of like you are tucking yourself under your sheets. They also add a bit of warmth which is perfect when you are traveling on a plane which tends to get cold, especially during the night.

The Nap Star

The Nap Star has all the benefits of the Dreamcatcher but on a smaller scale. You can use the Nap Star without the sleep mask and just wear the surrounding padding for added comfort when reading or relaxing. Below is a video detailing how to wear these products as well as all their features.



While I didn’t find the padding all that useful for blocking sound, it did provide nice comfort and I could see this coming in handing on a plane ride or long car trip as a wearable pillow.

For the price, it is a worthwhile product. If you’re looking for true noise blocking you will want to make sure you have earplugs. A package of earplugs comes with each of these products.

As a bonus these products come with signage to put on your Dreamcatcher or Nap Star such as:

“Please Do Not Disturb”
“Will Wake for Food”
“Please Wake for All Refreshments”

A clever touch that will ensure you never miss a request from a flight attendant.

If you’re travelling to parts unknown and aren’t sure what your accommodations will be like, you definitely should consider bringing a Nap Star or Dreamcatcher.

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