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Pink Noise – The Best Sound for Sleep

Pink Noise - The Best Sound for Sleep

If you ever have trouble falling asleep at night, someone might have suggested the white noise technique to you. While such a method is quite familiar with the latest invention to help improve our sleep quality is through pink noise.

While it may sound counterintuitive to sleep under the guidance of more noise such as the buzz of a radio station or the static of a muted TV, these sounds are pleasant to the human ears and can do a lot in making you fall asleep. Then what is the “pink noise” all about?

In simple words, pink noise – the best sound for sleep is a natural-sounding mix of low and high frequencies that aids in a deeper sleep and better memory. The primary difference between white noise and pink noise is the intensity of the sound frequency that is intended to lull people to sleep. The pink noise is more balanced and soothing to the human ear than white noise.

The goal of playing such noise is to block out any external sounds like noisy neighbors, street traffic, and other noisy distractions that are sleep-disrupting.  Studies reveal that pink noise helps in reducing brain activity, thereby leading to a more stable sleep.

Before you plan to switch over to this mysterious shade of pink noise, you need to gain a more in-depth insight as to what distinguishes this unique sound from that of other sound-masking apps.

More Natural to The Human Ear

This statement has a different meaning than what most people interpret. It doesn’t mean that the “sound of the rainforest” breed of natural. Instead, it means that the pink noise sounds more balanced and soothing to the static white noise or similar other sounds.

The white noise is a mixture of different sounds of color that are combined to create a single giant sonic barrier. In contrast, the pink noise operates similarly, except that the sound present at the lower end of the spectrum are much louder and the sounds at the higher end are much softer. This produces a gentle and less jarring sound that seems more like a light rainstorm or waterfall.

Promotes Sound and Stable Sleep

Both pink and white noises act as sound barriers that can block out other outside noises while you are snoozing. Most people are not aware that sound itself does not make us aware. Instead, it is the alteration in the sound level that does the trick.

Therefore, producing a noise that is relatively more even and consistent and effectively masks the changes in external noise, helps the user to experience uninterrupted sleep.

While white, brown, and pink sound all operate with the same primary goal, the pink noise is more effective in steadying and slowing down brain waves for inducing a high-quality sleep.

Helps You with Memory Recall

In the sleep cycle, deep non-rapid eye movement happens when the brain goes into the process of memory consolidation. At that point, the input of pink noise can help with cognitive retention. Studies reveal that sleepers who are infused with pink noise acoustic stimulation are more successful in recalling memory up to three times than those without such noise.

However, there is a lot more research to be done on the cognitive abilities of pink noise. Nonetheless, it would be a wise decision to play some pink noise the night before any big presentation.

Aids Productivity in Your Waking Hours

Pairing pink noise with your busy daily schedule can enhance your productivity. Not only can it help in masking the chattering of coworkers but also help in sharpening the focus. One study reveals that pink noise minimizes distractions while talking and eliminates pauses while writing.

How Pink Noise Benefits Your Sleep Health

Some of the commonly experienced benefits of pink noise include –

  • Falling asleep more quickly by masking all distracting sounds.
  • Improving sleep quality by extending the amount of time spent in a deep sleep.
  • Improving memory retention.
  • Those having trouble drifting off can choose to listen to pink noise for improved sleep quality and getting up fresh in the morning.

Pink Noise FAQs

What Type of Noise Is Best For Sleep?

Relaxing and deep sleep is critical to maintaining a sharp and robust memory. Both of these decline with age and can be restored and revived with the help of effective sleep strategies like the use of pink noise – the best sound for sleep. A study by the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reveals that listening to certain soothing sounds like the pink noise can promote deeper sleep and develop stronger memories among older adults.

What Is Pink Noise to Help You Sleep?

Pink noise is a combination of low and high frequencies that sounds more natural and balanced than similar other noise therapies such as “white noise” and “brown noise.” The noise aids in improved sleep, meditation, and masking of unwanted external sounds while sleeping.

What Is Pink Noise Sound Like?

The noise is often considered as superior to white noise and closely resembles sounds found in nature.  It sounds more like a combination of the sounds from the ocean and a TV set. Also, sometimes referred to as Flicker Noise, this sound emits equal energy as all sound frequency octaves. This means that noise or bass frequencies that sound more like the natural power of the ocean can be considered as pink noise.

What Does Pink Noise Do to Your Brain?

The pink noise is responsible for enhancing the activity of the brain that is associated with deep phases of sleep. This has the potential for increasing deep sleep while dramatically improving memory in older adults. However, research studies are yet to establish that pink noise is better than white noise.

A Final Word of Advice

While more researches are being conducted every day to support the contribution and effectiveness of pink noise as the best sound for sleep, you can always take the help of this specific sound therapy if you are looking for a sleep improvement strategy.

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