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OSO Mattress Review

OSO Mattress Review 2

I received a free OSO Mattress to review. The OSO Mattress is a new latex/foam mattress that offers two different levels of firmness. There’s a soft and firm end to this mattress. Just rotate it 180 degrees to adjust, no flipping required. This mattress uses some of the “dream cell technology found in the Reverie mattress.

Unboxing and Overview

The OSO mattress comes in a box and will get delivered to your door in about a week. It comes with a 101 night trial where you can return it if not satisfied for a full refund plus the cost of shipping.


In the video above you’ll notice that the mattress looks really flat. It took about 10 hours for the mattress to fully expand. I tried to take a nap on it right after opening and was worried that it wasn’t thick enough. Just make sure to give it a little time. Once it’s fully expanded it feels great.


What makes this mattress unique is that there are two sides, a soft and firm. They even have tags to help you out.

oso soft


According to their website the mattress is constructed as follows:

Fabric, made in South Carolins
Top comfort layer, 1.5″ of talalay latex with a 14-16 ILD range and 3 lb density. Made in the USA.
RevTech foam layer, 1.5” of 2 lb pcf foam, made in the USA.
Base layer is 6” of 2 lb pcf RevTech foam made in the USA.
DreamCell foam springs have 4 and 5 lb natural latex.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mattress, the DreamCell springs are further inside the wall of the mattress.

OSO layers

If you’re wondering what a DreamCell looks like, below is a picture of one from the Reverie mattress which uses the same technology except that with the Reverie you can adjust the soft medium and firm DreamCells around to create a firmer or softer mattress.

Reverie Mattress


I tried sleeping on both levels of firmness but I settled on the soft side towards the top of the bed. I really like how I could sink into the mattress.

Here’s a picture to illustrate how much the soft side of the mattress gives. There wasn’t a dramatic shift in firmness between the soft and firm end either which gave the mattress a consistent feel.

oso sinkage

Below is a video illustrating how much bounce the OSO mattress has. I tested this on the soft end of the mattress.

Here’s another take but in slow motion


Here are the accelerometer readings when dropping the bowling ball on the mattress

oso accelerometer

Here’s how the layers of the OSO mattress react. Since the walls of the mattress were glued together, I couldn’t get inside the mattress to show the dream foam but this will give you a sense of how each layer functions.


The OSO is a versatile mattress due to the fact that you can quickly change firmness levels without having to flip the bed and change sheets. The mattress on the whole is slightly on the softer end of the spectrum. I really appreciate the top layer of talalay latex. Normally mattresses at this price point will use a dunlop latex or foam/latex blend at the top layer. I did notice that if I jumped into bed, I would bottom out a little. Granted, I’m well over 200 lbs. but something to consider for heaver people. This mattress sleeps cool and will spring back to form which makes it easier to switch positions at night. I recommend this mattress to people that don’t want to feel stuck in their mattress and prefer a little bit of bounce. Because you get two different firmness options, chances are even greater that it will be a good fit.


4 thoughts on “OSO Mattress Review”

  1. Is there anyway you can do a compare between this mattress and the purple mattress.
    If there are any conflicts of interest with posting, please shoot me an email.

    • The OSO is a latex mattress vs. the Purple which is a foam mattress with a plastic polymer grid over it. They are very different in feel. The Purple will sleep cooler while the OSO will cradle you a bit more.


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