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Ooroo Bed Review

Ooroo Bed Review 1

The Ooroo mattress is an invention created out of necessity. Karen, the inventor and owner of Ooroo needed a portable mattress that was comfortable and multi-functional. Finding nothing on the market that matched these criteria she created the Ooroo to serve as a comfortable guest bed and that could be folded into an ottoman, chair, etc. during the day. The Ooroo makes for the perfect guest mattress because it can turn into a functional piece of furniture when not in use.


You can purchase the Ooroo mattress direct from their website and it will arrive in about a week’s time. You get UPS tracking information so can plan on delivery. Since it comes shrink wrapped it arrives in a medium sized box.

ooroo box

You get the mattress and cover with your order.



The Ooroo comes in 3 different modes, Classic, Deluxe and Premium. I tested the premium model which has a little denser foam than the others.  I weigh over 200 lbs. so this was a good thing. I did not bottom out either. Obviously this isn’t as substantial a mattress as the traditional mattresses I have tested but it felt great. I wouldn’t recommend jumping into this bed but if I was a guest sleeping on it I would be very impressed.


  • 4.5″ Soft Foam Core
  • Stretch Knit Fabric Quilting
  • 1.5 lbs Foam Density


  • 4″ Firm High-Density Foam Core
  • Premium Stretch Knit Fabric Quilting with 1″ Soft Foam
  • 1.5 lbs Foam Density


  • 4″ Firm High-Density Foam Core
  • Micro Plush Fabric Quilting with 1″ Super Soft Foam
  • 1.83 lbs Foam Density


I ordered the leather cover for my Ooroo. I have little kids so I thought if they spilled, it would be easy to clean up.  The Ooro is one piece and it is super easy to fold into  the ottoman shape or chair shape.

Below is a picture of the Ooroo right when I took it out of the box

ooroo out of the box

I thought that getting it in the ottoman cover would be a struggle. Sort of like getting a seeping bag back inside the bag but that wasn’t the case.

Here’s it is inside the ottoman. It took me about 2 minutes to do this. It is actually upside down in this picture.

ooroo ottoman

The Ooroo also comes with a handle to carry around.

ooroo handle

The size below is a twin xl.

Ooroo unfolded

It can also be folded to act as a chair. Options for chair slip covers are coming soon which will keep the chair in position.

ooroo chair

The Ooroo doesn’t have much motion transfer because it doesn’t sit on a box spring and I imagine most of the time it will be directly on the floor. I was more concerned with it bottoming out on my while I was sleeping. It gave good support and I didn’t feel like I was touching the floor at all.

This mattress is firmer than the regular mattresses that I have tested. It needs to be firm so that I can create enough cushion between you and the floor. It wasn’t overly firm and definitely nicer than what I was expecting.

ooroo sinkage

Below is a picture that gives you a sense of how thick the mattress is.

Ooroo depth

Below is a video of me squishing the mattress. It comes back to shape very quickly because it is such a dense foam.


You may have come across chair/mattress furniture similar to the Ooroo but the difference with Ooroo is in the quality of materials. The covering is top notch and the mattress holds its own with something you would want to sleep on long term.

I am going to be bringing my Ooroo to the in-laws over Thanksgiving Weekend. Since they are sometimes short on guest beds depending on who’s there, this will make the perfect present and I will be able to benefit!

The Ottoman makes for a great footrest or work surface. It’s light enough that it can easily be moved from room to room as well.

Shop Ooroo to learn more.


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  1. We bought one of these from the company and it was TOTAL GARBAGE. The mattress is about one half of the size that is listed on the website and can’t be used as an ottoman at all. The cover does not fit the ottoman because it is too large. The company has been COMPLETELY unresponsive; no phone number and not answers to any emails. Do NOT buy this product.


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