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OkiOki Mattress Review

OkiOki Mattress Review

The OkiOki mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the pressure relief of memory foam with the support and durability of pocketed coils. It is a medium-firm mattress, making it a good option for a variety of sleepers, including back, stomach, and combination sleepers.

The OkiOki mattress is made of three layers:

  • Top layer: 2 inches of graphite-infused memory foam. This layer provides pressure relief and contouring, while the graphite helps to dissipate heat and keep you cool.
  • Middle layer: 7 inches of high-density polyfoam. This layer provides support and durability.
  • Bottom layer: 800 individually wrapped pocketed coils. This layer provides additional support and helps to reduce motion transfer.

The OkiOki mattress is covered in a removable and machine-washable ice yarn cover. This cover is cool to the touch and helps to wick away moisture.

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the OkiOki mattress:


  • Medium-firm feel that is suitable for a variety of sleepers
  • Graphite-infused memory foam for pressure relief and cooling
  • Individually wrapped pocketed coils for support and motion isolation
  • Removable and machine-washable ice yarn cover
  • Affordable price


  • Some sleepers may find the mattress to be too firm
  • The ice yarn cover can be slippery, making it difficult to keep sheets in place

Overall, the OkiOki mattress is a good value for the price. It is a well-made mattress that offers a good balance of comfort and support.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the OkiOki mattress:

  • The OkiOki mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.
  • The OkiOki mattress is made in the United States.
  • The OkiOki mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that it is made with low-VOC foams and is free of harmful chemicals.

If you are looking for a medium-firm hybrid mattress at an affordable price, the OkiOki mattress is a good option to consider.


The OkiOki mattress comes in 4 different firmness levels so you can get the right firmness the first time. They even have a form you can fill out for a personalized recommendation. What struck me about this mattress is that it is a great value. A queen size retails for $500 and that’s before any discounts. It also comes with a 365-night trial which means you get to try it out in your home for a year before deciding if its right for you. And if not, you can return it for a full refund.

Overview of the OkiOki Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview of the mattresses and their different firmness levels. For this review, I received all 4 of their models in a twin xl size so I can show you the differences in firmness.


Construction of the OkiOki Mattresses

Since each mattress has a different firmness they each have a different construction. Here are the details according to their website.

oki construction


 Hypoallergenic, Cooling Ice Yarn Zip Cover
– Cushion Layer: 3” of Memory Foam, 2.5lb, 11ILD
– Base Layer (two-part layer): 7” of High-Density PU Foam, 1.75lb, 25ILD + 1.56lb, 36ILD


– Hypoallergenic, Cooling Ice Yarn Zip Cover
– Cushion Layer: 2” of Memory Foam, 2.8lb, 10ILD
– Transition Layer: 2.5” of High-Density PU Foam, 1.75lb, 25ILD
– Core Layer: Pocket Coil System, 2.3mm coil gauge
– Foam Encasing the Pocket Coil System: 5.5” of High-Density PU Foam, 1.5lb, 36ILD
– Base Layer: 1” of High-Density PU Foam


– Hypoallergenic, Cooling Ice Yarn Zip Cover
– Cushion Layer: 2” of Graphite Memory Foam, 2.2lb, 12ILD
– Transition Layer (two-part layer): 2.5” of PU Foam, 1.75lb, 25ILD + 1.9lb, 37ILD
– Core Layer: Pocket Coil System, 2.3mm coil gauge
– Foam Encasing the Pocket Coil System: 5.5” of High-Density PU Foam, 1.5lb, 36ILD
– Base Layer: 1” of High-Density PU Foam


– Hypoallergenic, Cooling Ice Yarn Zip Cover
– Cushion Layer: 3” of Graphite Foam, 2.8lb, 12ILD
– Base Layer: 7” of High-Density PU Foam, 1.5lb, 36ILD

How Much Does the OkiOki Cost?

No matter what firmness you purchase, the price is the same. Here are the prices as of this writing.

[table id=53 /]

My OkiOki Mattress Findings

Overall the OkiOki transitions gradually in firmness levels. They all incorporate a phase change material in the cover which makes it cool to the touch.


The OkiSoft is an all foam mattress with a fairly simple construction. 3 inches of comfort foam followed by a 7-inch base foam layer. Here you can see how much sink you get with my 14 lb. bowling ball.

oki soft sinkage

There’s basically no motion transfer with this mattress since the soft top layer absorbs the impact of my bowling ball.


Here’s a look at the inside of the mattress. You can see that they are incorporating a phase change material for additional cooling.

oki soft construction

The top layer also has small holes throughout for breathability.

oki soft top

Here’s a side view showing edge support and sinkage.

oki soft sink

To give you a better sense of how this mattress feels, you can see how quickly each layer recovers. It’s also easy to squish this sof top layer.


The OkiSoft is best for dedicated side sleepers.


The OkiEasy is a hybrid mattress that has a medium to medium soft feel. If you want a somewhat softer mattress with a little faster recovery, the OkiEasy is the way to go.

oki oki flex sinkage

Again you can’t see the coil system as its encased in foam. You will notice that this is a 3 layer construction with two layers of foam and a base layer of coils.

oki flex sink

Ouf of all 4 mattresses, this one had the most motion transfer but as you can see is still very minimal. However people who want just a little bounce with the mattress will enjoy the OkiEasy.


Here’s a look at how each layer of the OkiEasy reacts.


Overall the OkiFlex is probably the most versatile of the 4 mattresses but skews firmer. It’s a great choice for back sleepers.


The OkiFlex has a hybrid construction of springs and coils. The coils are encased in foam so you have to dig a little to be able to see them. This makes the mattress more breathable than the all foam OkiSoft but also a bit firmer. Here you can see how much sinkage you get in comparison to the OkiSoft.

oki easy

Even though it has springs, they are pocket coil springs so move independently and therefore there is still minimal motion transfer. The top layer of foam is soft enough to absorb motion of the impact.


Similar to the OkiSoft, the top layer has small holes for breathability. This model incorporates graphite into the foam for a cooling effect.

oki easy top

Here’s a video showing how the layers react. As you can see it recovers faster than the OkiSoft.


Here you can see edge support which is also a little better than the OkiSoft of and OkiEasy.

oki easy sink 2

The OkiFlex is still great for side sleepers but is firmer and you won’t get as much pressure relief. I would recommend this for side sleepers that tend to sleep hot and don’t want to feel stuck in the mattress.


The OkiFirm is an all foam mattress similar to the OkiSoft but incorporates denser foam for a firmer feel. It has slightly less sinkage than the OkiFlex and for the most part is indistinguishable.

oki firm

This mattress has basically no motion transfer either and since it is a firm mattress it is easy to switch positions.


Here you can see the top layer of graphite foam which also has holes on the top for more breathability.

oki firm top layer

Here’s a side view of the mattress.

oki firm side

As you can see in the picture below, it really doesn’t sink all that much.

oki side sink

Here’s how each layer reacts.


The OkiFirm is ideal for stomach sleepers. It is firm enough to give your lower back proper support for sleeping on your stomach and the graphite foam and phase change fabric will keep you cool as well.

My OkiOki Mattress Recommendation

Overall I am very impressed with the offerings from OkiOki. They are able to provide a competitive price by having the mattress made overseas and pass that saving on to the consumer. Most mattress companies offer a 100-night trial but this one joins a small list of companies now offering a 1-year trial which allows you to try the mattress out in all four seasons to see if it’s truly right for you.


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