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Nodical Mattress Review | A Grown Up Bed

Nodical Mattress Review | A Grown Up Bed 1

The Nodical Bed is the newest mattress in a box company on the scene. Nodical Bed is a product developed by Allied Aerofoam Products LLC which happens to be the country’s largest foam product manufacturer so they know foam. The Nodical brand is their venture into the bed in a box marketplace which is already a crowded one.

I received the Nodical Restore which is a 10″ thickness as compared to the Nodical HD which is 12″ in thickness. It has a removable cover like many of the other mattresses.



Ordering the mattress is super easy just like all the other companies simple and fast. Delivery is fast and tracking is provided. There’s no showroom so I do my best to try and give you a sense of what this mattress is like.

Unboxing the mattress is also similar to other compressed beds that I have unboxed. Below is a photo upon opening the box:

Nodical Bed message


Inside the instruction book you also get a mattress cutter:

nodical bed cutter

The mattress is true to size coming in at 10 inches. The angle is hard to get so it may look a little off but it is a full 10 inches.

nodical depth

The Nodical Restore is a wonderful mattress.. It doesn’t have much bounce to it as compared to a Brooklyn Bedding or Love Bed mattress due to the fact that there’s no latex.

From the graph below, Nodical is making the case that the Restore is a bit softer than the HD.  I do my own bowling ball test to show sinkage and bounce, see below.

Nodical Softness

This mattress comes in all the standard sized as shown:


SizeSKUWeight (lb)Dimensions
TwinMAT-10CO-TW39.4 lb39.5 x 74.5 x 10in
TwinXLMAT-10CO-TX42 lb39.5 x 79.5 x 10in
FullMAT-10CO-FU54.7 lb53.5 x 74.5 x 10in
QueenMAT-10CO-QU64.9 lb59.5 x 79.5 x 10in
KingMAT-10CO-KI82.4 lb75.5 x 79.5 x 10in
Cal KingMAT-10CO-CK81.9 lb71.5 x 83.5 x 10in


To give you a sense of the makeup of the mattresses, here’s a cross section of the Nodical Restore. As you can see, there’s four layers to this mattress. The top is the cooling, squishy layer.

Nodical inside


Here’s the cross section explanation from the website:

restore cross section

Notice that the top layer is fairly squishy. It is also cool to the touch.


As I said before, there’s not much bounce to this bed which also has an effect on reducing motion transfer. You sort of sleep on top of the bed similar to the Live & Sleep and Tuft & Needle mattress. I actually prefer this sensation as opposed to sinking in.

Here’s a side by side comparison with sinkage. The bowling ball on the left is 14 lbs. and the ball on the right is 10 lbs.

nodical bed sinkage


The Nodical bed is a great choice for people that prefer to sleep on a somewhat firmer mattress that won’t give them a stuck in the mud feeling. I think Nodical will definitely satisfy their target demographic, older people who are focused more on a good nights rest that will alleviate body aches rather than recreational activities.

There is a fair amount of off gassing but not much more than the Leesa or YogaBed. The new mattress smell has dissipated significantly after a week of use but still faintly exists.

I recommend this mattress to people looking for firm support that will also address pressure points. Stomach and back sleepers in particular will sleep well on this mattress. For side sleepers I would recommend something a little softer. Click Here to shop Nodical.

UPDATE 8-26-15

Nodical Mattress is no more. If you are looking for a comparable mattress check out Live & Sleep.  Read my full Live and Sleep Review Here.

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