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Nest Bedding Review “The Love Bed”

Nest Bedding Review "The Love Bed" 6

Update: the Love Bed has been officially retired. Nest has recently launched the Love and Sleep Mattress which provides even more value! Check it out here.

The Love Bed is a new addition to the Nest Bedding line of mattresses, I received a free Love Bed to review. At first glance I thought this mattress was a bit gimmicky. Despite the name, this bed is now at the top of my recommended list after my first night’s sleep. There are many features that set this mattress apart from the online bed in a box competition that make it a clear standout for people looking for something reminiscent of a coil mattress but much softer and contouring.

UPDATE 2016 

I reviewed the original Love Bed in 2015. Nest has developed a 2016  Love Bed model that makes it event better. I have included those updates in the review below.

Nest Bedding is an organic, natural and non-toxic bedding store that has storefronts in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Aside from mattresses, they offer pillows, mattress pads, mattress protectors, blankets, sheets and even furniture.

Nest Bedding was started by Joe Alexander. He has over 15 years experience in the mattress industry and has worked for some of the big name brands. He even advised Tuft & Needle when they created their mattress. Joe knows beds and instead of going for the quick buck, he truly wants to bring quality to the market at a fair price.

Bigger online brands have been taking the spotlight when it comes to online mattress buying but if you cut through the noise, you’ll find that there are many other options that provide some amazing value and unique features you’re not going to find anywhere else. After trying out the Love Bed and checking out their other products online, I know that we will start hearing more of Nest Bedding in the near future. They really get it when it comes to what the next generation of mattress buyers are looking for.

If you’re looking to upgrade to natural bedding, Nest Bedding is the way to go. They have a mattress for every budget and they do not cut corners. The Love Bed is their entry level mattress but entry level for them is luxury for most everyone else.

The Love Bed

Love Bed

The love bed is listed as being 11 inches thick but with the pillowy top, it is more like 12 inches. Very impressive as many mattress companies don’t live up to their height claims let alone exceed them.

The Love Bed is a surprisingly affordable mattress for the value. Love Bed incorporates great materials into their mattress.

Twin        $599
Twin XL   $649
Full          $699
Queen     $799
King         $899
CALKing  $899

It can be ordered online through their website and comes in 2 different levels of firmness, Medium and Luxury Firm. Again, something none of the new mattress startups offer. Nest bedding is breaking away from the one type fits all mattress model and going back to real customization.

I reviewed the medium mattress which has great support but also has a nice soft top that will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Here’s a video illustrating the heat retention on the mattress:


I expected some off gassing during this process but was pleasantly surprised that there was no noticeable odor.  Of all the mattresses I reviewed so far this is the only one what didn’t come with some type of new mattress smell.


Here’s an overview of how this mattress is constructed. All these foams are CertiPUR-US Certified

lb construction

The mattress excels at quick recovery and keeping you cool. It just feels great and has nice hug.

Bounce and Motion Transfer

This bed certainly has some bounce which is in large part to the energex foam layer.  However, despite the great bounciness, there’s little motion transfer. You also won’t sink towards your partner at night which is typical with store brand pillow top mattresses.

This mattress has just the right amount of “sink” to it. You sink a into the mattress but don’t get stuck. Notice that the top of the mattress has a sort of pillow top texture to it. This is the first time I’ve come across this with a bed in a box model mattress.

Love Bed Depth


I slept soundly all night. You sink into the bed just the right amount to provide cushioning for all your pressure points yet the bed won’t cave or bow due to the firm layer of foam underneath the latex foam. The bamboo fabric also has more elasticity than a cotton cover which is adds to the softness and flexibility.

I have also tested the higher end offering from Nest Bedding, the Alexander Signature Select. People often ask me the difference and the major differences are that the Alexander is a thicker mattress with slightly less motion transfer and less bounce. It also is a bit softer than the Love Bed at the same firmness levels. If you are looking for a little more substantial mattress that will also provide more pressure relief, consider the Alexander.

Remember this company has a very generous 100 day Money Back Guarantee.

Considering a Queen size is $799, it is a relatively low investment without the risk. Nest Bedding is an awesome company that is continually innovating and producing quality mattresses and bedding products. They have built a reputation in the online mattress space for integrity and quality.


Upon opening the Love Bed you’ll find a cute little bear waiting for you

18120556462_a87d2e5bf3_z (2)

If you post a photo of you and the bear to #thelovebed on your favorite social media channel, you will get a free Nest Bedding pillow sent to you. This is no small gesture. Their pillows are very highly rated.

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Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Nest Bedding which makes the Love Bed. 

25 thoughts on “Nest Bedding Review “The Love Bed””

  1. I just LOVE the “Love Bed”.

    I have always had a conventional coil spring mattress. And having had back surgery I prefer a mattress that is not too soft nor too firm. So the mattress we got was the “medium”.

    When I first sat on the edge of the mattress, it felt way too soft as my butt sank into it. I was afraid I would not like it at all.

    But when I stretched out and laid on the mattress I was amazed at how supportive it was. It cradled me without being neither harshly firm nor mushy soft. Like the baby bear’s bed, “it was just right”.

    The other thing I really like about this mattress is that with my fiancee in bed beside me, we are both equally supported. The presence of my fiancee and her movement does not disturb my sleep. And her presence does not cause the mattress to have a local sag such that I roll toward her and she roll toward me. I really hate mattresses where one “rolls down hill” to the partner and one feels like you are sleeping in a valley.

    And as the reviewer mentioned, there was no “new rubber” odor.

    I highly recommend this mattress.

  2. I was wondering if either the Love bed or the Bestmattressever by Brooklyn bedding slept hot. Thank you for you help

    • Both dissipate heat very well although the Love Bed has an advantage since it has a bamboo covering that will wick away moisture and heat very efficiently.

  3. The Love Bed is still up there in the rankings of favorite beds but now the Alexander Signature Select is at the top. It has less bounce which I prefer.

  4. The Love Bed will be slightly firmer than the Leesa. However even though the Love Bed has bounce to it it has less motion transfer. Between the two I think they both sleep equally cool. If you want to get a comparable firmness to a Leesa go with a soft love bed.

  5. Thanks!! Even without the memory foam, is the Love Bed as supportive as the Leesa? And would you recommend the Love Bed over the Leesa ( and why?).. Sorry for the barrage of questions..:)

  6. Also how does the love bed compare to brooklyn bedding’s #bestmattressever ? In terms of comfort and support?

  7. Great website and reviews! I was originally leaning towards T&N just because of budget but now reading your website I am leaning towards either Love Bed or Brooklyn Bed. However, I need your inputs:
    – Male in my late 30’s
    – Height 5’6″; Weight 135lbs
    – Mostly back-sleeper with occasional side
    – Previous mattress was a Sealy firm with cushion top which I purchased in 2004. Was okay.
    – I do not prefer soft mattresses where I sink.
    – Prefer no gas/chemicals.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. We’ve had our king size Love Bed for about two weeks and we love it! Very comfy and not too hard for very different sized people. One thing to note, if you do send a photo for the free pillow it is NOT a Nest pillow. It is microfiber w/gel and it is free, but it is not the nice Nest pillow that we thought we were getting. 🙁

  9. Does anyone have experience between Winkbed and Love Bed? We’re debating between the two and having a hard time deciding. As a back and side sleeper, I prefer a firmer mattress, as does my fiancé. The Love Bed appears firmer than the Winkbed…. but not sure without testing them out. Also there is a significant size difference. Wink Bed is 4″ higher and since we are using a platform, we appreciate that height difference. What to do! Any advice?

  10. I am choosing between the Leesa or the Love Bed and wonder which is better for stomach sleepers? Will go with firm also on the Love Bed for that reason.

    Thank you, Susan

  11. Thank you, but I am pretty sure I am going with the Alexander now after reading what is out there. Still not sure on whether to get medium or firm. What would you recommend for the Alexander for a stomach sleeper? Also, I am 5’6 and weigh 145 lbs.

  12. Any recommendations for a 300lb side sleeper, and a 160lb stomach/side sleeper? She likes firm, I like slightly softer. We’ve tried the PLB “worlds best bed” and both like it, but not the price tag…

  13. I’m 5’6, 220 lbs, stomach sleeper with a bad back and hip. (yay sports injury!) I’m moving up to my first Queen. I tend to like firm but after reading your reviews, would I do better in Firm or Medium? And could I go wrong with the Love versus the Alexander? I find the pricing a little daunting. I also have a big dog who sleeps in the bed if that adds any information.


    • Get the medium love bed. It is firmer than the Alexander at the same level of firmness so would give you that extra bit of support you need, especially for a stomach sleeper.

  14. I got the love bed on your recommendation and absolutely love it. I just cant figure out how to get the twitter deal for the pillow however.

    • William, just tweet a picture with the bear you received with your Love Bed and Nest Bedding will reach out to you to send the pillow.


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