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Need a Mattress for College Students? Our Top Picks for the Best Mattress for College

Need a Mattress for College Students? 3


What’s the Best Mattress for A College Student?

Many high school seniors are already starting to think about college and parents may be wondering if a new bed is right for them. Dorm mattresses are of very questionable quality and you have no idea who slept on it or what they did in it for all the years it was there. You also want something that’s portable as the minivan will be crammed with other college essentials. You may be wondering, what is the best mattress for college students?

The best mattress for college students would be one that you could have shipped to your new apartment or dorm room that will be waiting for you when you arrive.

New memory foam compression technology has now made this a reality and some really outstanding mattress companies have come on the scene to fit this niche market. The brands, Purple, Leesa, and Tuft & Needle are part of the new mattress start-up phenomenon that delivers mattresses of exceptional quality at an amazing price.  If you need a mattress for a college student, then this is it. The ordering process is amazingly easy and they come with great trial periods that have hassle-free return policies. So as long as you are a student in the United States, they will arrange to pick up if you aren’t satisfied with the mattress.

These new memory foam mattresses are also portable even after they have been opened as they are a bit more malleable than a traditional spring mattress. I also like the fact that they don’t require flipping or a box spring. You can put them directly on slats or even the floor!


Best Foam Mattress for College Kids

Mattress for College Students

My first pick for a foam mattress for college students is the Nectar Mattress. I like Nectar because is a very good value, has an almost universal feel, sleeps cool for a foam mattress and comes with a 1 year trial period. That means it ships free to you in a box and you can have it the entire school year if your student doesn’t like it at any time during the year, it’s a completely free return with a full refund.

oki oki mattress

My next recommendation if you also want a really good value is the Oki Oki mattress. The Oki Oki also has a 365 night trial period and is made in the USA. You can choose between different firmness levels and choose between all foam or spring and foam hybrid.

I constantly post articles on this site citing the importance of sleep quality. Especially for optimal cognitive performance and elevated mood. Two things that are critical to a good college experience.

I deliberately chose these mattresses because they are less expensive than most of the others on my site but also are a great value. When moving into the dorm, they come compressed in a box so very easy to transport and they are also easy to move out. Since these are all foam mattresses, they can bend around corners easily too!

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