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Nectar Mattress Foundation

Nectar Mattress Foundation

If you are looking for a new foundation for your Nectar mattress or any mattress for that mattress, check out the Nectar foundation. It is incredibly easy to assemble, no tools required. Best of all it will look great in your bedroom. No need for a dust ruffle to cover the ugliness that traditional box springs and foundations exude.

Overview of the Nectar Foundation

You can purchase the foundation direct from the Nectar website. It is made in the USA and ships quickly. It comes in a UPS or FedEx shippable box which means it’s compact and easy to get upstairs and around tight corners. This is a great solution for people like me that live in old houses with small rooms and narrow staircases. Once you get the box into your bedroom, you can start assembling.

How Much Does the Nectar Foundation Cost?

Here are the prices of each size Nectar foundation

Twin $190
Twin XL $190
Full $190
Queen $225
King $250
Cal King $250

How is the Nectar Foundation Made?

The Nectar foundation is made primarily solid pine and natural spruce wood and is made in the USA.  As you can see in the picture below, each side of the foundation connects together so you don’t need any tools. This also makes it easy to disassemble when you are ready to move your mattress. It’s a great choice for people in apartments or that move frequently.

nectar foundation frame

The foundation will support your mattress with wooden slats. These just sit in the grooves on the sides of the foundation. Again, super easy to setup. Cheap foundations have you nail the slats together which is time-consuming and tedious.

nectar slats

My Nectar Mattress Recommendation

I recommend the Nectar foundation not only for the Nectar mattress but any online mattress. It is super easy to setup and takedown. It also is priced competitively and looks great on its own.

Learn more about the Nectar Foundation and Mattress Here

28 thoughts on “Nectar Mattress Foundation”

  1. We have a Zinus platform bed in our guest room. Just bought a Nectar mattress for our 7 year old’s room, do we buy another Zinus platform or go with the Nectar foundation?

    • Our Nectar foundation broke the second night we used it. It is cheaply designed piece of garbage. We bought a Zinus elite to replace it. Zinus was about $100.00 cheaper and 100 times better built. There is absolutely no comparison. Nectar foundation is garbage and the Zinus foundation is excellent and even easier to put together!

  2. Is there any other benefit to having this over a traditional foundation when using the Nectar mattress?

  3. Deciding whether to put our foundation on the floor or on a frame because i a headboard. How high does it sit off of the floor?

  4. My Nectar foundation came with two clips and no instructions. What do I do with the two clips? Seems like I would need four – one for each corner. The frame is wobbly. Not sturdy at all. The sections do not lock tightly.

  5. The nectar foundation is too small. I ordered one to go with a queen size nectar mattress. The foundation is listed as a queen/full and the queen size nectar mattress hangs over each side by 1/2 inch, 2 inches on the top and and inch on the bottom.

    If they’re going to make a foundation, they should make sure it’s the same size as their mattress.

    • I agree, I just received my king mattress and foundation but the foundation does not fit the king mattress.

  6. Any customers of the foundation have any complaints? I’m looking for a general consensus of the quality of the foundation.

    • Yes. Mine broke after 3.5 months, the welding broke in the corner, and the mattress sagged to the floor, and the replacement they sent was flimsier and uglier, and they won’t give me my money back. Do not buy this foundation. From the negative reviews it seems they are sourcing them from a variety of bad manufacturers that are all making a different foundation. Neither of the two I received look like the one shown above.

  7. I Haven’t Received My Order Yet But I Want To Get Everything Prepared .. Can I Use Risers On Each Corner Of The Nectar Foundation To Make It Higher And Off The Ground?

  8. My foundation came missing 2 factory installed screws…. and feels kind of wabbly… what is the weight limit on this frame?


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