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Mend Sleep Mattress Review

Mend Mattress

The Mend mattress is a hybrid, foam and spring mattress created by a husband and wife from Charleston, South Carolina. This mattress was designed to provide superior pressure relief while still maintaining adequate edge support. Unlike most online brands, Mend does not have a trial period. Instead, they give you the option to swap out the top layer for something firmer or softer depending on your preferences. I found this mattress to be soft right out of the box so chances are if you don’t like a soft mattress, you will want to opt for a firmer setting.

Overview of the Mend Mattress

Below is a video overview of the Mend Sleep mattress. You’ll notice that the top cover has a separate zipper that houses the foam layers making it easy to swap out and exchange. You can also flip the foam layer over for a different feel.


Construction of the Mend Sleep Mattress


Below are the construction details as listed on their website:

4-inch Comfort Layer™ – comprised of two unique foams, when paired, provide pillow-like softness and custom support.

8-inch hybrid foam-spring core – with almost 1,000 springs per mattress (king), these individually wrapped coils respond to your unique body shape to offer intuitive support and relief. The springs are surrounded by two layers of support foam, engineered to provide long-lasting resilience.

My Mend Sleep Findings

Here you can see just how much this mattress sinks. With 4 inches of foam at the top layer, you really do get a pillow top feel.


Here’s another shot with showing sinkage with my 14 lb. bowling ball.


I found this mattress super comfortable while sleeping on my side. I have broad shoulders and the mattress sank enough so that I felt great pressure relief with my shoulder and hips.


Here you can see that I am balanced out well. I could probably use a thicker pillow but my shoulders felt great.


A big reason for the creation of this mattress is that the founders felt that most of the competition did not offer adequate edge support. While that’s probably true for some of the all-foam mattresses, having a zoned coil system like the one found in the Mend mattress does the job well. You will still sink into the mattress at the edge but will notice more support around the perimeter because of the firmer coils at the edge.


Here you can see the zipper system. This probably was an added cost but well worth it, especially if they will be working with you on comfort exchanges.


Below I unzipped the cover to expose the comfort foam layer. You can see to separate colors each a different firmness. That said, each layer is still relatively soft.


My Mend Sleep Recommendation

I think the Mend Sleep mattress is ideal for side sleepers that aren’t getting adequate pressure relief from their current mattress and want a softer feel. While you can swap out the layers for something firmer, I found the out of the box firmness to be on the softer side. It seems that Mend was aiming for more of a pillow top, luxury feel with their mattress. Since a queen retails for $,1,650 it is a bit on the pricier end of the spectrum compared to other hybrids online but if you are looking for lots of pressure relief while still getting support from a quality spring system, this mattress is worth a look.

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