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Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2020

memorial day mattress sales

Memorial Day Mattress Sales for 2020

This year’s Memorial Day mattress sales will be bigger than ever. The reason being is that more people will be shopping online as they continue to shelter in place due to the Coronavirus. That also means you are going to see much bigger discounts. Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest mattress sale weekends of the year so you shouldn’t have to worry about waiting for a bigger discount. In fact, these deals are mostly carryovers of Coronavirus sales. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated sales of online mattresses because most showrooms are closed.

What most people don’t realize is that the online mattresses are every bit as good and often better than what you will find in a traditional mattress store. What you don’t have to worry about is interacting with salespeople and going out in public which is not the safest thing to do these days. Best of all these mattresses all come with a free trial and free shipping and free returns. The mattresses are roll packed into a box and shipped to your door. It’s a contactless delivery and you don’t even need to answer the door or sign anything.

mattress in a box

Memorial Day Mattress Sales May be the Best Sales of 2020

Again, given the pandemic situation, many online retailers are putting their best deals out there to bring in new customers who may have never bought a mattress online before. Sales of big-ticket items online like mattresses are becoming more commonplace. Exercise equipment like Peleton is selling like crazy because people understand they will be confined to their homes more than ever before and it is a sound investment. Mattresses are no different. Not only is your mattress a place to sleep, but it also serves as a lounge for watching movies and a makeshift office.

online mattress sales

How to get the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals

Online mattress brands broke the mold with 100-night trials where you can try out a mattress for 100 nights and if you don’t like it, return it for free. In fact, they will pick up the mattress or arrange to have it donated Not only does that save you time but it also means you don’t have to drive back to a store and haggle with a salesperson. Some companies like Nectar and Brentwood Home now offer an entire year trial which means you can try out your mattress until Memorial Day 2021! By then things hopefully will return to normal.

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