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Love and Sleep Mattress Review

Love and Sleep Mattress Review 4

The new Love and Sleep mattress is the latest offering from Nest Bedding that packs in all the features you would expect from a high-end foam mattress but at a fraction of the cost. At $799 for a queen, it is an awesome bargain. Best of all you get to choose from a medium feel or a luxury firm. The Love & Sleep is now a Green Guard Gold certified mattress. This means it has been certified by UL to have low chemical air emissions which ultimately means better air quality.

Overview and Opening the Love and Sleep 

You can order the Love and Sleep mattress direct from the Nest Bedding website. A key reason why this mattress has both quality and price is that it comes factory-direct. The majority of online mattress companies do not own their own factory so need to contract with a separate manufacturer to make their mattress. This ultimately means higher costs that can be passed on to the consumer.

Nest Bedding has a history of constantly iterating and making its products better as new technology comes to market. This keeps them ahead of the pack and builds trust.


Specifications and Construction

Below is an illustration of the construction of the Love and Sleep Mattress. The mattress has 3 layers but notice that they have introduced a convoluted layer that helps with conforming and breathability.

  • .1″ Phase Change Cooling Cover
  • 3″ 2.8 lb Energex Cooling Comfort Layer
  • 2″ SmartFlow Air Flow Layer
  • 5″ 1.8 Density Edge Support Base Foam
  • Made in the USA

love and sleep

My Love and Sleep Findings

I found the medium Love and Sleep mattress to be a little on the softer side. You will sink right away into this mattress for instant comfort. As with the other Nest Bedding products I have tested, I didn’t notice as much off gassing. As you can see below, the Love and Sleep medium which is what I reviewed in this video conforms quickly and it is soft.


Here’s an image that shows how much my bowling ball sinks into the mattress. This is an instant sink so there’s really no time needed for the mattress to respond as is typical with a dense foam mattress.

love and sleep sink

The Love and Sleep will also sleep cool given that it has a phase change layer and a convoluted foam layer for breathability.

Here’s a video of the mattress and how it responds using the infrared camera. I have been impressed with the new phase change fabric that comes with some of the new beds. It isn’t going to completely change the feel of a mattress but I believe that every little bit helps and this certainly does.

My Love and Sleep Recommendation

At $799 for a queen, this is one heck of a mattress. The online mattress space is dominated by players coming in at a $1,000 price point for a queen. The Love and Sleep can hold its own at this price point but comes in at $200 less. The medium is on the softer side which I recommend for side sleepers. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, go with the firm. The Love and Sleep has set a new standard for quality in the sub $800 category.

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  1. Hi. I currently have the Tuft & Needle mattress. I’m a 120lb primarily back sleeper. Although It feels good when I’m on my back, it’s very uncomfortable if I turn on my side. I wake up stiff or in pain because it feels too firm if I turn on my side. What do you recommend for me? I was considering the Nectar or Love & Sleep by Nest, but I’m open to any suggestions. Thank you!


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