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Loblolly Mattress Review

Loblolly Mattress Review 9

The Loblolly mattress is an 11 inch all foam mattress that provides a little bit of everything. It’s a well built mattress with good support.


You can purchase the Loblolly online direct through their website. Your mattress will arrive in a box and come with a nice welcome letter and a few stickers. It comes with a 100 night guarantee which is becoming the standard for online mattress companies.  It also has a 10 year warranty for particular defects. The fine print is inside the welcome letter you receive with your mattress.


loblolly box

The Loblolly unboxes the same as the other mattresses I review that come in a box. Unfortunately I can’t find the video to share but you can look at other unboxing videos for a frame of reference. What stood out for me was that the box itself was a little bigger than most queen size boxes I have received. Also, I noticed that the UPS tracking information has this listed at 93 lbs which is on the heavier side.

When you first open the box you get some extras including some stickers and a post card all inside a brown paper envelope. The warranty information is also included in here so make sure to keep that.

loblolly swag

The other cool part is that you get 2 free pillows, something I totally forgot about.

loblolly pillow

Here’s how deep the pillow is

Loblolly pillow depth

The pillow also has a zipper

loblolly zipper

Here’s me squishing the pillow to give you a sense of how it will react. The pillows come wrapped within the mattress itself so they will also off gas for a bit. To get rid of some of the fumes, I would tumble try the mattress on low heat with a dryer sheet for about 10-15 minutes.


This mattress reminded me of the Yogabed only a little bigger. I found it to have a bit less motion transfer than the Yogabed though.  Its also a great looking mattress. The cover is unzippable

loblolly cover

The mattress measures 11 inches:

loblolly depth

Here’s what the layers of the loblolly look like:

loblolly layers

The top layer is gel infused memory foam with “other specialty formulated ingredients to absorb body heat” not sure what that exactly is.

Below that you have 1″ of memory foam, below that is another 1.5″ of memory foam that will recover quicker and finally a 7.5″ supporting base layer.

Here’s how the layers react:

Overall this mattress strikes a good balance between comfort and support. It is substantial enough that you won’t bottom out on it by jumping into bed. At least I didn’t and I weigh around 215 lbs. The foam recovers fairly quickly and the cooling layer seems to its part. You’ll notice in the infrared video below that the heat dissipates quickly from my hand impression.


This mattress handles motion transfer well. Here’s the bowling ball test done on the Loblolly:


Loblolly is a great choice for people looking for a solid middle of the road mattress, not too firm, not too soft.  They use quality materials and the bonus pillows are a great addition to complete the set. Pair this with a set of Bedface sheets and you have a new bedroom!

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13 thoughts on “Loblolly Mattress Review”

  1. This mattress looks really interesting, especially for the price. How would you compare it to the Novosbed which is another memory foam mattress you have reviewed recently. Based on the heat imaging video it looks like this mattress is cooler although would you say it was noticeably so? I love the feel of memory foam mattresses but have always been concerned about the heat aspect which has given me pause on the Novosbed.

    You said it reminds you of the Yogabed but is there a mattress in a store like a Tempurpedic model is reminds you of?

    • Hi James,

      The Novosbed sleeps just as cool with the soft comfort+ layer. I can’t really compare it to a store brand off hand but it will be softer than a medium firm novosbed and therefore in my opinion softer than a tempurpedic cloud breeze supreme but only slightly so.

  2. I’ve been reading your reviews for about 4 months now and overtime I think I’m ready to order a new mattress, you review another one. I’m a side sleeper and therefore like softer more than firmer and don’t like a mattress with too much hug because I also like to roll over to my back. I also like a “cool” mattress because I tend to sleep hot. All that said I must say I was really intrigued by your review of Loblolly and am leaning toward it versus a Lull or a Leesa. What do you think? Would I be as/more happy with this mattress? Thanks and keep up the great work – your reviews are outstanding and really a lot of help.

    • They are about the same. If you want a mattress with more hug, consider a soft Alexander or Soft Novosbed.

  3. I’ve been looking at Loblolly and 4Sleep. Did you notice any real differences, or are they fairly similar?

    Thanks so much!

  4. Can you tell me the softness level of the Loblolly? I am a side sleeper and weigh 235. This mattress fits my price point but I am wondering if it is a good mattress for a side sleeper with my weight.

    I was also considering the zotto as well, how do these two compare to each other?


  5. I just got a Loblolly Mattress about 4 days ago and it is a great mattress! It is a solid medium firmness mattress well made and comes with free pillows. I prefer a slightly softer bed as I am a side sleeper and they are sending me a free topper to increase the softness. Their customer service so far has been great and the finish of the mattress is quality work. They run about $740

  6. Update I decided I did not need the topper and like the mattress as it is on its own after about 20 days, and getting used to a memory foam mattress. I think the Loblolly is a very comfortable yet supportive mattress.


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