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Let the Sleep Shepherd Put You to Sleep

Let the Sleep Shepherd Put You to Sleep 1

I’ll admit it, at first I was very skeptical. A hat that puts you to sleep? Measure’s your brain waves? Say what? When I showed it to my wife she started laughing. It wasn’t until I started reading more about this invention that I grew interested in conducting a Sleep Shepherd Review

The Sleep Shepherd is the invention of Dr. Michael Larson. He has a PhD from MIT in Mechanical Engineering so he certainly knows how to make stuff. He has many patents and also started other companies such as Innovention Toys, LLC.  In addition he teaches seminars on how to be a more creative individual and how to foster a creative culture in your workplace.

The Sleep Shepherd was created out of necessity. Apparently Michael’s daughter was having trouble sleeping and it was affecting other parts of her life. As any parent knows, having your child take any prescription drugs can be worrisome due to potential side effects.

How it Works

The Sleep Shepherd has sensors inside that read your brain waves in real time and can detect if they correlate to an awake state or sleeping state and then guides them to a lower frequency which is induces sleepiness.

Sleep Hat

The sound is a sort of medium pitched tone that gives you a sort of rocking sensation as you turn it on and lay down. I turned the volume high enough that I could hear it clearly but that it wasn’t so loud that it distracted me from relaxing. It may take a couple nights to find your optimal volume. Once the batter is fully charged you can start using it right away.

Below is a video of Michael Larson explaining the Sleep Shepherd.


The Sleep Shepherd comes in some sleek packaging along with great instructions and a charging cable so that you don’t need to scramble looking for a spare USB cable to get started.



The Sleep Shepherd is fits comfortably and comes in 3 sizes. Make sure you measure you head circumference before ordering so that you get the right size. You want to make sure that the sensors are aligned properly for the device to work. It retails for $149.

Setup is extremely easy, just charge it fully with the included USB charger and once it’s fully charged put it on before bed, turn the power on and adjust the volume as needed. After that, the Sleep Shepherd does all the work.

My first 3 nights using it, I noticed that it timed out after about 15-20 minutes. I spoke with Michael about this and he said that there is a very small percentage of people, about 5% whose brainwaves do not respond well with this device. I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or maybe a polite way of saying my default mode is a bit slow?

I have been wearing this for the past week now and have noticed that sometimes it will last longer than 20 minutes. However, to get a more thorough review, I had my wife and a friend try the device and report back on their experience.

My friend really likes it. He is also a mechanical engineer and thought it was a sound product, lol. My wife eventually came around to the idea of wearing a device like this after she saw me wearing it. She likes it too and we both notice a sort of rocking sensation when it is on. Sort of like someone is rocking you to sleep. It’s reassuring to know that it also turns itself off after you fall asleep. No need to worry about wearing out the batter prematurely or waking up to an unfamiliar sound.

The one minor concern I have is that the LED light can be a bit bright in a dark room. To remedy this, I just put a piece of electrical tape over it. However, a future version of the product may want to include some sort of built in cover that can be opened and closed as needed. As the person wearing it you won’t notice it much but your partner may get annoyed depending on your sleep position.


If you suffer from insomnia or just have trouble falling asleep within a reasonable amount of time at night, this could be a game changer for you. I occasionally take melatonin to help me fall asleep but I am always on the look out for an all natural sleep aid. I notice if I take melatonin for 2 or 3 consecutive days I build up a tolerance. With the Sleep Shepherd, you really can’t build up a tolerance to relaxing sounds. It can be a big investment at $149 but it also means you may never need to buy sleeping pills again.

The Sleep Shepherd comes with a 30 day no risk money back guarantee. So if you find that for whatever reason, it isn’t for you. You can get a full refund.

I truly think that the Sleep Shepherd is a glimpse into the future of sleep therapy. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed sleep issue, it is still a very nice tool for sleep hackers, shift workers and those that just want to fall asleep faster.

Instead of using a pill that can have all sorts of side effects, the Sleep Shepherd targets your brain through environmental stimulation in a safe manner.

Get the Sleep Shepherd via Amazon.

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  1. Both my wife and I found that the band around the forehead left quite a line of compression on our skin. We have a “M” size and we both have reasonable sized heads. We wondered if there is any electrical stimulation in the seam that might cause this??? It does not seem too tight when we go to sleep.


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