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Kaya Mattress Review

kaya mattress

The Kaya Mattress is hybrid mattress which is basically a combination of springs and memory foam. The hybrid mattress is a growing category in large part because memory foam is such a good material for pressure relief but the majority of sleepers still sleep on spring mattresses. A hybrid mattress gives you the benefits of foam but the familiar feeling of springs.

I wanted to really get a good feel for this mattress so I have been sleeping on this one for over a month. A few highlights of this mattress is that it is great for lower back support which means stomach sleepers and back sleepers will really like it. It may take some time to adjust for side sleepers. I tried it in all positions and it is a truly versatile mattress but just know that it does skew towards the firmer end of the spectrum.

Overview of the Kaya Mattress

Below is a video overview of the mattress after I have been sleeping on it for a month. I received a kings size from Kaya for review.

The first thing you’ll notice about this mattress is the weight. It is a very heavy mattress. I didn’t expect it to be so heavy since about half of it is a spring system. The reason it’s so heavy is that Kaya uses really dense foams. This is a good indicator of quality and also means that they can offer a longer warranty. Many of the online brands do a 10 year warranty while Kaya offers a 20 year warranty. As always you want to read the fine print on the warranty terms but the fact that they are willing to go 20 years means they have confidence in their product.

How Much Does the Kaya Mattress Cost?

Below are the prices on the Kaya mattress.

Twin – $795
Twin XL – $845
Full – $995
Queen – $1195
King – $1345
Cal King $1345

Construction of the Kaya Mattress

Kaya Mattress Construction

Below are the construction specifications as listed on the Kaya website.

My Kaya Mattress Findings

Overal this is a supportive and slightly firmer mattress. The top layer acts similar to latex but is actually foam. By that I mean it is more responsive and recovers much faster than traditional foam. This means you won’t sink into the mattress as much.

Below you can see how much my bowling ball sinks into the Kaya mattress. You don’t sink as deeply into this mattress as other hybrids I have tried. This mattress gives great lower back support and because you don’t sink in as much there’s less of the mattress surrounding you to trap heat.

kaya mattress sink

I unzipped the cover of the Kaya to show you the inside. You can clearly see the distinc layers. The coil system is really hard to squeeze and I found them to be quite firm.

To further understand how all these layers perform together, here’s a quick video of me dropping a bowling ball on the mattress to show you how much bounce you can expect. Despite it having coils it handles motion transfer very well. I don’t feel my partner shifting around at night. Again, I think that’s also in part to the coils being firmer on this mattress.

Below is a video taken with my infrared camera to illustrate how quickly heat dissipates from the top layer of the mattress. It performs sort of middle of the road. What makes this mattress sleep cooler than an all foam is the fact it has springs and that you don’t sink into it as much.

My Kaya Recommendation

If you like a firmer mattress that feels more like a traditional innerspring mattress but still gives you the contouring and pressure relief benefits of foam, the Kaya is a great choice. If you want to go plusher I would look elsewhere like the Alexander Signature Hybrid Plush.
I think purely stomach and back sleepers will really appreciate the lower back support this mattress offers as that’s one of its major strengths. The Kaya is a little more expensive than the competition but if you examine the quality of materials used, it well justifies the higher price point.


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  1. After researching & reading every & any periodical or information on the newer foam mattresses, I have decided to purchase A Kaya mattress. I need a more firm but still soft, back supportive mattress and this is it for me. The inches are perfect, not too high or low, and a foam bed is better in all ways, with coils. Great mattress.


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