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It’s all good in the Nite Hood

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Nite Hood an amazing new alternative to the traditional sleep mask with strap. The Nite Hood is a hood/cap that you wear at night to block out ambient light and to increase your level of coziness. When I first tried it on I was impressed with its ability to block out light and to a minimal degree sound. The fabric is made of organic bamboo and is super soft so it feel great when you wear it. It also does a good job of keeping your head warm when it gets cool at night.

I usually get up before my wife and need to turn on lights in our bedroom. The Nite Hood came in handy for this as my wife was able to put hers on and block out all the light to continue her slumbers. As I was thinking in my Nite Hood last night, it occurred to me that this would be a perfect accessory for a camping trip in Minnesota or Wisconsin, I’m from Minneapolis, where the sun comes up super early in the summer months. One thing I hate about camping is that you are almost forced to wake up early because of all the light beaming in through your tent. The Nite Hood would be a perfect solution to this with the added benefit of keeping you warm at night when the sun goes down.

Because bamboo is a breathable textile, more so than cotton or even silk, it won’t get uncomfortable after extended use and does a great job of regulating temperature. The Nite Hood costs $25 and shipping is only $5 anywhere in the world. I think that’s money well spent for all the extra sleep you can get out of it. The Nite Hood is a must have for any serious sleeper.

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