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Intellibed Mattress Review

Intellibed Mattress Review 2

Intellibed is now owned by Purple. Purple Innovation acquired Intellibed in an all-stock deal in October 2023. Purple plans to introduce Intellibed brands into a luxury Purple product line early next year. Prices for the luxury line will start at over $7,000 per mattress.

Purple and Intellibed are both known for their gel-based mattresses, but they have different approaches to design and construction. Purple uses a Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid in its mattresses, while Intellibed uses a Revolutionary Gel Matrix. Both companies say that their mattresses provide pressure relief and support, but they may feel different to different sleepers.

It is still too early to say how the acquisition of Intellibed will affect Purple’s product lineup or pricing. However, it is clear that Purple is looking to expand its offerings into the luxury mattress market.

The Intellibed is a unique mattress company that was founded in 2000. What sets them apart from the competition is their Intelligel technology. I first became aware of Intellibed when I reviewed the Purple mattress which incorporates a similar technology. The Intelligel is a membrane that addresses pressure points by collapsing in key areas of your body. It is a very different system than memory foam or coil. What I like about the Intellibed is that it utilizes this technology along with spring and latex to create a unique and comfortable mattress.

You can order the Intellibed direct from the website. This is not a mattress in a box. Instead, once you place your order you will be contacted to schedule a delivery. Delivery averages 14 days from placing your order.  At checkout, you can also choose to have your old mattress hauled away for an extra $99 dollars. I received a king size relief perfect mattress for review and it is heavy given all the material used in making it so I’m glad that a professional crew was able to deliver it.

It is important to note that you need to buy the mattress protector if you want to utilize the return policy so in my opinion, it makes sense to pay the extra for it. If you end up liking the mattress, which I’m sure you will, you then have a new mattress protector.

Below is an overview of how the mattress works

Specifications and Construction of the Intellibed

These specifications relate to the Relief Perfect Intellibed model which is their plushest mattress. However even though it’s the softest in their line, I found it to be very supportive and you won’t get stuck in it like a eurotop or pillow top foam mattress.



  • Medical-grade intelli-GEL®
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic
  • Zero off-gassing
  • Seeks and relieves pressure points
  • Sleeps cool
  • Industry-leading 20-year durability


  • Top quality Talalay latex foam
  • Superior durability
  • Furniture grade quality
  • Does not leave/create body impressions


  • Laced inner-spring
  • Highest quality steel
  • Best alignment support
  • Superior durability

My Intellibed Findings

Having already tried the Purple mattress, I found the this model of the Intellibed to have a better overall feel. The reason I am singling out Purple is because they both use the same technology for pressure relief. You will definitely pay a premium for Intellibed however the Intellibed feels more like a traditional mattress while the Purple will take some getting used to.

Below is a video of how much bounce you can expect with this mattress. Because it has a coil system and latex you will get more bounce than the Purple:


As you can see below, the mattress wont sink all that much. However it will hug you a bit due to the organic cotton batting on the cover. This is one way the Intellibed sets itself apart from the Purple


The other distinguishing characteristics of this bed is that it also has a pocket coil system as a base layer followed by a layer of latex as well. It is a bouncy mattress but the intelligel grit helps to isolate motion.

This mattress sleeps cooler than memory foam mattresses. This is in large part to the intelligel grid. The Purple mattress will sleep cooler than the Intellibed because the Purple mattress does not have a padded cover, instead, you can feel more of the grid directly beneath the ticking.

Here’s a quick video which illustrates heat dissipation on the mattress.


A lot of people complain about heat retention on their mattress and I think a big contributor to that is the mattress pad. Since most mattress pads are waterproof they just don’t breathe. If you find that you really enjoy the feel of this mattress and you’re past your trial period but find that it sleeps hot, you should try sleeping on it without a mattress pad/protector.

My Intellibed Recommendation

I think the Intellibed has perfected the use of the gel grid technology that’s also found in Purple. People who prefer a firmer mattress would most likely find the Purple mattress a good fit. However, if you prefer a more plush mattress with an innerspring bounce then the Intellibed is the way to go. At $3899 for a queen size Relief Perfect model, it is certainly not cheap. However this is one of those mattresses that can justify the cost.

I strongly urge people who have tried many types of mattresses and feel they are at the end of their rope to give this one a try. It is a truly unique feel that will give relief to the most sensitive sleepers.

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Intellibed now offers three new models. Details are as follows.

Numea Azure

The Numea™ mattress is the only mattress that is both 100% Firm and 100% Soft providing each sleeper with the optimal sleeping experience.

A queen size retails for $3,799

Numea Sapphire

Intellibed mattresses are both 100% Firm & 100% Soft at the same time. Surrounded in a premium cover is the Gel Matrix™, Talalay Latex and individually wrapped coils for motion control.

A queen size retails for $4,199

Numea Indigo

Intellibed mattresses are both 100% Firm & 100% Soft at the same time. Surrounded in a premium cover is the Gel Matrix™, Talalay Latex and individually wrapped coils for motion control.

A queen size retails for $5,499

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Intellibed.

5 thoughts on “Intellibed Mattress Review”

  1. I really like the idea of the top gel grid technology and am still trying to decide between this mattress and the purple mattress, I know this intelligel one is supposed to be entirely non toxic, Do you have any info on the purple mattress in this regard?

    • The biggest difference I noticed between the Purple and Intellibed is that the Intellibed also has a coil system and a thicker layer of padding below the grid system that they both use. I found the Intellibed to me more comfortable.

  2. We’ve had our intellibed since 2004 and still love it; although, they have apparently changed the bed somewhat since then.

  3. Purchased the Intellibed mattress three years ago with assurance from the sales representative that we would have no problems with the mattress, and if it did break down quickly they have a 30-year warranty that is valid and presents no problems for customers.
    We were very familiar with gel mattresses due to the fact we purchased a similar mattress three years previous to this purchase at the same store location, and actually went back to complain and see what they could do. The salesman informed us that the mattress company that was at that location had gone bankrupt, and it was one of the previous partners of Intellibed, who had left and started his own mattress company. He assured us that Intellibed would not break down it had more spring support and also assured us that we would have no problems with a warranty issue as well. We actually purchased the protective cover they suggested as well as the box springs, and pillows. We left the store spending over $3600 dollars and that included a 20% because of our bad experience with our previous mattress.
    Now three years after our purchase both my husband and myself wake up in pain-due to the fact the middle part of the bed does not nave enough support. After contacting the company and filling out all the correct paper work, and taking pictures they told me that they could not honor their 30-year warranty-due to the fact that normal wear and tear on a mattress is ½ inch. They also sent out two employees to measure and take pictures of the bed as well. When they measured the bed, it was ½ in. and ¾ of inch wear and tear on the bed; with ¾ of inch in the middle portion of the bed-where we complained there is no support. They never called me or returned two placed calls to customer service. On the third call the customer service representative put me on hold, and then came back and said that the would not honor the warranty due to the fact the mattress needs to sag or have a wear and tear measuring over ¾ of inch.
    Consequently, the change their measurement requirements according to what they measure-there is definitely no warranty. They also do not stand behind their product or their selling promo’s-that we were promised at the purchase of the bed. I would never suggest purchasing an expensive Intellibed-unless you feel that a $4000.00 + bed is worth about two and half years of comfort.


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