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Idle Mattress Review | 2 sides of sleeping bliss

idle sleep mattress

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The Idle Sleep mattress is a hybrid mattress that is 2-sided. That means you can sleep on either side and flip it to make it last longer. This is the first 2-sided hybrid mattress I have reviewed and so far I am very impressed with it.  The biggest reason for people switching to a new mattress is that it no longer offers the support they need. This is caused by sleeping on it for a long period of time and creating impressions.

You can choose from two different firmness levels with the Idle sleep which are “medium” and “luxury firm”

Overview of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Below is a video overview of the mattress. I am on the medium-firm version here.

A queen-size Idle Hybrid retails for $1,499 but you can get $300 off right now with their coupon code NEWYEAR30 at checkout. Idle also offers a financing option through Klarna. Delivery times are between 3-10 business days. Shipping is free and the mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and 120-night sleep trial so you can try it out in the comfort of your home for up to 120 days and return it for free within that time if you don’t like it. Idle Sleep asks you to try the mattress out for at least 30 nights before returning. That’s to give it a fair chance it takes a little while for your body to adjust to a new mattress so it’s hard to make any judgments about it right away.

Regarding the lifetime warranty, this is a 20-year warranty and after 20 years, Idle will let you buy a new mattress at 50% off. Although 20 years is a long ways away!

Construction of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Idle Sleep Handles
A queen size Idle sleep hybrid weighs 142lbs

The mattress is made with Super Soft Quilting foam,
avena, IDLE custom buoyancy foam similar to memory foam but with
faster reaction, quantum edge-to-edge coil unit. Comfort foams on
BOTH sides

Medium Firm  Construction
Cover ThermoCool Fabric works with the bodies natural thermal
capabilities through smart fiber cross sections
1. 1” quilting foam on each side1.512 density
2. 1” Avena foam 3.6lb, IFD 20
3. 2” IDLE buoyancy Foam 3.5lb
4. Quantum Edge
◦ The comfort foams are on both sides since it 2-sided
◦ Designed to allow turning and flipping to wear the foam
more evenly for a longer life.
◦ Count of any coils. 1052 (queen)
◦ Latex: Synthetic Avena 3.6lbs
• Any edge support features: Quantum® Edge forms a frame around our
Bolsa® Nested unit, providing a better edge than foam, reducing or
eliminating that roll-off feeling, and delivering a consistent sleep
• Proven 26% more durable than foam encasements.
• On adjustable bases, Quantum Edge bends an average of 24% easier
than foam encasements, which means less wear and tear on moving

Luxury Firm Construction
Cover ThermoCool Fabric
◦ 1” quilting foam on each side1.512 density
◦ 1” IDLE buoyancy Foam 3.5lb
◦ 2” Transition Poly foam 1.828lb
◦ Quantum Edge Coil unit
◦ Comfort foams the same on flip side
Natural Materials & Certifications

How Much Does the Idle Sleep Mattress Cost?

Below is the current pricing before the exclusive Yawnder discount.

[table id=127 /]

My Idle Sleep Findings

Idle Sleep was created by a sleep industry veteran with over 18 years in the mattress industry. This is somewhat uncommon in the online mattress world where most of the company leadership is more experienced in marketing rather than mattresses themselves.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid comes in a box like this. It is a heavy mattress weighing 142 lbs. for a queen size. This is a very good indicator of quality especially since there is a spring system occupying the middle. I expect this mattress to have a long life just given the construction.

Idle Sleep Box

The mattress is easy to unbox and once you cut open the plastic it pops into shape quickly. I would give it at least 7-8 hours before it is fully expanded. Here’s a picture of the mattress right out of the box before I cut open the plastic to allow it to expand.

Here’s a picture of the mattress just after opening it. As you can see it is just about full size. That’s because the springs pop open instantly.

idle hybrid opened

I set up this mattress on a bed with slats. It will work on a box spring or even the floor. As long as you have a flat, solid surface, you’re good.

So how does the Idles Sleep Mattress feel? To give you an idea, here’s a picture of the sinkage on the medium-firm version.

idle sinkage

As you can see you get good sinkage right off the bat. This is true with the luxury firm version as well but to a lesser extent. When you sit on this mattress you really sink into it and it cradles you more than the luxury firm.

I would say the medium-firm version is around an 8.5 out of ten on the firmness scale with 10 being the softest. The Luxury firm is considerably firmer and is about a 6 out of 10. Of course, weight all plays a role in this, and the heavier you are the softer these mattresses will feel. I weight about 195 lbs.

Here’s how the mattresses perform with motion transfer. First the medium-firm Idle:

The mattresses have pocked coil systems which isolate motion so for being a hybrid mattress this does a great job with motion transfer. I would say if motion transfer is a primary concern, the luxury firm would be the better choice.

Below are some videos that show how cool the mattresses sleep. I used my infrared camera to show heat dissipation off the surface of the mattress. Overall this mattress is about middle of the road for a hybrid mattress and sleeping cool. I don’t think it sleeps hot and nor does it sleep especially cool. So if sleeping hot isn’t an issue for you this mattress is great.

The Idle Sleep mattress uses the quantum coil system. There are firmer coils along the perimeter of the mattress which makes for better edge support. This allows you to maximize your entire sleep surface and sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you will fall off.

My Idle Sleep Recommendation

Overall I was really impressed with both versions of this mattress. I prefer a softer feel and the medium firm was just the right amount of softness and support for me. People who complain about sore shoulders at night will appreciate how much this mattress sinks and contours. People who want to go the firmer route should go with the luxury firm. I would also recommend the luxury firm to heavier sleepers as the medium-firm probably won’t give them the necessary support.

I am very impressed that this is a two-sided mattress. If you flip this mattress on a regular basis you should be able to extend the lifespan of the mattress over what you would normally get out of a one-sided mattress. Since this mattress comes with stitched handles, flipping is easy and can be done by one person.

If you’re looking for a quality hybrid mattress that should last beyond 8 years, I would take a serious look at Idle Sleep. It is very competitively priced for the quality of materials and construction.

Learn more about Idle Sleep

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6 thoughts on “Idle Mattress Review | 2 sides of sleeping bliss”

  1. This is very appealing to us. We were told in a Slumberland that they don’t make 2-sided anymore. I was happy to see this. Our old 2-sided mattress lasted much longer than the Serta Perfect Sleeper we last bought a few years ago.

    For a 280lbs Side Sleeper do you think the medium would be too soft for me? Maybe I should consider the luxury firm?

    Thanks for the great review!

  2. I’m debating on the Idle vs Layla vs Nolah 2 sided for a guest room. I think the Nolah is out due to price, but between Layla and Idle…what are major differences in feel/hug of mattress? I want a memory foam feel with good support (back/neck issues), side sleeper. The firm side will definitely be used for guests who frequent who prefer a firm feel.

    • The Idle will definitely have more hug since this model has springs and you sink into it more than the Layla. I think the idle would make a better guest bed overall because it will have a more familiar feel.

  3. I pave been following you for awhile and appreciate your reviews. I truly sleep in all three positions, I find that if I sleep on a mattress soft enough for side sleeping that I wake up with a slight backache. It goes away quickly which would almost be ok except I know this may be aggravating a problem. However, the firm beds I try are too firm. I would like to feel like I sink in equally on all parts of my body and I’m considering this mattress. I returned a tulo firm as it was too firm for good sleep but my back felt good. Their medium flattened out across the entire bed and I felt like I was on a board so it went back as defective. We have a tulo medium in a full size in a guest room and I love it but the feel was a fluke according to the salesperson. . The Sleep Number C4 is going back because it only allows me to sleep in one spot. The zippered center creates a hump when I set my number lower. They added something underneath for support but it has made the edges unusable about 10” in…they slope and are so soft that neither my husband nor I can sit on them. What do you think of the Idle for me and if not this one, what would you suggest? On your questionnaire below I gave softness a 3 because firmer to softer scales reverse on different sites. 3 for firmness. Thank you.

  4. I’m wondering about the gas off of the materials. I’m very sensitive. Which sucks!
    I think the firm is best for me. Price is good.


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