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Idle Sleep Air Mattress Review

idle air mattress
Best Air Bed
Saatva Solaire

 Luxurious customizable mattress with 50 precise firmness options

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Idle Sleep is out of business, but the Saatva Solaire is a better choice

Idle Sleep, a startup that sold hybrid mattresses, has gone out of business. The company’s website is down and its social media accounts have been inactive for several months.

While Idle Sleep’s closure is unfortunate, it’s not surprising. The mattress industry is highly competitive and there are many well-established brands that offer high-quality mattresses.

If you were considering buying an Idle Sleep mattress, I recommend that you check out the Saatva Solaire instead. The Solaire is a hybrid mattress that is made with high-quality materials and construction methods. It also offers a number of features that the Idle Sleep mattress didn’t, such as:

  • Adjustable firmness: The Solaire allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress to your liking, using a remote-controlled pump. This is a great feature for couples who have different sleep preferences.
  • Cooling technology: The Solaire uses a variety of cooling technologies to keep you comfortable at night. These technologies include a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer and a breathable cover.
  • Pressure relief: The Solaire is designed to provide pressure relief for your back and joints. This is important for people who suffer from chronic pain.
  • Long sleep trial and warranty: Saatva offers a 365-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty on the Solaire mattress. This gives you plenty of time to try the mattress and make sure it’s right for you.

If you’re looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress, the Saatva Solaire is a great option. It’s made with high-quality materials and construction methods, and it offers a number of features that the Idle Sleep mattress didn’t.

The Idle Sleep Air is a mattress made layers of latex and foam and an air chamber that can be inflated with a remote control to adjust the firmness of the mattress. This gives you the ability to adjust the firmness whenever you like without having to change out layers or add a mattress topper. You can also buy a dual chamber system so that each side of the mattress can have a different firmness. Currently, a queen size retails for $2,524 before any discounts which is very affordable for what you get. And on top of that, it comes with a 120-day trial.

Overview of the Idle Sleep Air

Your Idle Air mattress will arrive in a box like the one below. It’s hard to believe but you get lots of mattress layers and technology all rolled into a compact box.

Idle Air Box

Here’s what it looks like right out of the box.

Idle right ouf of the box

The remotes are safely packaged so they don’t come loose during shipment.

idle air remote

With a dual chamber system you get a remote for each side. They are wired but long enough so you don’t have to strain to reach them.

idle air remotesWhen you open the box you will see that the mattress looks about halfway inflated. That’s because of the other foam and latex layers. The next step is to plug it in and start adding the air.  I received the dual chamber model so you would need to inflate each chamber separately.

idle air unboxed

Construction of the Idle Sleep Air Bed

The top layer is a quilted fabric with batting to give it a pillow top feel. Below that is a layer that you can rotate to make it softer or firmer. One side is memory foam and the other is a latex foam.

top layers

You also get edge support along the perimeter of the mattress with high-density foam. That way you can use all the bed without feeling like you will roll off it.

idle sleep edge support

How Much Does the Idle Sleep Air Cost?

Below are the current prices of the mattress before any discounts.

My Idle Sleep Air Mattress Findings

What makes this mattress interesting is the fact that you can adjust your firmness by inflating or deflating the air chambers. Personally, I think if you sleep with someone else, you should get the dual chamber option because you can then adjust each side to the perfect firmness level.

To give you an idea of the range of firmness, here’s a video illustrating how the mattress inflates going from basically 0 to firm.

Here’s a side view of me laying on the mattress and lowering the firmness.

Aside from the air chamber making the mattress softer or firmer. You can also adjust the top comfort layer by unzipping the cover and flipping it over. There are actually two zipper systems so when you unzip the top layer you won’t disrupt the other layers beneath.

idle air zippers

Here’s a picture of the top layers with mattress unzipped. The top layer is the latex layer.

idle layers

Here’s a clip of how these layers react.

Underneath this is the second part of the system. To access it, you need to unzip the other zipper. You can see a convoluted layer of foam and underneath that are the air chambers. You can also see the edge support foam

idle layer 2

Below the convoluted foam layer is the air chamber. What I particularly like about this construction is that the air chamber is basically taking the place of a spring system. Since there are multiple comfort layers above this, it doesn’t feel like you are sleeping on an air mattress.

air chamber

There’s very little motion transfer with this mattress. If you go with the dual chamber system, there’s even less. Here’s a video illustrating motion transfer using my 14 lb. bowling ball. This was done on the same chamber.

It’s a little hard to illustrate firmness on this mattress because the padded top layer makes the bowling ball sink in quite a bit already but here’s what it looks like at maximum firmness.

sinkage idle air

And here’s what it looks like on the other side of the mattress where I turned it all the way down to the lowest setting.

idle air low setting

My Idle Air Mattress Recommendation

Overall this mattress is an incredible value. Considering that you can change your firmness with a remote without having to switch out layers is a huge benefit. On top of that, being able to customize the firmness of the components inside the mattress is unique and adds more customization beyond just adding or taking away air. Best of all you get a 120 day trial with this mattress. Since this is a relatively big investment it is good to have the peace of mind knowing you can return it if things to don’t work out.

I recommend this mattress for couples that have considerably different firmness preferences. It is also good for people that may need to change the firmness of their mattress frequently due to health issues or other conditions.


Best Air Bed
Saatva Solaire

 Luxurious customizable mattress with 50 precise firmness options

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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