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HIBR Mattress Review

HIBR Mattress Review 10

The HIBR mattress was designed for both comfort and temperature regulation. About a year ago I received the HIBR pillow for review and found that it does a very good job with keeping my head cool. HIBR sent me a free mattress to review as well and below are my findings.

Below is an overview of HIBR in the words of the founders:

“Our pillows raised the bar on what is possible with sleep technology. We wanted to push the limits even further with our mattress and develop something truly revolutionary. We watched tons of other startups launch generic, off-the-shelf mattresses – and we could of got sucked into that, but we knew that if we stayed true to who we were and what we wanted to accomplish that the end results would speak for themselves.” – HIBR Co-Founder, Nick Ondrako

“That’s why it didn’t matter to us how long it took to get it right. In the end it took us 14 months to complete all our research, gather data and let real consumers test the mattress. Our entire team of developers, engineers and manufacturing personnel worked tirelessly to create a mattress that has set a new standard for what it feels like to get a great night’s sleep.” – HIBR Co-Founder, Erick Arbé

Ordering and Unboxing

HIBR provides you a nice opener and welcome letter as well as an overview of the mattress:

HIBR Thank You

You can order the HIBR mattress direct from their website. It should arrive in a week and come in a box just like the majority of mattress companies I have reviewed. HIBR mattress trial period is 100 nights. If you aren’t satisfied within that time you can return it for a full refund. Below is a video of me unboxing the HIBR mattress:



The HIBR mattress has 3 layers which is standard in a memory foam mattress.

HIBR Imside

  • A true 11” three layer composition
  • Graphite – Gel Visco Synthetic Top Layer
  • Temperature Response Visco Middle Layer
  • Adaptive Core Foundation Base Layer


Below is a video that illustrates heat retention using a thermal camera. You can see how quickly heat dissipates from the mattress.

The HIBR mattress isolates motion well and the foam will recover quickly. Here’s a bowling ball drop video showing it in action:


As you can see the mattress doesn’t sink in all that much:

mattress hug


I would recommend the HIBR to someone who is primarily looking for a cool sleeping memory foam mattress. This mattress provides good pressure relief as you sink in quickly to the top layer. If motion transfer is an issue this mattress handles that well.


2 thoughts on “HIBR Mattress Review”

  1. I’m really intrigued by the graphite infused foam of this mattress. I was wondering how it compares to the in terms of cooling and support?

    • I think the graphite helps but since it is still a memory foam mattress, it will sleep hotter than an all spring mattress. In terms of support, it is soft so doesn’t have as much support as some of the firmer mattresses I have reviewed.


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