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Helix Plus Review : A Mattress for Plus Size Sleepers

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Ben Trapskin

As a prominent authority in the mattress industry, I have meticulously analyzed and assessed countless mattresses, sheets, pillows, duvet inserts, comforters, sleep gadgets, and adjustable beds. My insights and evaluations are grounded in both my extensive personal experience and valuable customer feedback. Drawing on my exceptional expertise and industry knowledge, I have conducted thorough and comprehensive assessments of these products, providing unparalleled insights and guidance to consumers seeking the ultimate sleep experience. My unyielding commitment to quality and excellence in this field has established me as a trusted and respected voice in the mattress industry.
Best Mattress for Heavy People
Helix Plus

Get up to $450 off your Helix Plus Mattress.


The Helix Plus is a spring and foam hybrid mattress designed to give heavier sleepers proper support and pressure relief throughout the night. Because it was designed with plus size sleepers in mind, it should also last longer than a traditional mattress. A queen size currently retails for $1,190 but there are discounts available here to make it an even better deal. In keeping with Helix’s philosophy of custom comfort, they also offer the option to buy a cover that is cool to the touch helping you fall asleep just a little bit faster.

Overview and Ordering the Helix Plus

The Helis Plus is available exclusively through the Helix website. It comes with a standard 100-night trial where you can return it for a full refund within 100 nights of using it, that includes free shipping to you and free returns. It also has a 10-year warranty. This mattress comes shipped in a box like the one below. 

How do helix mattresses ship such a heavy mattress in a box this size? They use multimillion-dollar equipment to precisely package and vacuum seal these mattresses so they can be shipped without damage. 

When you open the box, you will find a nice little manual about the mattress.

Top of Nightfall

Here’s what it looks like compressed and out of the box.

Nightfall Out of Box

It doesn’t take long for this mattress to come to life. The spring system is engaged immediately and the top layers of foam will take a few hours to fully expand but if needed you could sleep on this mattress within 3 or 4 hours. It will take a full day for it to fully expand though.

Here’s a quick video explaining some of the features of the Plus.

Construction of the Helix Plus

Below are the construction details as listed on the Helix website.

Helix Nightfall Construction

Cover: Helix Two Touch Design

Each mattress comes with a top cover layer with stretch and a soft touch as well as a lower cover layer for airflow and breathability.

Comfort Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam

Our special latex-foam hybrid alternative, designed to be denser to contour to your body. Medium feel. Density: 3.75 PCF.

Comfort Layer: Ultra Dense Memory Foam

Uniquely pressure relieving, we use Memory Plus Foam – a special Helix blend. Density: 4.0 PCF.

Transition Layer: High-Grade Polyfoam

Providing ergonomic support and cushioning, the transition layer has a higher IFD to match your body type. Extra support.

Body Shape Layer: XL Wrapped Coils

Hundreds of individual taller coils designed to cradle and support heavier weight. Reinforced perimeter to provide edge support.

Base Layer: DuraDense Foam

The bottom foam layer of the mattress provides base support and durability to the entire mattress.

Here’s what the inside looks like.

Inside nightfall

How Much does the Helix Plus Cost?

Here are the latex prices and price after discount.

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My Helix Pus Findings

I have reviewed other mattresses for plus size sleepers including the Big fig and Winkbed Plus. In comparison to these, I found the Plus to be a bit softer. I weigh about 200 lbs. so I may not qualify for a heavy sleeper but in comparison to the other mattresses, this did feel softer.

The picture below shows how much sink you get with a 14 lb.s bowling ball.

Helix Nightfall Sink

Here’s another shot of sinkage towards the edge of the mattress. The coil system in this mattress uses a heavier gauge coil around the perimeter for better edge support so you can use the entire mattress and sleep right up to the edge.

Helix Nightfall Sink 2Here’s a video illustrating motion transfer on the mattress. You will get some motion transfer because of the coil system but they are pocket coils and move independently so not as much as you would with a traditional coil system.

Here’s a look at the inside of the mattress so you can see how each layer responds.

This mattress has a removable cover that could be washed or switched out for the cooling cover. The, “Ultra-Cool Cover” is an extra $125.nightfall cover

Helix Nightfall vs Winkbed Plus

Both the Helix Nightfall and Winkbed Plus are designed for heavy sleepers but there are some distinct differences. The Winkbed Plus is made with foam, spring and latex while the Helix Nightfall is made with Springs and foam. 

The Helix Nightfall is considerably softer than the Winkbed Plus and so is not ideal for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers should instead take a look at the Winkbed Plus. 

There are more foam layers at the top of The Helix Nightfall than the Winkbed Plus but the Winkbed Plus has quilted foam in the cover to give it a pillow top feel. 

The Helix Nightfall weight limit is 1,000 lbs. while the Winkbed Plus weight limit is 900 lbs so advantage Helix Plus. Compare this to the Big Fig weight limit which is 1,100 lbs. but is also the firmest of the three mattresses for heavy people. 

The Helix Nightfall, Big Fig and Winkbed Plus are the best hybrid mattresses for heavy people due to their high density foam layers, heavy duty coils. 

The He

Here’s what it looks like underneath the top cover. There’s another cover underneath this to provide more breathability so that you aren’t directly under the foam.

Helix Nightfall Cover 2

My Helix Plus Recommendation

If you are a heavier sleeper and are frustrated with the lack of options out there, the Helix Plus is a welcome addition. It provides a softer feel with great pressure relief without sacrificing durability. The construction is well thought out in that the coil system provides great cradling of your body. The ultra-dense foams will hold up well over time and won’t feel too firm because of the cushioning you get from the coils.

Overall if you are a heavy sleeper, over 250 lbs. and looking for a softer cozier mattress that is breathable and still offers great support, the Helix Plus an excellent choice.


Best Mattress for Heavy People
Helix Plus

Get up to $450 off your Helix Plus Mattress.