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Gramercy Park Hotel Review

Gramercy Park Hotel Front

The Gramercy Park Hotel was built in 1924 and is located at 2 Lexington Avenue in New York City. Famous visitors and residents include Bob Dylan, Babe Ruth, Bob Marley, Davis Bowie, Madonna, the Clash, David Mamet and more. It has a bohemian style throughout. Rooms are about $500/night. Aside from the beautiful rooms, lobby and bar, guests at the Gramercy Park Hotel also get access to Gramercy Park across the street which is only available to Gramercy Park residents.

This is my favorite hotel in NYC and is one of the most cozy, comfortable and quiet hotels in the city. I love the history of the hotel and how accessible it is to some of the best parts of Manhattan. Below are some photos and a video tour of the Gramercy Park hotel to give you an idea of what to expect. During my stay I was upgraded to a junior suite which includes a living room area and a separate bedroom.

The Gramercy Park Hotel Lobby

The Lobby of the hotel is warm and inviting. There are scented candles in the lobby which smell amazing. Below is a picture of the lobby. There’s always a cozy fire burning.

Gramercy Park Hotel Lobby

Here’s another pic of the lobby

GPH Lobby

To your right as you enter is the Rose bar which has a club towards the back.

Rose Bar

Here’s a photo of the club area of the Rose Bar which has a DJ playing every night. You’ll find original art throughout the hotel including in your room.

Rose Bar Club

You’ll find that the hotel is dimly lit throughout. This adds to the warm ambiance and is incredibly relaxing.

Gramercy Park Hotel foyer

Each room number is embroidered on the carpeting on the floor.

I was lucky enough to get a junior suite. Here’s what it looks like when you first enter.

Gramercy Park Junior Suite

Here’s the same view from the back.

Gramercy park door

To get a full sense of what this room offers, I created a video walk through.


Here’s a photo of the living room area in the Junior Suite.

Gramercy Park Living Room

Here’s the vanity area across from the bathroom.

Gramercy Park Hotel Vanity

The hotel offers unique soaps, shampoos and lotions. During my stay they had Aesop Soap which is based out of Melbourne Australia. These soaps incorporate natural essential oils and smell great.

Gramercy Park Hotel Soap

Here’s the card that they leave on the vanity.

Gramercy Park Hotel Amenities

In the bathroom, you will also find a couple robes with slippers.

Gramercy Park Hotel RobeOther surprises include a pop out mini bar underneath the TV in the living room.

Gramercy Park Hotel mini Bar

Now on to the bedroom. It should be noted that all the light switched in the room had dimmers. Again, this is in keeping with the overal ambiance o the hotel. When I arrived at the room all the lights were dimmed. The Bedroom has its own chandellier with a dimmer switch as well as lights by each bedside, also with dimmers. There are blackout shades, blinds and a large velvet curtain. The hotel will turn down your shades in the evening while you are out so the room is completely dark. This is makes for an excellent sleep environment. Also the HVAC provides a nice white noise to drown out all the city noises while you sleep.

Gramercy Park Hotel Mattress

Mine room came with 4 king size down pillows and I suppose you could ask for more if you wanted to but I found these to be more than sufficient. The bed itself comes with a feather bed. The mattress is firm but the featherbed softens it up nicely and I didn’t wake up sore. This is typical of a quality hotel mattress.

Gramercy Park Hotel Pillows

On the night stand you will find a limited edition bottle of Evian water starting at $10. I made sure not to open it. I like that they have 2 outlets that are easily accesible on the nightstand.

Gramercy Park Hotel Night Stand

I was fortunate enough to attend an event on the Terrace which is at the top floor of the hotel. Here’s picture of some of the views you can expect.

Gramercy Park Hotel Terrace

One of the best parts of staying at this hotel is access to Gramercy Park. To get in, just go to the reception desk and ask for a key. They will take your ID and then have the bellhop escort you to the park and give you a key. Only residents can access the park.

Gramercy Park Key

Here’s the entrance to the park which is always locked.

Gramercy Park Entrance

Here’s a few photos inside Gramercy Park. A nice respite from the crowded NYC streets.

Gramercy Park Statue

Here are the rules that are posted inside the park.

Gramercy Park Rules

Gramercy Park Mobile

My Gramercy Park Hotel Recommendation

This is by far the best hotel in NYC that I have stayed at. Not only is it steeped in history, it is extremely welcoming, warm and friendly. Best of all the rooms are quiet and dark which makes for an optimal sleep environment. You can’t ask for more. It is a convenient location near great restaurants and close to all the major tourist destinations.

Learn more about the Gramercy Park Hotel 


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