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Fin Mattress Review

Fin Mattress Review 3

The FIN Mattress was recently featured on the Today Show as part of their Steals and Deals segment. Since then the mattress has grown in popularity. I was given a free FIN mattress for review.  This mattress is on the softer end of the spectrum. You will sleep more “in” this mattress than “on” it.


You can order the FIN Mattress direct from their website. As with most of the mattresses I reviewed this one will come in about 5 business days, in a box. I received a queen size which weighs about 70 lbs. so was fairly easy to transport around my house.

Here’s me unboxing the mattress. As you can see it is folded into 4ths.


The FINmattress is on the softer end of the spectrum. It will contour to your body right away so no waiting around for the foam to react.


The mattress is comprised of 3 layers as seen below:

fin layers

I measured the mattress myself and it did come to 11 inches:

fin mattress depth

This mattress does not have an unzippable cover so I needed to cut away the cover to get a picture of the inside. Here’s what the inside looks like:

fin mattress layers

To give you a sense of how the layers react, check out the video below. You’l notice that the top layer of latex is very soft, almost like a memory foam so this will conform very well.


Notice that the bowling ball sinks in a good amount. The device in the background that looks like a clock is the Awair air monitor. I have been using this device for a few weeks and it actually prompted me to buy a new air purifier due to some of the shocking readings.

fin mattress sinkage

As far as heat retention is concerned, the top latex layer does a good job of dissipating heat. Generally, mattresses with a top latex layer with the “swiss cheese holes” such as this tend to perform well.

Here’s how the mattress dissipates heat over time as recorded from my Flir camera

While unboxing this mattress i really didn’t notice much off gassing but that doesn’t mean its not occurring. This is the Awair score of the FIN mattress about 45 minutes after unboxing. I am noting the VOC reading is at 4 which is high. Although almost all mattresses in a box will off gas to some extend. The amount of off gassing often depends on how soon it was roll packed after manufacturing. If the mattress has had a day or two to sit out, the off gassing will be much less. Over time all these foam mattresses will stop off gassing and become inert.

Fin Awair Score

Although this is a softer mattress, it held up very well with motion transfer. This was a surprise to me because many of the soft mattresses I have reviewed will not do as well. I think it’s in part to the softer top latex layer. Here’s a video illustrating how it handles bounce and motion transfer.

Here’s what the data looks like from my accelerometer reading. There are firmer mattresses that will absorb motion better than this mattress but then the tradeoff is that you will get a firmer mattress.



The FIN mattress is a good mattress for people who want a softer mattress that will immediately conform to their body and relieve pressure. I weigh around 215 lbs. and it supported me just fine. Although, when I jumped on it, I noticed that it bottomed out on me. Therefore I would be cautious about buying this if you weigh over 220 lbs.

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