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Mattress Brand FAQs

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about mattress brands we have reviewed, all in on place. Please let us know if you have additional questions and we will make sure to add them. 


All Avocado FAQs

Where is the Avocado mattress made?

Where to buy the Avocado Green mattress?

How long has Avocado mattress been in business?

Can you flip an Avocado Green mattress?

What is Avocado’s mattress return policy?


All Awara FAQs

Are Awara mattresses good?

Are Awara mattresses worth it?

Does the Awara mattress contain fiberglass?

Does the Awara mattress need a box spring?

How firm is the Awara mattress?


All Birch FAQs

Are Helix and Birch the same company?

What is the Birch mattress price?

What is the Birch mattress return policy?

What is Birch mattress firmness?

What are Birch mattress dimensions?


All DreamCloud FAQs

Does the DreamCloud mattress sag?

Which DreamCloud mattress is best?

What is DreamCloud made from?

Does DreamCloud contain fiberglass?

Does the DreamCloud mattress need a box spring?


All Helix FAQs

Are Helix mattresses made in the USA?

Are Helix mattresses sold in stores?

How much does a Helix mattress cost?

What are Helix mattress dimensions?

Are Helix mattresses good?


All Leesa FAQs

Are Leesa mattresses good?

Does the Leesa mattress contain fiberglass?

Does the Leesa mattress need a box spring?

How firm is the Leesa mattress?

What is the Leesa mattress return policy?



All Nectar FAQs

Are Nectar mattresses good?

Are Nectar mattresses made in the USA?

Can Nectar mattresses be used on adjustable beds?

How to clean a Nectar mattress?

How to return a Nectar mattress?


All Saatva FAQs

Does the Saatva Classic contain latex?

Do Saatva mattresses sag?

Do Saatva mattresses need a boxspring?

Are Saatva mattresses worth it?

Are Saatva mattresses sold in stores?


All Winkbed FAQs

Can I sleep on a Winkbed right away?

Are Winkbeds worth it?

Are Winkebds organic?

Are Winkbeds made in USA?

Are Winkbed mattresses good?