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Dermatherapy Sheets Review

Dermatherapy Sheets

Dermatherapy sheets are a type of performance bedding designed for people that have skin sensitivites. These sheets were made to protect and sooth your skin. According to their website, these sheets have FDA clearance.

DermaTherapy has FDA clearance as a Class I medical device for atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, and pressure sores. DermaTherapy is the first and only bedding to achieve this distinction. Technical classifications for DermaTherapy include:

  • Class I medical device for use by people in hospital, healthcare or home settings who are susceptible to or may have atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. (Reg. K061242)
  • Class I medical device for use by patients who are susceptible to pressure ulcers. DermaTherapy Bed Linens help to reduce the likelihood of patients developing pressure ulcers by reducing moisture, friction and shear on the patient’s skin. (Reg. K152884)

Overview of Dermatherapy Sheets

You can order a set of Dermatherapy sheets direct from their website. Yawnder readers can get 15% off their purchase with coupon code SHERPA15.

You can also buy a set of queen / standard pillow cases on Amazon for $35.99

A queen size Dermatherapy sheet set currently retails for $165. You get a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillow cases. After placing your order, the sheets should arrive in about a week. Below is a picture of the box.

dermatherapy box

Specifications of Dermatherapy Sheets

These sheets are a polyester and nylon blend making them much smoother to the touch than cotton and therefore less irritating. Here’s a description of the sheets according to the website:

Cotton is no longer king, at least when it comes to bedding. Cotton sheets are designed to protect your bed. Our sheets are engineered to protect and soothe your skin.

  • DermaTherapy Bedding Dries 60% Faster than Cotton Bedding
  • No Protruding Fibers Means Less Trauma to Skin
  • Antimicrobial, Soil and Stain-Resistant
  • DermaTherapy Reduces Particle Counts by 97% over Cotton Bedding

DermaTherapy bedding offers a silk-like sleep surface with scientifically engineered and clinically proven benefits.

Reduce skin irritation. Improve skin appearance. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Our performance sheets fit any mattress type, from adjustable beds to deep mattresses, without bunching.

My Dermatherapy Findings

The first think I noticed while unboxing these sheets is that they are in fact very smooth. They have a silky feel and are very light. Here’s a closeup picture of the sheets. Notice that they have a nice banding across the top of the fitted sheet to give it a more sophisticated look.

dermatherapy closeup

Because these sheets are so light, they also dry quickly. I sometimes have to run my cotton sheets for multiple dry cycles but that wasn’t the case with these sheets.

After washing they fit well on my bed. Since they are so silky smooth you will find that the top sheet can easily slide around on top of the bed.

I slept on these sheets for a week to really get a feel for them. They are so smooth they almost feel slippery. I really like how they feel against the skin. The main tradeoff is that they don’t feel as cozy as cotton sheets and it does take some getting used to. I also noticed that pillows can easily slide out of the pillow cases if they aren’t the right size for the pillow case. For instance, I had a queen size pillow in a king size pillow case and there were a few times I had to stuff it back in the pillow case as it began to slide out.

My Dermatherapy Recommendation

Silk is often recommended for bedding, especially pillow cases to reduce wrinkles and keep skin hydrated at night. I think the same case can be made for these sheets. These sheets are easier to care for than silk and less expensive. I think if skin problems are a major concern, these sheets are definitely worth trying.

I still go back to my cotton sheets as my bedding of choice although in the summer I switch to linen, bamboo and now these sheets have also become an option.

If anything, having a Dermatherapy pillow case would be a great choice if you have chronic acne, or are concerned about facial wrinkles.

Learn more about Dermatherapy here.


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