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Danican Pillow Protector

Danican Pillow Protector

I recently wrote about the Danican mattress and it’s superior cooling properties. The Danican company also makes mattress and pillow protectors as part of their bedding ensemble. Danican has roots in Denmark and recently set up shop in America, hence the name Danican. They are offering some very nice quality products and their pillow protector is something that you should seriously consider if you have recently invested in a new pillow.

The Danican Nature Protect pillow protector is made from a blend of bamboo and cotton. The bamboo gives it an extra soft feel and helps the protector to breath, keeping you cool.  It’s machine washable and just screams quality. It is dust mite, allergen and bed bug proof.

One frustration I have with cheap pillow protectors is that they can be noisy due to the use of cheap plastics or it feels like you are sleeping on a rubber sheet and wake up sweaty. The Danican pillow protector is not noisy at all. It also has a very nice zipper along the length of the pillow making it easy to wash and put back on.

A nice use beyond having a pillow protector at home is to use it for travel. One reason I don’t sleep well at hotels is that in the back of my mind I’m wondering how clean the pillows are. Having a Danican pillow protector solves that problem Just zip it over a hotel pillow and sleep directly on it. No need for a pillow case as it is really is soft enough to use without one. Just don’t forget it when you check out!

As I’ve said before with other bedding products, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a quality mattress or pillow only to have it lose performance due to inferior bedding that traps heat, is itchy or noisy. The Danican Nature Protect pillow protector is definitely something to consider when building your dream bed.

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