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Crave Mattress Review

Crave Mattress Review 3

I received a free Crave mattress for review. The Crave Mattress is a coil/foam hybrid mattress in a box. Advanced roll packing technology makes it possible to compress and ship a quality inner spring mattress in a box similar to the memory foam mattresses I have reviewed on this site. The Crave Mattress doesn’t make any compromises in quality. I found this to be a very responsive mattress that still offers great support.

Crave was started by Amanda Grigg who worked in her family’s mattress company. She has a solid background in the mattress industry and has now made her own great mattress. It’s nice to see some female owners in this space. She has made a great mattress that’s sure to please.


You can order a Crave Mattress direct from their website and it will arrive to your door in about a week. You can also order an upholstered microfiber foundation with it, a queen size foundation costs $210 which is a great deal considering it doesn’t need to be covered and is super easy to assemble.



Before I unboxed the mattress, I setup the foundation. This was by far the easiest foundation I have setup.

crave box

You basically just insert 4 pegs, 1 in each corner to secure the frame together then roll the slats onto the top which is secured by Velcro.

crave corner

This is what it looks like completely setup

crave box spring

Since this is a pocket coil / foam mattress the box it comes in is a bit thicker than most. The mattress compressed which means the coils are too. That also means it is wrapped really tight and when you cut into the plastic, the mattress almost unboxes itself. My daughter helps with the video on this one. I think she did a great job but it can be a little shaky.

The sinkage that you see in the video is about what you are going to get even after letting it air out for a few hours and by the way very little smell to this mattress.


This review is for the Crave 12″ Innerspring mattress. It is a latex over foam mattress with pocket coils.  This mattress has zoned support which means that it is designed so that certain areas of the mattress will give you better pressure relief such as the area by your hips and shoulders.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mattress that shows each layer. Notice that the top layer is a convoluted latex which helps with air flow and thus sleeps cool.

crave cutaway

I’m not sure what the exact densities of the foam are but the top latex layer is very soft wtih a higher point elasticity than most traditional latex mattress. By that I mean it feels more like foam that latex but the advantage of it being latex is that it bounces back to form quickly.


The Crave innerspring is a little on the softer end of the spectrum a bit softer than the Alexander Signature Select Hybrid. Below is a picture that illustrates sinkage:


Obviously this mattress has some bounce since it has pocket coils but it has just a little bit extra bounce with the top latex layer. See the video below

Here’s what that looks like on the accelerometer:

crave accelerometer

To further illustrate how this mattress reacts and how you can expect it to feel, below is a little video of the inner workings of the matttress:


The Crave mattress is an excellent choice for people that want a mattress that will cradle and envelop their body. This mattress provides good support and feels like a traditional inner spring mattress but with the advantage of extra cushioning on the top layer. If you are seeking a softer inner spring mattress, this is it.

Disclosure: We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue. I have an affiliate relationship with Crave.

5 thoughts on “Crave Mattress Review”

  1. How cool does the Crave mattress sleep? Narrowing my choices down to the Alexander hybrid , Winkbeds and Crave. My wife and I live in the south thus heat could be an issue and why we are looking more towards the hybrid/interspring rather than full foam options. We currently sleep on an icomfort that we had to add a feather top too to soften(sleeps hot ). We are upgrading to a king size and these three choices all seem to be the top of their class and similarly priced? If there is anything else worth considering such as the saatva plush or any others I appreciate your reviews and advice.

    • Of all these I think the WinkBed sleeps the coolest although you’re correct that the hybrids in general sleep cooler than all foam because the pocket coils allow for more breathability. If you want something a little softer than a Winkbed go with the Crave. If you want something a little firmer than the Winkbed go with the Saatva.

  2. I sleep very hot and have tried both Crave and the Alexander Hybrid. Heat is not an issue with either. It’s going to come down to how the mattress is constructed and how soft or firm you want the mattress to feel
    The Crave is the softest out of all of them, but there’s very little low density foam on top of the coils. We sent it back because after sleeping on it for over an hour, the foam isn’t enough of a barrier and you start feeling the springs poking at you. The alexander has almost equal amounts of foam and coils and is very well constructed. For us, it is a winner – soft , yet supportive. We stayed away from Wink because it is a firmer mattress with not much foam on top . Neither Wink , Crave or Saatva can be considered hybrids (in my opinion ) because there just isn’t much foam used in the top layers. I’d categorize them more as traditional innersprings. Only the Alexander would be a true Hybrid since it had 6″ of foam on top of 7″ of coils.

  3. I found a completely different experience than the poster above me. I thought my alexander hybrid was very hot and firmer than I would have liked. For reference, I am a 5’7 150lb male. I sleep mainly on my stomach and side. I think the crave mattress plush would be too much give and too slow to come back to suit me. Thanks for your review

  4. The Brigg family owned Carolina Mattress Guild. One of their collections was the CRaVE Collection, which is reviewed on Beds-dot-org. I thought the name CRaVE (spelled that way) looked familiar.


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